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[Hero Balance] Will you ever nerf Beatrix?

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Do you even know her damage atm? What is wrong with you Moonton? When will you stop realising broken heroes every month and nerf them one year later?

Post time 2022-1-12 06:14 AM | Show all posts

I strongly disagree. Low ASPD is not a factor here due to her utility + damage output. Her early game is still strong. But I belong to the unpopular opinion crowd that she doesn't need a nerf.


Sorry to say that but I do not agree that she is too OP, as one of the only reason why she feels strong is because other MMs are weak in this META. Skill is a big factor in making her work as most good Beatrix utilises her Sniper, and it's very easy to miss it due to the small hit box.
Post time 2022-1-11 01:46 AM | Show all posts
Beatrix has a weakness. She is slower than most marksman. She is easy kill for assassins due to her slow attack speed and very weak in late game

In order to balance this weakness, she has been granted very high damage from early game
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I think the only problem with beatrix is her sub machine gun. Her sniper is hard to hit unless you're 5 steps ahead of the enemy(also can hit tower out of range). Rockets is only good for clearing lanes, shotgun is good for close combat, which takes considerably risky to do unless you have Corrosive scythe(faster reload) and Brute force breastplate(durability). her submachine gun just melts everyone, especially her ultimate(which is also great for lane clearing) and is much more versatile than any other gun. But you can pick a counter, like clint or brody or lesley. Someone with farther range would work.
 Author| Post time 2022-1-10 07:30 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Anand at 2022-1-11 01:44 AM

You can pick whoever you want, she has 1k damage at level 2 with sniper. She is the most broken hero for months and there is not even rumor that she will be nerfed. Here you go, one of videos which show how broken she is at the moment:

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Edited by Magnum_bangbang at 2022-1-11 12:57 AM

Yeah, she actually need nerf. Well, its a 3 real mm in game, that much stronger than others. Beatrix, Clint and brody. They all must be nerfed, for make other gold line mm is playble.

Maybe Natan shoud be in this list too, but right now he is not mm, but mage. And also Yi Sun-shin, but he is jungler anyway. Idk about Popol, because saw only one good Popol in this season.
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I tried beatrix many games in solo ranked. I dont use other weapon, just nibiru. Lane opponent cant even farm, because when they do try to get minion they will get basic attack that hurts like a truck. Her auto is like brody on steroid, because she can do 4 basic attack with one attack. Build haas claw, BOD, & Dhs is enough to kill anyone.
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Edited by MightyMamba at 2022-1-11 10:26 AM

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Edited by Magnum_bangbang at 2022-1-11 02:15 PM
MightyMamba replied at 2022-1-11 10:01 AM
I tried beatrix many games in solo ranked. I dont use other weapon, just nibiru. Lane opponent cant  ...

Actually Renner is also pretty strong. He can deal 2-3k damage with every hit. But you need good tank or someone who will stun target. Its really painfull to play against. You was stunned for one sec. -2k, reload -2k, goodbye cruel world.

Wesker... well wesker have no potential, because of Renner have same damage and you mm after all. You dont want to melee combat.
Bennett... Is second weapon. Ulty worse than Nibiru. Attack radius is low, so you cant hit multiple target with base attack.
Post time 2022-1-11 06:39 PM | Show all posts
Magnum_bangbang replied at 2022-1-11 02:08 PM
Actually Renner is also pretty strong. He can deal 2-3k damage with every hit. But you need good ta ...

I agree Renner is strong too but hard to aim and can only hit one target. So i have no issue with it.
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