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[Hero Concept] Hero Concept: Edric the Unstable King

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Edited by Kratos007 at 2022-4-9 08:48 AM

-  He is Support/Tank Hero

-  He is one of a kind hero, and no one like him.
The player can choose if he wants him to stay inside the base building itself and transforming it to a permenent fortress as ruller of his kingdom (Support) or leave his fortress at anytime and fight among his people "his teammates and creeps" (Support/Tank) !!!

-  Passive Skill
*  As the picture below, In the "
Corrupted King" mode, Edric will take a monstrous form showing his evil side. On the other hand, In the "Righteous King" mode, Edric will take honorable form showing his good side.
*  Right at the start of the battle, the base will be transformed into a permenent fortress, having a high tower in middle of it with balcony, and Edric will stand in that balcony, visible by all ally members and nearby enemy heroes.
*  Each King's Mode having its own skill set.
*  Only when Edric is at the spawing area, the player can choose which mode wants Edric to be in
*  Corrupted King
.  In this mode, Edric will stay at that balcony and can't move or apply anything else beside his skill set of this mode. Also, he can't apply damage by any means to his enemies, and he will suffer 10% more damage on him when enemy units attack him
.  In this mode, all ally heores will gain 20% Gold from all sources, while ally Jungler will gain 40%.
*  Righteous King
.  Edric will leave his fortress and will join his teammates in battle.
.  All nearby allied units will gain 15% more damage attack and 15% more physical defence points.
.  He will mounting a white horse all time during this mode.

-  1st Skill
*  CD is 12 secs
*  Corrupted King: (Sluggard King)
.  All units at the at middle turrets and any areas before them will get bonus 25% attack damage but will suffer from 50% nerf time duration from enemy heroes skills that applied to them.
*  Righteous King: (For Honor!)
.  Himself and all of nearby ally heores will be immune to any nerf effects. Will last for 4 secs

-  2nd Skill
*  CD is 20 secs
*  Corrupted King: (Banishment to Exile)
.   The player chooses any ally hero on the map, then Edric will order him to fighter more eagerly for his kingdom, gaining 50% more damage and 10% CD reduction for all of his skills. If the selected hero dies, he will take 60% more time to be revived.
*  Righteous King: (Royal Chariot)
.  His horse will transformed into a chariot with 2 hourses, enhancing his movement speed by 20%
.  On its wheels, there will be rotating spike/saw that deal 10% damage of Edric max damage points to any closeby enemy unit. he will use long Whip to reach to any enemy unit within medium range.
.  It will lasts for 7 secs

-  3rd Skill
*  CD is 30 secs
*  Corrupted King: (Cruel Taxes)
.  The player chooses any ally hero on the map, then he will gain twice as many gold he normally earn for 20 secs, but is 30% weaker against attacks in that duration.
*  Righteous King: (For The King!)
.  Edric will summon 4 Royal Guards, each one won't have health points, but they have 20% of Edric's physical attack strenght. they will be in form of a cross, and Edric in middle of them. They will have swords and shields, talking 30% of the damage that targeting Edric to them. they will lasts for 10 secs

-  Ultimate
*  CD is 60 secs, and can't be lower than that.
*  Corrupted King: (Traitors of the Kingdom)
.  For once at that time of activation, all spawned creeps after that activation, they will be enhanced by 100% health points + 20% damage, but all of these enhanced ones will be vanished after up to 15 secs from their appearance
*  Righteous King: (Answering The People)
.  Edric is listening to his people as honorable king, and deliver their needs, one at a time
.  Every 60 secs, the player can choose which requirement/needs that are most commonly asked for in any battle. Each answered order will be permenent for the rest of the battle, and will be applied to all Ally heroes at the entire map!
+  Improved Armor: Increase  physical/magical defense by 15%
+  Better Food:
Increase health/mana regeneration will be enhanced by 10%
+  Better Equipment: All purchased items so far in all Ally heroes builds will get enhanced by 10%
+  Reinforcement: From now on, there will be extra 1 large creep spawing in each lane
+  Better Deffences: The current 1st line turrets will get a shield

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Thank you for sharing your great concept with us

Don't forget to submit it to our in-game cs as well..

go to in-game cs > Advice or suggestions regarding the game > Suggestion fot game design > Form_Game design suggestion


I revamped this hero concept now, please check it out :)  Post time 2021-12-27 06:18 AM
Post time 2021-12-24 06:44 PM | Show all posts
I like it , support from me


I revamped this hero concept now, please check it out :)  Post time 2021-12-27 06:17 AM
 Author| Post time 2021-12-25 02:53 AM | Show all posts
Rafael0000 replied at 2021-12-24 06:44 PM
I like it , support from me

Thank you
 Author| Post time 2021-12-25 02:53 AM | Show all posts
Ncup.Ajh replied at 2021-12-24 10:19 PM
HelloThank you for sharing your great concept with usDon't forget to submit it to our in-game cs as  ...

Thank you
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