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[Gameplay] Remove hero proficiency requirement from Ranked.

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Edited by EighteenXVIII at 2021-12-28 03:13 AM

So I know that the hero proficiency requirement was put in place with good intentions. However I would argue they achieve the opposite, and that it makes people's gaming experience worse. Let me explain step by step.

1) First of all, the proficiency requirement basically means you have to play 2 games in Classic with every new hero, before you're allowed to pick it in Ranked. It's a simple rule.

2) I do not believe that 2 games will turn a feeder into a good enough player. Essentially this is because feeding has more to do with game understanding, rather than hero understanding. Mobile Legends is not a complicated game, and most heroes are very easy to understand even never having used them.

3) People who play Ranked, generally want to win. Those who don't play like they want to win get reported, and usually after just one report they're forced into Classic. So most players would read a new hero's skills, practice them in AI mode before using them in Ranked or watch a video explaining the hero. People who don't do this are likely to feed anyway in Ranked, regardless of which hero they play.

4) Because of this rule, even good players who already read hero's skills and practice them in AI, and who are just skilled players who care about gaining stars, these players are now forced to spend a lot of time in Classic. You might say "So what?" but let me explain.

5) The reality is, Classic is not very fun for those players. Classic is where all the reported Ranked players end up. So all the trolls and feeders. And there are huge differences in ranks (epics with mythic and so on), which causes many one sided matches. There are also many first time hero players who play Classic and feed, so that you still end up forcing the good players that you tried to help with the proficiency requirements to still play with those feeders that you tried to protect them from. There are simply far more of these feeders in Classic. And it seems like Classic has a more lenient report system as well than Ranked, as well as simply requiring you to lose much more credit points to go from Classic to being forced into bot matches. So not only do you put all the feeders from Ranked in Classic, they also just stick around there much longer. There are also many tryhard winrate boosters in Classic who queue up together, and/or who pick banned heroes because you can't in Ranked. This also makes games more uneven and less fun.

6) There are many ranked players who don't really care about Ranked or getting better. And that's fine. If they feed they will end up in Classic rather fast. But don't force the people who do care to play Classic, have an unpleasant experience, and waste a lot of time where they could be gaining stars.

Essentially the proficiency requirement doesn't achieve it's intended goal, and it makes things worse for those it intends to help. I just spent 1h and 20 mins playing 4 games, which I lost all of them, two MVPs, one gold and one silver. Every game I had 1-10 bronze players. People who go afk. I didn't have fun. Aside from the afk, they didn't lose credit points because the system thinks "who cares, it's just Classic". However I had to go through this to unlock Cecillion and Edith in Ranked, where I generally do have fun. AFK's are much less common. I can report feeders and know that they end up in Classic where they're out of my way. I can enjoy the progression of gaining stars. That's what I want to spend my valuable time on.

I still have 20 more heroes to obtain, which means at least another 40 painful Classic matches and over 10 hours of wasted time (which I don't have all day to play ML). It's not a minor inconvenience. I don't even want to play Ranked anymore for the day after those matches because I'm too tilted. It hurts the people who care the most, and the people who don't care will feed either way. Intentions =/= outcomes. Unfortunately most people don't think about it that way, so I don't think Moonton will listen, but I sure hope they do.

And for the record, I've been playing since 2017 and I never had any issues in Ranked before they implemented this requirement, which at this point is already between one and two years ago I believe. I never noticed a difference in player quality. But I sure noticed all the Classic games I had to waste my time on.
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Sorry for the inconvenience (๑◕︵◕๑) getting a team that doesn't fit is really annoying, we as mod have submitted it so that you get friends or opponents who are not much different in tiers but for skill or AFK problems it's beyond their reach. Try playing with friends by creating your own room because it is certain that you already know your friends' skills and can also communicate to make it more compact. We will continue to report this so they can review this issue and they will improve it so that it can be better in the future. (they refer to Moonton)
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let me help u on this.

first dont trust any of these moderator kid in this forum coz they talk like kids that have super power.

second. im also old player since 2016. u take it too serious. play for fun only unless u bring this as your passive income so u have to build an army squad to win every match. as for me just play to wasted my little time.dont serious about it. remember its moooneytoooon.dosnt give u anything.stop wasted your money on skin coz u still pair with bunch of loser in Que.just click on classic or ranked and enjoy it win or lose.
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I do not support this. In my view, the 2 game limit should be increased and should not be removed.

