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[Request] I am mythic 1 but i match with legends 5

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Edited by Gannicus27 at 2021-12-7 10:07 PM

I am mythic 1 but when i play solo , system match me with legend 5 players.

If i would play with legend players,why we reach to mythical glory or mythic 1 ?

Legend players playin 2 gold lane.Enemy same level with me and they play tank,jungle and mage together but my legend teammates play duo gold lane and we lose match.EVEN RRG players can not win in this SOLO MATCHMAKING SYSTEM.

i am mythic 1 and i dont want to play with legends.Its all..

There are very very big experience diff between legend 3-4-5 and mythic 1-2.

Legend 5 and mythic 1 shouldnt be in same game.

EVEN mythic 5 and mythic 1 shouldnt be in same team..

Hey devs.
Make new matchmaking system.
Add choice before search match that " match with legends "
I am sure %99 player will not choose it

Mythic players should play with mythics
Legend players should play with legends
Epic players should play with epics


Before 2 week i was myrhical glory 650 .
Now i am 450 mythic 2.
Because i match with legend teammates.

People leaving mlbb because of matchmaking.
You devs , saying that " we changed matchmaking , we fixed matchmaking , we made good matchmaking etc.. "

But when i check teams after match , i see my team avarage level always low than enemy.What kind of fix is it ?

I did show you proofs.

When i go solo , teams usually like that ;

Team A

Mythic 1
Myrhic 1
Mythic 2
Mythic 2
Mythic 5

My team :

Mythic 1 ( me )
Myhic 3
Mythic 3
Mythic 5
Legend 3

My team always have low avarage.Why system cant sperate equal teams.

Sorry for my bad english but this matchmaking really bad.

If there is 10 player , matchmaking should seperate teams equal..
Post time 2021-12-8 04:18 AM | Show all posts
Rafael0000 replied at 2021-12-7 11:39 PM
It's really frustrating that we have to play with weaker teammates because the matchmaking system is ...

matchmaking is bad. But right now, he not talking about matchmaking. This is only 2 way to get legend player in mythic lobby.

1) after 10 min in queue, game ask you to turn on a turbo mode. And if you will agree, its possible.
2) If you play with someone who play duo/trio with legend player.

I am sure, he was not turn on a turbo mode. So. How you want to solve this problem?
Put this team in legend lobby? Its will be abuse easly.
Forbid to invait legend players for mythic players? Maybe its good idea, but its not a matchmaking. If he will suggest it, i have no problem and even support it. But its not what he talking about.
Try to found for opponent exactly duo with same rank guys? Its will be really long.

And Gannicus27 know all of it. I was told him few times. But might be some peoples just have no idea how to read.


Right  Post time 2021-12-8 05:05 PM
Post time 2021-12-8 11:36 AM | Show all posts
Edited by faizudin357 at 2021-12-8 11:45 AM

Hi there,This is common issue, okay you have said that the dev has made update about matchmaking. First, this could happen cause the Legend's player had been invited by Mythic's player or vice versa Did you notice that on the below of the start button we have the group icon defined as Team Recruit thats why it possible. Second, you have winstreak about 6-10 or losestreak the matchmaking will que you with random players (same rank) doesn't care about skill plus it possible that the player was inactive for a long time and doesn't known about update. If you pass that you will be in normal que again and if you lose or fail you also will be in the normal que (I could said that based on my experience not description)
I can wrap that the clint is just lack of skill or not aware with the enemy (he has massive damage) Check this thread I hope you will find something.


 Author| Post time 2021-12-7 10:13 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Gannicus27 at 2021-12-7 10:15 PM

We can play with cheaters
We can play with toxic players
We can play with feeders
We can play with op heroes

We can not play with bad matchmaking system

cheaters you can report
Toxics you can mute
Feeders can get punishment
You can ban op characters

But you cant find any solution for matchmaking system as a player.Solution is buying lobby hack :D and finally i gonna buy it because i am solo q player and i m tired for unfair matchmaking system
Fix matchmaking FOR SOLO Q PLAYERS
Post time 2021-12-7 10:37 PM | Show all posts
Well, some of forum users just cant read. Confirm.
 Author| Post time 2021-12-7 11:32 PM | Show all posts
For example
I just played this match

Aulos is me. And quess please clint rank ?

Of course legend 5

Can you understand situation with this example ?

What this legend 5 clint doing in mythical glory match ?

I dont blame him.He is legend 5. It is normal he plays 3.0 bronz.

Problem is MOONTON.

Post time 2021-12-7 11:39 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Rafael0000 at 2021-12-7 11:47 PM

It's really frustrating that we have to play with weaker teammates because the matchmaking system is bad. It's hard to even play solo assassin , marksman and mage. The team has a better chance of winning if the player using the Tank is really good in the team. Support from me. @Gannicus27  
(Mistik liginde olduğun için senin gönderini daha çok ciddiye almalılar.)

Post time 2021-12-8 06:15 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Anand at 2021-12-8 06:16 AM

That legend player might be invited by a duo or trio. The quickest way to find out is asking the player himself about who invited him to that game.
Life of a legend player is always sad
Post time 2021-12-8 08:50 AM | Show all posts
Gannicus27 replied at 2021-12-7 10:13 PM
We can play with cheaters
We can play with toxic players
We can play with feeders

lobby hack for what? kinda interesting since moneytoooon dindt give shit about matchmaking i also gonna buy it if this will carry me to the top for easy way
Post time 2021-12-8 11:45 PM | Show all posts
lightyear replied at 2021-12-8 08:50 AM
lobby hack for what? kinda interesting since moneytoooon dindt give shit about matchmaking i also  ...

lobby hack, give you rank and wr teammetes before you click a ready to game button. So, if you saw legend in you team, you may just skip the game and play next one. But i have no idea, about this cheat after a mythic. i thought its might be didnt work there.

Also this hack show you a opponent pre-choose heroes. So you may ban opponent mains.

But also, i must tell you that a lot of cheats make you auto ban. Moontone have a weak protection, but still have. Woud be really sad, if you spend the money for ban you account.
And... i have few question for hackers. If you found someone who selling, can you PM me? I dont want to cheat. Just intrested how game and game protection is work.
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