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[Share] 13 tips to win

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Simple but useful tips to win
I have played around 20k games. I have seen both experience and unexperienced players confusing priorities, so I would like to share with as many people as possible these useful tips:
  • Early game is NOT for pushing towers. Towers have the yellow money shield and nobody is strong enough to destroy it, not even 2 teammates together. I have seen many people dying, desperately pushing the first 5 waves. Yes, there is some money, but its not worth dying for. You would lose more than you would get from that shield if you die.
  • Early game is just for jungling, clearing waves. ONLY IF teammate carrier decides to help you and gang, then you could try to get the first kill and maybe even, 3 teammates together, try to get all the money from the shield. If your carrier is not coming just play safe. When offlaners die it’s a mess because people need to go there, leave one lane unattended, jungler loses money… Really, don’t die early game. Personally I prefer not to go and clear the wave after the offlaner died because as a carrier I don’t get any money from minions and because Im not jungling Im not getting any money at all. If the offlaner died, the enemy retreats, they wont push, so you don’t really need anyone going to your lane after you died, so don’t get mad if the team didn’t go. I have seen many offlaners abandoning the game after being first kill.
  • Why do offlaners die? Well, its usually because they pick a mm or an assassin. If they had chosen a fighter with flicker they could have escaped. An assassin with execute is good at 1 vs 1, but if there is some kind of stun and any other kind of enemy then they die fast. This is why I suggest fighters as offlaners. Assassins cant do much there, they need jungle and items, buffs and protections. Get a fighter with cc for the offlane role, even in the money lane. I have been playing Sun in the money lane, helping mid, even stealing enemy jungle and later on its easy to be unstoppable. Easy to attack and easy to escape.
  • Identify your carrier and support him accordingly. Basically there are 3 kinds of carrier

