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[Patch Note] Patch Notes v1.6.44 [Advanced Server]

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Edited by Anand at 2021-12-27 11:49 AM

In the next few patches, we'll be rolling out more hero balance adjustments based on the performance data in the M3 World Championship and regular games and continue to optimize the less popular heroes. Since some of the adjustments are rather dramatic or difficult to implement, we plan to spend more time testing them internally before applying them to the Advanced Server. Stay tuned!

The following uses (↑) (↓) (~) to indicate Buff, Nerf, and Adjustment.

[Yin] (↓)
Damage and survivability slightly reduced.

[Attribute] (↓)
Base HP: 2878 >> 2678

[Passive] (↓)
Damage Boost: 125% >> 120%

[Terizla] (↑)
We're buffing up Terizla's mobility to boost his presence in mid-to-late game teamfights.

[Skill 2] (↑)
Net Effect: The skill cannot be interrupted by control effects (except for Suppression)

[Ultimate] (↑)
Base Damage: 300-500 >> 300-600
Slow Effect: 40%-50% >> 45%-65%
Attack range increased.

[Helcurt] (↑)
Jump speed slightly increased.

Empowered by the Lord of the Abyss, Helcurt's Poison Stingers are now even "Deadlier"

[Skill 1] (↑)
Slow Effect: 40% >> 90%, but will decay over 1.5s
New Effect: The skill grants a Deadly Poison Stinger on hit.

[Skill 2] (↑)
New Effect: Deadly Poison Stingers can now trigger attack effects (but cannot critically strike)

[Ultimate] (↑)
New Effect: Casting the Ultimate grants a Deadly Poison Stinger

[Minotaur] (~)
Revamped Minotaur is back with a few adjustments.

[Passive] (↑)
Enters the Enraged state upon reaching max Rage >> Enters the Enraged state after casting the Ultimate at max Rage
Extended the length of time Minotaur can hold his Rage after leaving combat.

[Skill 1] (↑)
New Effect: Reduces enemies' Attack Speed by 30%.
Movement Speed Reduction: 65% >> 40%
Debuff Duration: 2s >> 3s
Skill 1's Extra Damage (Enraged): 1.5% of the Target's Max HP >> 1.5% of Minotaur's Max HP

[Skill 2] (~)
Casting Skill 2 also grants Rage.
New Effect: Increases allies' Attack Speed by 30% for 3s.
No longer enhances Minotaur's Basic Attacks,

[Ultimate] (↓)
Cooldown: 30s >> 40s
No longer refunds part of the Ultimate's cooldown upon leaving the Enraged state.

[Aulus] (↑)
Aulus is ready to crush more skulls with his sharpened battleaxe.

[Passive] (↑)
Extra Physical Attack Per Stack: 3-9 >> 4-16
Enhanced Basic Attack's Damage: 125% >> 130%

[Aamon] (↓)
We want to further test the previous adjustment, though changes in other directions are still on the table.

Skill 2] (↓)
Aamon no longer enters the Camouflage state when no non-minion enemy is hit.

[Karrie] (~)
We're granting Karrie more sustained damage during her Ultimate.

[Ultimate] (~)
Basic Attack Damage During Ultimate: 60%-66% >> 65%-75%
No longer reduces Attack Speed for the duration.
Cooldown: 30s-20s >> 40s at All Levels

[Gloo] (↑)
The connection between Goos is even stronger.

[Skill 1] (↑)
New Effect: Actively detonating the Goo now fully resets the skill's cooldown.

[Skill 2] (↑)
Casting speed slightly increased.

[Ultimate] (↑)
Gloo can now cast its Skill 1/2 to end the Split, Split state.
Movement distance of Go, Go increased.

[Karina] (↓)
We're tuning down Karina's burst potential against squishy heroes.

[Passivel] (↓)
Damage: 50 + 80% Magic Power + 8% of the Target's Lost HP >> 50 + (6 + 2% Magic Power)% of the Target's Lost HP

[Bane] (~)
The frequent use of Physical equipment is wearing Bane down. It's time for a change.

[Passive] (↓)
Physical Attack Bonus: 145-180% >> 135-170%

[Skill 2] (↑)
Base Damage: 180-380 >> 200-400

[Ultimate] (↑)
Magic Power Bonus: 150% >> 170%

[Natalia] (↑)
Natalia's refined her creep hunting tools.

[Passive] (↑)
Extra Damage Against Creeps: 15% >> 30%

[Free Heroes]

8 Free Heroes: 12/24/2021 05:01:00 to 12/31/2021 05:00:00 (Server Time)

Atlas, Lunox, Terizla, Karina, Karrie, Lylia, Rafaela, Masha

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Paquito, Badang, Kimmy, Belerick, Thamuz, Bane

[HP Bar Optimization]

1. Optimized the display of Turrets' HP bars.

2. Turtle's and Lord's HP bars will now shift as your location changes.

3. Added an indicator for when Retribution can be used to execute a Turtle or Lord (for heroes equipped with Retribution).

4. Added an indicator for when Execute can be used to execute an enemy (for heroes equipped with Execute).


1. Optimized Hanabi's voiceovers.

2. Fixed an issue where the damage of Gusion's Passive against creeps was too

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