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[Hero Concept] MYSCHIF, The Rogue Wisp

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TheRogue Wisp


Concept Art:


Cunning.Elusive. Myschif, the wisp of the Askati Forest, is notorious to those who plan to enter the sacred land of the crows. Contrary to Myschif’s character, wisps are among the purest of all creatures in the Land of Dawn. They are made of pure energy with extraordinary healing capabilities. There is little knowledge about Wisps that even the wisest in the Magic Academy and Eruditio have no extensive records of Wisps, apart from hearsays and passed-on stories from townfolks. However, the story of Myschif is a remarkable one. As a friend of theCrow people, Myschif has been guarding the edges of the forest to drive away outsiders. Prior to Alice’s invasion of Askati, this dangerous wisp was once a spirit of the forest. However, the corruption brought by Alice’s attack affected Myschif and gave him enormous power. Empowered by the Abyss, Myschifhaunted the Asakti forest and killed everything that it crosses paths with. But one day, Myschif met Pharsa, the Queen of the Crows. The demon power in Myschif’sbody became enraged and his eyes turned red. Pharsa felt the hatred and corruption coming out from Myschif just like how it felt when Alice and blood demons destroyed her homeland. However, the merciful Queen of the Crowsbestowed pardon to the harmless corrupted wisp. Pharsa used her magic to dispel the evil in Myschif’s soul like how her power prevented the Abyss corruptionfrom devouring the Askati Forest. Just when Myschif is about to charge towards her, Pharsa unleased tremendous power that released Myschif from the control ofthe Abyss. Unfortunately, Pharsa’s power wasn’t able to restore the wisp’spurity. A part of Myschif’s soul has already been corrupted, granting him extraordinary power. After being released from the Abyss’ control, Myschifpledged his loyalty to Pharsa and vowed to guard the Askati forest against intruders and warn her of incoming threats. Today, Myschif hides in trees and keeps a watchful gaze of the forest. He has been known to lead outsiders astray and prevent them from entering Askati.

PASSIVE– Ethereal Form
Myschif is made of pure energy and no form of basic attack can damage him. Instead, Myschifconverts each hit of basic attack into 1 Magic Power permanently.

MECHANICS: Myschifpermanently increases his magic power by 1 every time he receives basic attacks from enemy heroes, minions, and jungle creeps. Magic power derived from passive not included in computing additional magic power from Clock of Destiny andHoly Crystal. A counter will appear on the screen.

SKILL1 - Deception
Mana:50 / 60 / 70 / 80 / 90

After channeling for 0.4s, Myschif will transform into the enemy’s allied minion or jungle creep at his own will that lasts for 10s and remains undetected for 6s. Receiving physical or magic damage from skills reverts him to his original form.  

Cast again: Myschif lunges toward the target, dealing 200-400 (+100% magic power from items)(+500% magic power from passive) magic damage and reducing the target’s magic defense by 10-18points for 1.2s.

Basedamage: 200 / 250 / 300 / 350 / 400
Magicdefense reduction: 10 / 12 / 14 / 16 / 18

MECHANICS: When Myschiftransforms into an enemy’s allied minion, the user can choose to either transform into a ranged or melee minion. While transformed as the enemy allied minion, enemy heroes, minions, and turrets won’t recognize Myschif as an enemy unit for 6s. After 6s, the disguised Myschif will be flagged as an enemy unit and enemy heroes may attack him. Once flagged as an enemy unit, the next basic attack or skill damage will revert Myschif to his original form. For jungle creeps, Myschif can only disguise as common creeps (Litho, ScaledLizard, Crammer, Rockursa, Crab) and elite creeps (serpent, fiend).

SKILL2 – Abyssal Curse
[AOE– Ground, Circular]

Passive: Every time Myschif uses this skill, he activates the Abyssal power within him and loses 1-3 magic power from his passive. When Myschif has no remaining magic power from his passive, he sacrifices 100 (+10 per level) HP as an offering to the Dark Lord of the Abyss.

Active: Myschif uses the power of the Abyss and casts a dark cloud, blinding enemy units for 1.5s while dealing 21-25 (+50% magic power from items) (+4000% magic power deducted) magic damage for 3s and gaining 50% movement speed that decays over 2s. If Myschif has no magic power stacks from passive, he will instead deal damage equivalent to 21-25 (+150%magic power from items).