Imagine someone in your team is not satisfied with hero pick or ban and picks a troll hero. In the game they realize that the teammates are good and change their mind to win the game. They will be feeding if they are playing the hero for the first time and doesn't know how to control that hero, how to use skill combo, etc.

In such cases, if the troll player picked an expert hero, there is a very good chance that they can contribute for the team's victory. Even if they don't carry the team, they will not be feeding.

This 2 game limit does not have much impact because we can't become an expert with only 2 games. This is the reason it should be raised more for better rank games
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Edited by imAldric at 2021-12-30 10:38 AM
Anand replied at 2021-12-29 12:12 AM
I do not support this. In my view, the 2 game limit should be increased and should not be removed.


if your  are suggesting that you are litterally giving us rank players a hard time bc of this currrently i have 15k matches rank and 3 k matches classic


MLBB is the simples  of the simplest mobas out there you could master most of the heroes by just watching yt tutorials this ******* hero proficiency requirement litterally impedes/prevents me from trying new heroes in rank I have been a consistent 1500 points player and this shit system just annoys me the **** out I dont wanna waste my time on people in classic because they most of the time they dont want to win most matches in classic lasts 30 mins bc people there dont want lord, dont take obj, except if your against tryhard wr grinders that could end games in 9 mins but most of the time the games in classic is just way to long for me (PH SERVER)

even if you are trying a hero first time in rank if you have the positioning micro managing last hitting minion and most importantly thrive to win you will most likely win in rank game sense/understanding beats hero knowledge all the time in my opinion of course  my statement is not true to all situations like fanny (you know why) but most of the meta hero are ez to average diff anyways as a newbie i would not waste my time mastwering fanny bc shes useless as of now
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MarcoPRO99 replied at 2021-12-29 12:05 PM
if your  are suggesting that you are litterally giving us rank players a hard time bc of this curr ...

Please do refrain from using swear words as it goes against the Forum rules.

In my opinion I think there are more goods than bads with the 'Current' proficiency system. I do agree mostly with your points towards classic tryhard etc but I dont personally think its wrong cause it's player's freedom to play how they want to. However the little protection of playing 2 games of a new hero is very important because it protects the players who want to win and having a better matchup.

1 - The requirement to play a new hero in Classic will give the player a good sense of wether they like the hero and then decide if they want to continue with it or not.
2 - Atleast 50% of the players may not look into videos/guides of new heroes and know nothing about them even after its released. This can be really bad for either sides of the teams especialy in rank during the early release of a hero. However, I think it should allowed in a 5q lobby team as they would know their consequences.
3 - It was way worse before this was implemented cause there would always be players wanting to try a new hero in rank without knowing their skills = ez lose.

I think it should be kept as it is and there's no need for changes for the time being as how many players are playing all roles and every hero in rank? I dont think that's good at all.
(PS. this is all just my personal opinion as a player)
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Edited by Magnum_bangbang at 2021-12-31 12:42 AM

Nah, its cant be removed. not support from me.

Feeding report is not work. And its must didnt work. And yeah, its not work in ranked, Because sometime your feed is not you fault. You may face pro player and he wil crush you. You may face bulling, somewhere all of opponent team just live in you jungle. You may try to teamplay while you team have no idea how to play in team or what you want from them. But you teammetes just dont carry. They just blame you and report, even it their fault. Also in reality we have few players that have 45% wr, feed every game, get a report... And continue to play ranked. So thrid point is false.

You can not have skill as pro player after few games, even if you also pro player. If you are Mythic for sure you may crush Epic after reading text. But if you will play against player with 2.000 matches by his main on hero which you have 20 games in you primal rank... well, you team will lose. Heroes not that ease as many thought. And player that have a more expiriance not give you any chance. So,  second point also false.

As funny, frist point is also false, because right now game have bug(but, devs still not give a shit to report system and i cant report it, right Anand?), and you need only 1 game to start play ranked. But its a bug, so NVM.

