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[Item Balance] Remove antiheal again from Dominance Ice.

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So I think adding antiheal on Dominance Ice has made the item too powerful and too popular. At least with Sea Halberd and Necklace of Durance, there's an opportunity cost for buying those items. As in you deal less damage overall by delaying items like BOD, Holy Crystal, etc.
But Dominance Ice is just a good item even without antiheal. So that even heroes like Yu Zhong, Lapu Lapu or Xborg who don't even have mana are buying it. And it's made it a lot harder to play heroes like Uranus, Gloo, Hylos, Estes, Balmond etc. Because now every game the enemy will just buy Dominance Ice, and there's no cost to them whatsoever for doing so.

There's no reason not to buy it. There's not even any skill involved, because for example at least Necklace of Durance is only good on AOE mages. With Dominance Ice you just need to be in range which is quite easy as a tank or fighter. There's no thinking or trade-offs involved. The 70 armor, 5% movement speed, 10% CDR and 30% atk speed reduction for just 2000 gold is already great on its own.

I do think the buff to Sea Halberd was really needed because it was much too expensive and only worked on auto attacks before. But I feel like with that buffed item there's enough counters to anti-heal now. Giving it to Dominance Ice just makes everyone buy that item every game. See the screenshots of Mythical Glory games. 5 Dominance Ice in one match. And those are not exceptions. It's simply too good now.
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I disagree also, giving tank/support/fighter ability to negate lifesteal by a little. But I also suggest that they should nerf how much Physical defense Dominance Ice gives. The antiheal effect is good to deal against heroes such as Ruby and Alice, and those who can easily heal to Full HP with one skill.
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I would say that it's common for tanks to buy this as the 2nd or 3rd item now, thus showing how useful it is. Blade Armor is almost never used now because there's simply not enough incentives to lure players to use it more.

Also, there's also a phenomenon of damage dealers buying tank items earlier now, like during mid game. Goes to show that damage outputs are broken now.
Post time 2021-11-25 03:44 AM | Show all posts
Honestly if people will spamming ice in every game. I think the way moontoon would balance it out by doing something like what they did to war axe by making certain roles get the full stats of the items and other roles to get less of the orginal stats.
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Edited by Ncup.Ajh at 2021-11-24 12:25 PM

I totally disagree with this, dominance ice has already been nerfed so many times and it is a weak item without antiheal. In fact, u dont rush this item. The items u mentioned like seaherd blade has decent ad.

u also forget that tanks don't get that much gold.


yeah you're right that it may been hard for tank to get enough gold in early game but whats about this item in late game It should also been discuss  Post time 2021-11-24 04:40 PM
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Edited by EighteenXVIII at 2021-11-27 06:15 PM
CloudDevelic replied at 2021-11-26 01:13 AM

I would say that it's common for tanks to buy this as the 2nd or 3rd item now, thus  ...

I mean they'll buy Brute Force Breastplate because it's extremely good value for money, and the buff lasts so long it's basically a constant 10% movement speed increase which is huge. On top of 65 armor and 20 magic defense. And it stops you from getting oneshot by assassins which are meta right now. It says more about BFB than about the meta.

But it's mostly frustrating playing Estes or Uranus when the enemy by default has antiheal every match now. Now the damage dealers don't even need to sacrifice damage to apply antiheal, they can just go war axe, BOD and endless battle and deal stupid damage while the tank applies the antiheal for free. There's dozens of heroes that rely on healing and Dominance Ice nerfs them so hard at no cost. That's the problem. Sea Halberd has ATK speed which many fighters don't need. Necklace of Durance has only 60 ability power. There's trade offs for buying those items. It delays their damage growth a lot when they can't buy their main damage items first. But there is no trade off for buying Dominance Ice.

It just doesn't make sense to have a very powerful debuff like that on a tank that applies it for free just by diving the enemy. It made sense to have it on a AOE mage like Pharsa where you still had to land skillshots and the debuff doesn't last forever. Why not just keep it that way. The proof that it doesn't make sense is that everyone is abusing it because they're disadvantaged if they don't. It's bad design if an item is so good that you're disadvantaged for not using it every game.
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