a) Conservative. Wont help before getting to level 4 or 5. He will prioritize his jungle and buffs, not early kills. Don’t help him jungle, junglers don’t need help in the jungle (some players like being help but just for the first buff).
b) Crazy MTF. He starts fights before level 4, prefers invading than playing safe. Sometimes gets the first kill, sometimes he is the first kill. To play like this you need friends because strangers have no idea how crazy you are. This only works with friends, don’t try to play like this when playing solo. Support him, follow him. If you do, he will get the kills. If you leave him allow and decide to clear the minion wave (even when you are tank or support) he will die.
c) Unexperienced (or plain useless). No idea how to play the hero he chose or how to jungle. Just ignore him and pray to the gods that the enemy carrier is just as bad.
5. People who die early game is usually because they try to get a kill. The kill doesn’t give you much money, it only allows you to get enemy jungle and get some money from the tower shield; NOT REALLY USEFUL. Dying because of this, under the enemy tower or fighting a more experienced offlaner will result in you losing money and experience, and your team freaking out about it. If you died because you were ganked by 3 or 4, IT IS OK. This means your team has a chance to push not only one but TWO lanes, or get the turtle, or steal enemy jungle, or all of this. It also gives them the position of 3 or 4 enemies, which can lead to a counter attack in one of the lanes. No need to write “MAP!!!” “gg team” “gg core” “tank?”. Yes, its horrible to die and even worse to be the first kill, but this is a long game, one death early game means nothing. No need to panic, getting angry, sad, frustrated or AFK or start trolling. Why did you die? Was it the enemy core protected by the tank? Then theres nothing you could have done. You were stunned and ultimated. Only way to survive that is by predicting the enemy position (no enemies in the map=assume the whole enemy is running to you; retreat to the tower, DON’T PUSH). I have seen many players desperate to get the first kill and dying while trying. I have seen players getting too confident just because they got one, two or three kills in the first minutes (but guess what, enemy core was being conservative and jungled the whole time).
6. There are 3 stages in the game, EARLY, MID, LATE. Differences being basically from 0 to 6 minutes EARLY GAME, then you can surrender at minute 6 to the time the first player is full set MID GAME, and LATE GAME is when the first player gets all his items. Play safe early game, be smart mid game so there is no need for late game. If you reach late game then there is not much to do, it depends on players skills. More experienced team will win.
7. Mid game is the key of the game, THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE GAME. I have seen carriers saying “wait me late game” because they chose Hanabi. Well, guess what, the enemy carrier is a gusion travelling in a jhonson. Offlaner is paquito and they have a jawhead who can ride jhonson as well. They are killing us all, we wont reach late game not because we are noobs but because our carrier, Hanabi, needs 4 items to start participating in team fights, while the enemy carrier is both killing and jungling. Its basically a 4 vs 5 game. Not much we can do. So don’t aim for late game, MOST GAMES DON’T REACH LATE GAME. Get a different more versatile marksman like Brody or Clint. A Hanabi jungler has little chances of winning because she needs 4 or 5 items. Same happens with Layla.
8. Mid game is also when the yellow money shield disappears (any idea at what minute this happens?), this is where you start to POKE the enemy tower, you don’t need to destroy it in one go. Can your hero destroy towers? I have seen Gord players dying while pushing towers, without flicker. Pharsa can poke safely because she can fly away, but in general MAGES TANKS SUPPORTS cant push towers. Leave that to fighters and marksmans and some assassins.
9. Even if you destroy 2 towers IT DOESN’T MATTER. One good wipe out in mid game is enough to destroy the 3 towers in one lane, and sometimes even the base. Its so frustrating to have a very good, patient and smart tower push as Sun with arrival for example, and out of a sudden lose the game. I get most tower damage in most of my games, but I don’t even poke them in early game. As soon as the shield is gone I use my ultimate in the tower when the enemy offlaner is jungling. So he got one monster and I got one tower. I do this 4 times, with bottom and top lanes. I even get superminions in one lane, push the other lane, start focusing in mid. 80% tower damage but my team died while trying to get Lord with all enemies alive. Enemy carrier gets a maniac, lord and base. So yeah, destroying towers isn’t that important in mid game either. I would say that you should defend your towers and poke enemy towers, no real need of dying for a tower.
10. Turtle. The other day I was the jungler, I was getting my red buff and my teammate xborg insisted “attack the turtle”, I said “on my way” but he thought it was a good idea to start without me. He lost his shield fighting the turtle. I got there at the same time as enemy jungler and tank. I knew we couldn’t fight them because I only had one buff, enemy jungler had 2. I didn’t have a tank who could stun, they had a Franko. I decided to retreat immediately, my teammate xborg decided to stay and fight them. No surprise xborg died, enemy got the turtle. Of course xborg insulted me and typed “lol core” “jungler nob” “surrender”. What went wrong here? Easy, xborg should have stayed in his lane, maybe even jungle if he had time, and come to the turtle when I told him to. In case the enemy decide to attack the turtle, Franko´s life would have been half, maybe enemy jungler already used the retri spell on the turtle or on the buff, me and xborg full life could have fought them for the turtle and even killed them. Turtle takes time to get (any idea how many seconds it takes to take a turtle?), no need to panic. Under no circumstance start getting turtle alone if you are not the jungler. This shows how unexperienced (plain stupid) that xborg player was. Don’t be that xborg. Same applies to Lord, let the jungler decide when is a good time to get lord. I have seen tanks, supports and mages going straight to lord, ULTIMATE FIRST. Well gets whats going to happen, enemy team will hear you are getting it (oh yes, they can all hear when lord is being attacked) and arrive more or less when Lord is half dead and many players in your team have lost a significant amount of life. Plus the mage used his ultimate first, so he needs more than 20 seconds to use it again. No surprise you all died and enemy gets lord.
11. There are two basic battle formations:
a) team moves together
b) Split push
You don’t need to choose one or the other; you are supposed to do both, at different times. If enemy is moving together you MUST SPLIT PUSH. Don’t fight them! Unless you have more players around, or you are ahead in money and experience, or have more CC heroes. I have seen many teams starting teamfights in the jungle. You are supposed to fight for a reason, which is getting a tower, turtle or lord. I have seen people fighting for no reason and then nothing happens. 3 of you died, you killed 2 enemies and then… survivors go back to base to heal. WOW, nice.
You cant just stay in your lane and expect your team to get kills and towers on their own; that only happens when you are fighting bots. 5 vs 5 means strategy, decision, surprise… I hate those players who just stay in their lane the whole game, then complain when they get ganked. Even the enemy knows where you are and what you are doing. So join the team, help them, save them, get towers and turtles with them… If you cant really play with others you should play other games, not 5 vs 5. Go play other plataforms offline, with better graphics and new, just released. Why would you play an online game of 5 vs 5??
12. Its ok to die for the super minions. I have done this many times and my team starts complaining, afk, insult… This is the objective of the game, the main purpose, the ultimate goal, TO DESTROY THE ENEMY BASE. So once you get superminions you can completely forget about that lane and start doing 3 mid 2 other lane. Enemies have to clear the superminions, so there will be at least one enemy there, all the time. In the other two lanes they will be 2 in each; which gives you a +1 advantage. So imagine you get the last tower and die. You will come back in 30 seconds or so. Enemy cant do nothing during that time. They must clear the mess you caused them, regroup and rethink their strategy because superminions mean you are probably going to win. It doesn’t matter how many people you killed, the important thing is how many towers you destroy. I have played games where the enemy gets more kills, more money and experience, but they have my superminions in all their lanes so they have to stay at base and defend for the rest of the game. My team can easily get lord now, get 4 buffs and the whole jungle. Money and experience difference disappears and we win the game. Result: enemy calling me a hacker. Dude, I just destroyed all your towers while you where killing my team, no rocket science I swear.
13. I wont talk here about the importance of the draft pick, that’s a whole new guide. Just have in mind that its really important to play different roles and heroes. Don’t be like my friend who only plays 3 heroes, for 5000 games in total. Learn to ban according of what your team has, learn to counter enemy picks, adapt roles even if you don’t enjoy that role so much. One of my most common losses is when my team switches my the jungler role because they are impressed with my wr and number of games, but then get 2 marksmen an assassin and a mage. Enemy gets a tank and a normal team, we lose fast and Im supposed to be the “lol core”.

