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[Hero Concept] Hero Concept: Razer the War Robot

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Edited by Kratos007 at 2022-4-18 11:56 PM

-  He is Assassin/Tank Hero

-  He is a Shape-Shifter Robot capale of transforming between an Assassin killing machine and a Tank devastating machine accourding to the player's desires !

-  Passive Skill (Adaptable Terminator)
*  There will be a new passive skill button called "Nanoforming". CD is 30 secs, and from it , the player can choose between the 2 Razer's forms. When razer changes between any form, Razer's physical body will be modifying by nanotechnology and will take the new form afterwards. the "Nanoforming" process will take 1.5 secs.

*  Assassin Form
.  He will be very thin and light humanoid like robot, able to move fast and having razor thin/sharp legs to be able to attack his enemies swiftly. all of his 4 limbs are razorsharp and and also razor like.
*  Tank Form
.  He will be bulky humanoid like robot, Heavy weaponized with all sorts of heavy weapons and also with thick armor to protect him from danger.

-  1st Skill
*  CD is 10 secs
*  Assassin Form: (Nanite Repair)
.  For every successful enemy unit kill, He will gain 1 nanite for enemy creep and 5 for enemy hero. for every 2 nanites, he will heal 10% of his maximum health points
*  Tank Form: (Chobham Armor)
.  Razer armor will be replaced with "Chobham armour", which will reduces all damage taken. Due to its heavy weight, it will also reduces his movement speed. He cannot heal as long as this skill is active and anything that would increase his HP during this duration gets negated. The skill will remain active as long as there is mana availabe or if the player turn it off.

.  His movement speed and taken damage can be reduced up to 50% when this skill is maxed out. Also, the higher level this skill is, the higher mana consumption will be.

-  2nd Skill
*  CD is 15 secs
*  Assassin Form: (Target Tracking)
-  The player can select an enemy hero within medium range, the Razer will "lock on" that target. Razer "only" will got eye sight on that trarget wherever he goes, even if he went to invisiblity state. Razer will get x1.5 times movement speed when he is very closeby to that target. This tracking ends after 10 secs and/or killed, whoever is sooner.

*  Tank Form: (Gatling Cannon)
.  Razer will fire his built-in heavy "Gatling Cannon" on
his shoulder on the nearest enemy unit within medium range continuously for 2 secs. every 0.5 secs exposure to that fire, causing extra 200 DOT for 3 secs

-  3rd Skill
*  CD is 25 secs
*  Assassin Form: (Holographic Trick)
.  Razer uses his nanotechnology to blend in with his surroundings and enters a concealment state. He will leave a holographic copy of himself which will deal basic attacks only, while the orginal copy will go to concealment state.

.  The Holographic Copy: It will stays excatly where Razer was orginally located at before this skill activation. It will perform only basic attacks. it will have all health points of Razer. If that holographic copy is been killed, The oiginal copy will also be killed instantly.
.  The Original Copy: He will gain 30% movement speed, and only his basic attacks not his skills are activated. If original copy got too far away from from the Holographic Copy, the Holographic Copy will be vanished instantly. There is no limitation on how long Razer can stay at that situation, but once the player hit that skill button again his holographic copy will be vanished and all remaining health points on that holographic copy will be his instead.
*  Tank Form: (Artillery Cannon)
.  The player will choose any location on within medium range, then Razer will transform himself into an artillery cannon and dealing medium damage as large area effect. he can stays at that mode as long as the player wants, but all of his basic attacks and skills are inactivated, and he can't move nor recall. The player can change back from this this form after 8 secs.

-  Ultimate
*  CD is 45 secs
*  Assassin Form: (Quantum Assassin)

.  Razer will enters "Quantum State", means that he will be semi-visible and can pass through all enemy units physical bodies !
.  He can't be attacked by any means, except by large area effect skills. when he passes through an enemy hero, he will apply "Quantum Corrosion" to that target for 3 secs. Within that time, if he either pass throught it again and/or applied basic attacks to it, that target applied "Quantum Corrosion" will explode and dealing small damage, but razer himself will be gain 30% movement speed for 2 secs.  
*  Tank Form: (Artificial Earthquake)
.  He will make a small jump, and with his built-in jet engines alongside his legs, he will smash the ground beneath him and causing an earthquake covers a large size area, slowing all enemy units and dealing massive damage to them. Deals 50 % extra damage against buildings. the greater this skill level is, the greater the damage will be.

Tank Form.jpg
Assassin Form.png
Post time 2021-12-31 03:01 PM | Show all posts
This hero looks superior to all other heroes. I liked it.
But I don't know if the developers will like it.
Post time 2021-12-30 07:24 PM | Show all posts
Hero didn't quite satisfy me.
The abilities and skills must be compatible with each other.
Support from me anyway.


what do you think needed to be changed/revamped ?  Post time 2021-12-30 07:35 PM
Post time 2021-12-30 07:47 PM | Show all posts
The ultimate must change Hero's form.
There must be a balance between Defense and Damage. When he increases his damage, he should lower his defense and increase his speed.
If he increases his defense, he should decrease his speed.


I completely revamped his concept, please check it out.  Post time 2021-12-31 08:44 AM
 Author| Post time 2021-12-31 03:26 PM | Show all posts
Rafael0000 replied at 2021-12-31 03:01 PM
This hero looks superior to all other heroes. I liked it.
But I don't know if the developer ...

There is always a hope :)
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