This way, i also thought you need more than 2 games for allowed to play ranked. Like 10, maybe. And its not all. You need play this 10 games for a last few mounths. Because imagine - i was play a miya a 2 years ago and will try it now. And it also pretty help against trolls and feeders.
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Edited by Samsaras at 2022-1-3 02:15 AM
Anand replied at 2021-12-29 12:12 AM
I do not support this. In my view, the 2 game limit should be increased and should not be removed.


Me & my friends play better on a hero for a 1st time than players with an 'expert' badge. The author already said this, but MLBB is not a complicated game. 2 mins reading the skills & 3 mins in practice mode - 5 mins are enough to understand the theory of the hero properly. As for practice, it is impossible to get better in classic, where either you kill enemy with 1/4th of the combo, or you die before you execute 1/4th of the combo ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯

I just force through the 2 matches before I play properly. Lucky for me I have all heroes, unlike the author. So it's 2 classic every new hero release for me.

Eg: People see my low matches with phoveus & think I'm bad. They don't understand phoveus with high number of matches is more likely to be a nub. Phoveus is a counter hero & should be used like one, not spammed indiscriminately without seeing enemy picks(like in classic).

Now, on the topic:
I don't really care about the 2 match rule. I think the author makes sense. Nubs who don't understand the theory will be bad no matter how many matches they play (1k match mage using old build after patch). People who can get better in 2 classics don't really need them.
I have all the heroes & don't mind playing classic( the secret is to realise & accept ahead of time that all your teammates may be worse than the vs AI bots), so the rule doesn't really bother me too much. Just some time wasted for every new hero. Keep surrendering & you may get lucky with a <10 min surrender
Post time 2022-1-3 05:19 PM | Show all posts
Samsaras replied at 2022-1-3 02:02 AM
Me & my friends play better on a hero for a 1st time than players with an 'expert' badge. The autho ...

Probably 90% of players are not like you. They don't understand the heroes ability even after receiving the expert badge

The reason why many players are complaining about trolls is due to trolls picking unexperienced heroes. The current limit is not enough. It should be increased to 30+ games or more in order to reduce the trolls as per my view

 Author| Post time 2022-1-11 03:43 PM | Show all posts
Edited by EighteenXVIII at 2022-1-11 05:27 PM
Anand replied at 2022-1-3 05:19 PM
Probably 90% of players are not like you. They don't understand the heroes ability even after rece ...

I mean statistically you're not making sense. For one you say 90% of players aren't good players. Fine, let's say that's true. It doesn't matter. Why? because the only group you "try to help", with the 2-game classic requirement, are the good players that care about stars and good quality games.

The bad players, if that really is 90% of the playerbase, won't care if a teammate has never played his hero before. The skill difference between your average player and a first time hero picker is very small compared to the difference between an average player and a good player with good understanding. The first two will get silver or bronze and have limited impact on the game result. The good players will get gold and mvp and have high impact. To good players, randoms are just randoms. The only issue is intentional feeders and AFK's, which the report system takes care off.
This whole argument was always about the 10% of players with good game understanding, good winrates and who prefer ranked games over classic for that reason.
And for your second point again, statistically it doesn't add up. You're adding 2 games to a bad players experience. Out of the 100s or 1000s of matches he plays, that means nothing for the 10% who doesn't want feeders. However for that 10%, they now have to play 2 games with every new hero. I already pointed out how that easily amounts to over 10 hours of classic games for unlocking just 20 heroes in ranked. And there are 112 heroes at this point.

And let me show again what a typical classic experience is like. It's bad. I just played two Lylia games to unlock her in ranked. Both games with AFK, the second even had bots. Ranked games are infinitely higher quality. I main support (Estes, Diggie, Hylos), play almost only soloq and have 62% wr with 2200 games. Reaching mythic is easy. If I am part of the 10% good players and you want to help me, please don't make me play these types of games. I very rarely get AFKs in ranked. I literally cannot notice a skill difference between a 0 games hero and a 2 games hero. It doesn't matter. There are players with 5000 games who are still terrible. Having to play troll classic games matters to me. That's my point.

Also, those games literally are not good practice whatsoever. I had a Roger and Zilong jungle, which the Roger was a bot who went mid with me and got me underfarmed and fed Valir. First game Gatot didn't buy roam, took all my gold, and then left me in a 2v1 the rest of the game. That's not a game that lets you have proper practice with a hero. So the argument doesn't even hold true in that sense either.
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