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[Patch Note] Patch Notes v1.6.46 [Advanced Server]

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[New Hero: Melissa]
Hero Feature: A rebellious girl that runs a tailor shop and solves problems for people. This new Marksman hero also has unique skill descriptions.

[Passive: Doll Buster]
Melissa deals 150% damage to Summoned Units.

[Skill 1: Falling!]
Melissa dashes forward and gains extra Attack Speed for 4s.
If Muddles is bound with an enemy hero, it'll drag the enemy along with it for a certain distance.
If Cuddles has summoned forth its field, it can move the field to Melissa's destination.

[Skill 2: Go! Muddles!]
Melissa throws out Muddles to damage enemies along the way and binds it with the first enemy hero hit for up to 6s. For the duration, Melissa's Basic Attacks will also hit Muddles, dealing extra damage to the bound enemy. The bond will break early if the enemy moves out of the range.

[Ultimate: Cuddles, Protect Me!]
Melissa orders Cuddles to release the field of Protection, damaging and pushing away nearby enemies while blocking them from entering the field for 5s. The Field of Protection will disappear early if Melissa moves too far away.

The following uses (↑) (↓) (~) to indicate Buff, Nerf, and Adjustment.

We're optimizing Yin's in-match experience and slightly boosting his strength in the transformed state.

[Skill 1](↓)
Extra Movement Speed: 40% for 2s >> 60% that decays over 2s
Cooldown Reduction On Hit: 50% >> 35%

[Skill 2](~)
Dash Damage: 150-300 + 70% Extra Physical Attack >> 75-150 + 35% Extra Physical Attack
New Effect: Hitting an enemy hero during the dash grants 30% extra Damage Reduction.
Cooldown: 14-10s >> 15-12s

[Skill 2 (Lieh)](↑)
Stun Duration: 1s >> 1.5s

Aulus's battleaxe still seemed blunt on the battlefield.

Extra Damage: 130% >> 135%

Physical Attack Growth: 9.75 >> 12.75

We're restricting Natan's access to his Ultimate.

Cooldown: 33-25s >> 48-36s

We're adjusting Dyrroth's Skill 2 so he may have more access to the skill if he doesn't release the second cast. We expect this to improve his mobility in higher play.

[Skill 2](↑)
Cooldown: 12-8s >> 8-4s
New Effect: The skill goes into cooldown after the second cast hits (on the first cast if the second cast isn't released).

We're lowering the downtime of Freya's Skill 1 to give her more mobility in higher play.

[Skill 1](↑)
Cooldown: 10-7.5s >> 8-6s

Cooldown: 46-40s >> 56-50s

Terizla could use some help to catch up with his prey.

[Skill 1](↑)
Extra Movement Speed: 25%-40% >> 25%-50%

[Skill 2](↑)
Slow Effect: 15% >> 20%

Fanny's now able to zoom around more freely.

Energy Regen at the Fountain greatly increased.

[Skill 2](↑)
Energy Cost Reduced Per Successive Cast: 1 >> 2

We're giving Claude a bump up in his laning performance, especially before he gets his hands on the core equipment.

Dexter's Damage: 35% Physical Attack >> 60 + 35% Physical Attack

[Skill 1](↑)
Extra Movement Speed & Attack Speed Per Stack: 3%-7% >> 4%-7%

[Skill 2](↑)
Dexter's Damage: 35% Physical Attack >> 60 + 35% Physical Attack

We're optimizing the casting experience of Chang'e's Skill 2 and adding more oomph to her Basic Attacks.

[Skill 2](↑)
Burst Movement Speed Boost: 30% >> 50%; Continuous Movement Speed 'Boost: 15% >> 10%
Basic Attack's Total Extra Damage: 40 + 40% Physical Attack + 50% Magic Power >> 40 + 30% Physical Attack + 70% Magic Power

We're giving Silvanna's opponents a fighting chance against her, but also improving her overall combat capabilities as compensation.

Basic Attack's Magic Bonus: 60% >> 75%

[Skill 2](~)
New Effect: Grants 75%-100% extra Magic Lifesteal.
Pulling force slightly reduced.
No longer grants a shield.

No longer grants extra Magic Lifesteal.

We fixed a few issues and will continue to monitor the impact of the previous adjustments.

[Skill 1](↓)
No longer grants Deadly Poison Stingers when no non-minion enemies are hit.

[Skill 2](↑)
The skill can now correctly benefit from Helcurt's Physical Lifesteal.

[Popol and Kupa](~)
We fixed a few issues and will continue to monitor the impact of the previous adjustments.

Kupa can now correctly inherit 100% of Popol's Attack Speed.

[Skill 1](↓)
Fixed an issue where Kupa could bite 3 times even when not in Alpha Wolf Form.

Fixed an issue where Kupa would launch extra Basic Attacks during the 3 rapid bites in Alpha Wolf Form.

[Free Heroes]

8 Free Heroes: 12/31/2021 05:01:00 to 01/07/2022 05:00:00 (Server Time)

Yu Zhong, Lapu-Lapu, Ruby, Trithel, Clint, Zhask, Lesley, Yi Sun-shin

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Grock, Yve, Chou, Benedetta, X.Borg, Kagura


1. Optimized the description of Karina's Passive (added the damage limit against creeps).

2. Optimized the timing of the on-hit effect so the attack process looks smoother.

For detailed Magic Chess updates, please refer to the Magic Chess home screen.

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Mengapa setiap pergantian musim selalu berubah - ubah. Banyak para pemain sering mengulang dari awal memahami mekanisme di setiap pergantian musim. Bahkan Player pemula tidak di beri keringanan dalam bermain clasic di semua server.


sorry I don't know this language  Post time 2022-1-7 12:23 AM
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LORD°NLZ replied at 2022-1-5 02:30 PM
Mengapa setiap pergantian musim selalu berubah - ubah. Banyak para pemain sering mengulang dari awal ...

Kalau tidak, permainannya akan membosankan!
Ini juga memungkinkan Anda untuk memainkan pahlawan yang berbeda jika tidak, beberapa dari mereka akan dilupakan.
(Mohon maaf atas segala kesalahan...!)
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