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[Hero Concept] Hero Concept: Auger the Mole

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Edited by Kratos007 at 2022-2-10 08:10 AM

-  He is Fighter Hero.

-  He is speacializing in creating tunnels all over the map, that can be used by both teams heroes for instant travel anywhere in the map throught them.

-  Passive Skill (Ground Escape)
.  As long as Auger in sunlight, his movement speed will be decreased by 30% and his attacking speed will be decreased by 25%.
.  There will be a new passive skill button called "Dig".  When Auger goes in any bush/grass or at base,the player can hit the passive button to go underground. While he is underground, he will gain 50% movement speed as long as he is in this mode, but all of his basic and skill attacks are inactivated.
.  If the player wants to cast a skill, Auger must go outside 1st to do so, but because of his sensitivity to sunlight, he will suffer from 50% movement speed reduction for 5 secs and can't go back underground until passing of 2 secs of casting a skill.
.  Everytime Auger digs a tunnel to go underground and also when he go out, he will leave them open, and all heroes of both teams can use them. Caution here, that hero's player can't select which hole he/she wants to go out of it, so it will be random and he/she will has to depend on luck !
.  The number of holes on the map at any given time will 6 at maximum, the new digged hole will replace the oldest one.
.  All the holes will be visible in the mini map and the map itself.

.  Above ground
*  Auger is shaded from sunlight if he inside grass/bush and even during Helcurt ultimate, either Helcurt is ally or enemy. So, the main debuff effect won'tbe active here.
*  His basic attack will be in form of throwing pebbles.

.  Underground
*  Only Auger's player can choose from the latest 2-3 holes he dig previously to go out of it.
*  For Auger, he can stay underground as much as the player wants, but other heroes that used Auger digged tunnels can't do that, they will instantly travel to other hole.
*  Auger while he underground is still visible by all players nearby within medium range, and also can take hits/effects from their basic and skill attacks.
*  He can't neither use flicker nor recall in underground mode.
*  He can move freely, stay as long as the player wants and he can pass all walls and obstacles.

-  1st Skill (Bōjutsu)
.  CD is 8 secs.
.  Auger will use martial art of staff technique, which with it can leap towerds enemy unite and causing medium damage, and then the player can hit the skill button again to go where he was before. If he successfuly killed that enemy unit with this attack, CD will reset.

-  2nd Skill (Subterraneans Guardians)
.  CD is 15 secs.
.  The player will choose a nearby location within medium range, then Auger will summon a squad of 3 "Subterraneans Guardians" to that spot, and they will stay in that chosen spot, guarding it from any enemy units come in close contact with it.

.  Each one of them will has 25% of both Auger maximum health and attacking strenght. They will not fade away after certain time, they must be killed by enemy units.

-  Ultimate (Earth Eater)
.  CD is 30 secs
.  The player will choose any location within large scale, then Auger will order a giant Earth Eater worm to eat that selected ground part.
.  That eaten part will be inaccessible by both teams heroes and creeps for 7 secs.
.  If there was any units of both team sides on that selected ground part just before this worm ground's consumption occures, they will be knocked back by force.

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this is pretty pog, i support.
Post time 2021-12-30 07:30 PM | Show all posts
This hero caught my attention. It would be fun to use this hero.
Support from me.


Awesome :)  Post time 2021-12-30 07:36 PM
 Author| Post time 2022-1-5 11:41 PM | Show all posts
War_Bandit replied at 2022-1-4 05:48 PM
this is pretty pog, i support.

Awesome :)
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