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all this are useless in solo q.coz solo q so dumb dog idiotic thanks
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Thanks for posting useful tips.

I really appreciate your efforts in preparing it
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Whoa this is really helpful advice, -take notes take notes- I am for real :0

Thank you for your time spending on this thread spreading your wisdom to us users

Yea, about the draft pick, rarely anyone analyzes the enemy's composition. I tried to adjust but I am limited to a few heroes I know well to very well to extremely well(ex. I'm a one trick natalia). So usually I feel limited.

Other than that, I love your tips and tricks :D
Let me be your apprentice hahahah
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Extremely excellent tips. I wasn't expecting so many details.
Please post about "tips of items" next time. You are using Johnson. My main is Johnson :D
But sometimes I'm undecided whether to put an oracle on Johnson.
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Edited by Magnum_bangbang at 2021-11-25 06:08 PM

Its helpfull, but obviously for me personally.

And also its explain full on you expiriance. Can i tell you advice? A lot of plaers just compare Lore Of Lockdown(LOL) with MLBB. Its wrong, for sure. BUT. This games have common strateges. And you may get a lot from this guide. Like, its not a 2, but 3 basic formation in the game. How control the minions. Where and when you can fight and where you cant. And etc. MLBB content makers have no idea about straregy telling, yeah. Well most of them have no idea how to play this game. But if we look in to common game, there we can found a correan higher education in game theory. And a lot of thing might be usefull.

Alsoi have few questions about you points.

Why do offlaners die? Well, its usually because they pick a mm or an assassin. If they had chosen a fighter with flicker they could have escaped.

Well, but a lot of mm and assasin have dash. bruno, lancelot, Miya(no dash but strong escape), Karrie, Claue, Benedetta, etc. But as i saw you still not like them.

And one thing about mms. I am understand where it going. A lot of time, picking not jg mm, is meaning trollpick. But right now mms get a huge buff. And i saw in mythic it in every game as offlainer. I mean, 20k games is not about for like last 2 mounth? Meta formation is not a axiom. Why you are sure that meta can be change by balance patch and mm can be effective on non jungle?

Towers have the yellow money shield and nobody is strong enough to destroy it, not even 2 teammates together.

i am pretty agree that pushing is really bad idea. But yellow money, give you strong advantage? Most time, when i have ganked and lost my yellow money, i am just lost the line, because can nothing. For sure, i am can stay and farm. And get a less and less golds. And be a bad in mid, because just less item than opponent offlainer. I not mean, if you just kill opponent. But if you was ganked by 2 person, or was win teamfight.

ust have in mind that its really important to play different roles and heroes. Don’t be like my friend who only plays 3 heroes, for 5000 games in total.

I not really like to play 3 heroes. But isnt like 10 is enough? In most situations you need a like only 3 picks per role. And some heroes can be played on few roles. like you may take a jg clint, isntead of learning like gousen.


1. Most offlaners died due to continuous ganks from jungle, tank, and mage 2. Agree, when you die from a gank, enemies can quickly kill minions and get the tower shield's gold 3. Agree :)  Post time 2021-11-26 03:45 AM
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HoaHoa, are you saitamajet in Reddit (I found the same topic)?
 Author| Post time 2021-11-26 07:48 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Anand at 2021-11-28 03:29 AM
Vincenza@849 replied at 2021-11-26 06:18 AM
HoaHoa, are you saitamajet in Reddit (I found the same topic)?

yessss. Reddit is very active, thats why i havent posted here in a while, but this took me some time to write

Rafael0000 replied at 2021-11-25 03:39 PM
Extremely excellent tips. I wasn't expecting so many details.
Please post about "tips of items" next ...

glad you liked it!
Yeah, cant really make a complete guide of the whole game, this one was already too longe and vague

C4lam1tyG0D replied at 2021-11-25 02:48 PM
Whoa this is really helpful advice, -take notes take notes- I am for real :0

Thank you for your ti ...

hahaha glad you liked it man!!
unfortunately im working a lot these days, thats why i only play one or two games before going to work, one or zero when I come back, so no time to play with friends since last year

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