BaseDamage: 21 / 22 / 23 / 24 / 25
Magic power deduction: 1 / 1.5 / 2 / 2.5 / 3

MECHANICS: What if the stacks aren’t enough? Let’s say Myschif has 2 stacks and it will deduct 3. In this scenario, insufficient stacks are treated similarly to no stacks at all. Hence, HP will be deducted. What does '4000% magic power deducted' mean? This is the amount of magic power deducted from passive stacks. At Level 5, the magic damage will be equal to 4000% * 3 stacks deducted or 120 magic damage.

SKILL3 – Wisp’s Tether
Mana:90 / 110 / 140
[AOE– Fan-shaped area]

Myschifreleases is a tether that binds into enemy units and lasts for 4s, restraining enemy heroes from escaping for 1.2s. The tether will burn 20-50 (+4% Enemy hero’s max mana) mana of enemy hero and dealing100-250 (+80% magic power from items) (+120% magic power from passive) magic damage. For enemy heroes without mana, casting this skill will put all the target’s skills into a 1.5s-2s cooldown. Minions receive additional 50% damage. Being too far from the target will break the tether.

Basemana burn: 20 / 35 / 50
Basemagic damage: 50 / 100 / 150
Cooldownduration: 1.5s / 1.8s / 2.0s

  • RESTRAINT: Myschif can only restrain up to 5 enemy heroes for 1.2s only even if the duration of the skill is 4s. restraint can be purified either by the Purify spell or purify effect from skills. For heroes without mana, all of the target’s skill will be put into cooldown or increase the cooldown duration. For example, if a skill is currently in cooldown at 25s, the new cooldown will be 26.5-27s depending on the level. However, if the skills are not in cooldown, all of them will go into cooldown for 1.5-2.0s.
  • MANA BURN: Each tether binding into an enemy hero will burn mana for 4s. The mana burn is continuous for 4s unless Myschif goes too far away from the target or vice versa.
  • DAMAGE: The damage is not continuous. It is one-time damage only. But, while there is a tether, it can inherit item effects from Glowing Wand or Ice Queen Wand.

Personal Note: The concept of mana burn is not yet introduced in MLBB officially. If this new mechanic will be introduced soon in a new hero, revamped hero, or item, I think that the developers should adjust mana regen stats from items and unique passives. However, the major hindrance of mana burn in skills is that not all heroes use mana as a resource.

ULTIMATE– Nature’s Gift
Mana:120 / 160 / 200

After channeling for 1.8s, Myschif will teleport one allied hero to his location and immediately grants 200-350 (+80% magic power from items)(+1000% magic power from passive) Heal to the teleported allied hero.

Baseheal: 200 / 230 / 260 / 290 / 320 / 350

MECHANICS: Myschif can only teleport one allied hero to his location. When channeling, Myschif cannot move and he is vulnerable to damage. However, the target hero can move while being teleported. Once the hero arrives at Myschif’s location, it will recover HP.

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why in classic mode i don't get robot friends & foes? even though I'm still a beginner? I got a very difficult human opponent in this season 23. please provide relief in playing classic for novice players like me. thank you!
Post time 2022-1-8 12:45 AM | Show all posts
LORD°NLZ replied at 2022-1-5 02:34 AM
why in classic mode i don't get robot friends & foes? even though I'm still a beginner? I got a very ...

Please create a separate thread for your concern. Regarding your concern, you can instead do Hard AI Mode rather than doing Classic because there are chances you'll face skilled players who stay in the lower elos. But then again, only way is to either practice and practice until you get that skill level. Wisely saying, I'd suggest not worrying on statistics and later on create a new account instead :p.

Also, nice suggestion! Though, I'm having OCD issues with the name, is it really Myschif or Mischief?
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why this dude asking those questions here, the hell, also, this toothfairy from hellboy looking mf is pretty pog, good story too
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Thank you for sharing your great concept with us

Don't forget to submit it to our in-game cs as well..

go to in-game cs > Advice or suggestions regarding the game > Suggestion fot game design > Form_Game design suggestion

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Ncup.Ajh replied at 2022-1-8 01:25 PM
HelloThank you for sharing your great concept with usDon't forget to submit it to our in-game cs as  ...

THANKS :)) <3
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