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[Patch Note] Magic Chess Patch Notes - v217.1 [Advanced Server]

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New season, Magic Chess: Evolution, has arrived! In this season, we adjusted all the previous synergies and added a brand-new mechanism: Evolution.

Every synergy that requires 4 or 6 unique heroes, once completed, can trigger Evolution, which allows you to choose one of the two evolution paths to customize the synergy as you desire.

Revamped Battlefield UI. New Season, New Colors!

Weapon Master

Evolution 1: [Bloodlust] Weapon Masters

restore HP equal to part of the target's HP

each time they kill a target.

Evolution 2: [Mania] Weapon Masters gain

extra Physical Attack based on their HP lost.


Evolution 1: [Stealth] Archers become invisible

at the beginning of each round.

Evolution 2: [Projectile] Archers deal increased

damage the further a target is away from them.


Evolution 1: [Charge] Elementalists restore

Mana for allied non-Elementalists each time

they cast a skill.

Evolution 2: [Duet] Elementalists can trigger

the synergy effect when they cast skills for the

second time.


Evolution 1: [Shield] Mages gain a shield each

time they cast a skill.

Evolution 2: [Airborne] Mages knock a random

enemy hero airborne each time they cast a skill.


Evolution 1:[Buckshot] Gunners gain a shield

each time their Basic Attacks critically strike.

Evolution 2: [Duelist] Gunners gain extra Crit

Chance when there are no allies in the adjacent tiles.


Evolution 1: [Bash] Wrestlers deal extra

damage to controlled enemies.

Evolution 2: [Regen] Wrestlers restore HP

each time they stun a target.


Evolution 1: [Assassin] Assassins' Basic Attack

deals extra damage when they're not directly in

front of the target.

Evolution 2: [Evasion] Assassins have a

chance to dodge the enemy's Basic Attack

when they're not directly in front of the enemy.


Evolution 1: [Evolve] Swordsmen can summon

golden orbiting swords that deal more damage.

Evolution 2: [Awaken] Swordsmen can

summon orbiting swords on their Basic Attacks.

Nature Spirit

Evolution 1: [Unity] All allies share HP and gain

extra Damage Reduction for each allied

non-Nature Spirit.

Evolution 2: [Thornmail] Upon taking damage,

Nature Spirits return part of the damage taken

to the attacker.

Los Pecados

Evolution 1: [Bandit] Los Pecados heroes no

longer gain Gold on hero kills but have a

chance to acquire equipment.

Evolution 2: [Worship] The Los Pecados hero

with the highest star rank joins the synergy with

the most heroes at the beginning of each


Astro Power

Evolution 1: [Legacy] Upon death, the hero

enhanced by Astro Power will pass the Astro

Power to the farthest Astro Pawer hero from


Evolution 2: [Sacrifice] Upon taking lethal

damage, the hero enhanced by Astro Power

will sacrifice a random Astro Power hero and restore HP


Evolution 1: [Enhance] Superheroes gain extra

Attack Speed upon killing a marked enemy


Evolution 2: [Paralysis] The first marked enemy

hero will have their HP reduced.


Evolution 1: [Smog] V.E.N.O.M, heroes release

smog and apply several poison stack(s) to all

enemy heroes at the beginning of each round.

Evolution 2: [Toxin] V.E.N.O.M. heroes can

apply more poison stacks.

Cadia Riverlands

Evolution 1: [Share] All heroes gain the Cadia

Riverlands synergy at the beginning of each


Evolution 2: [Ascension] Cadia Riverlands

heroes can gain 9 stacks of Cadia Riverlands

synergy effects.


Evolution 1: [Blessing] Lightborn heroes'

shields grant invincibility instead, while the

duration is reduced.

Evolution 2: [Aegis] All Lightborn heroes gain a

shield at the beginning of each round.


Evolution 1: [Stasis] Abyss heroes' Basic

Attacks reduce their target's Attack Speed.

Evolution 2: [Execution] Abyss heroes gain

extra Attack Speed on each Basic Attack

(stacks indefinitely until switching targets).

Mech Era

Evolution 1: [Siphon] Mech Era heroes reduce

the attacker's Mana each time they're hit by a

Basic Attack.

Evolution 2: [Drain] Mech Era heroes' Basic

Attacks deal extra True Damage according to

the amount of Mana reduced.

Weapon Masters (↓):

[Season Adjustments]

HP Regen when with 3/6/9 Weapon Masters:

25%/60%/120% >> 25%/50%/100%

Archers (↓):

[Season Adjustments]

Physical Detense Reduction when with 3/6 Archers: 6/12 >> 5/10

Mages (↓):

[Season Adjustments]

Magic Damage Boost when with 2/4/6 Mages: 35%/75%/120% >> 35%/70%/105%

Gunners (↓):

[Season Adjustments]

Extra Crit Damage when with 2/4/6 Gunners: 180%/250%/325% >> 180/250%/300%

Wrestlers (↓):

[Season Adjustments]

Stun. Chance when with 2/4/6 Wrestlers: 20%/30%/45% >> 20%/30%/40%

Assassins (↓):

[Season Adjustments]

Trigger Chance when with 2/4 Assassins: 20%/50% >> 20%/40%

Swordsmen (↓):

[Season Adjustments]

Damage when with 2/4 Swordsmen: 22%/38% >> 20%/35%

Nature Spirits (↓):

[Season Adjustments]

Damage Reduction when with 3/6 Nature Spirits:22%/50% >> 22%/45%

Los Pecados (↓):

[Season Adjustments]

Gold obtained from Kills when with 2/4 Los Pecados: 1/3 >> 1/2

Astro Power (↓):

[Season Adjustments]

HP Regen when with 3/6 Astro Power: 30%/80% >> 30%/60%

Superheroes (↓):

[Season Adjustments]

Extra Damage when with 3/6 Superheroes: 50%/100% >> 50%/80%

HP Regen: 50%/100% >> 50%/80%

Lightborn (↓):

[Season Adjustments]

Damage Reduction when with 2/4/6 Lightborn:

21%/42%/66% >> 21%/42%/63%

Abyss (↓):

[Season Adjustments]

Attack Speed Boost when with 2/4/6 Abyss:

15%/30%/50% >> 15%/30/45%

Mech Era (↓):

[Season Adjustments]

Mana Reduction when with 3/6 Mech Era: 11/30 >> 11/25

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