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[Hero Concept] Kay - Spirit Slayer (F/M)

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Edited by Armar16 at 2022-1-16 05:58 PM

This hero idea is from my friend. The concept of this hero is an exorcist with a ghost, as a partner. I hope you like my friend idea

Kay - Spirit Slayer
Fighter / Mage
Magic Damage / Control
No mana

Kay = Human
Baro = Ghost
1.jpg (Reference) Small ghost that always beside him
Human.jpg (Reference 2)
ghost.jpg (Reference) Ghost appearance on small size and after turning into monster size
aabe7f7c-f758-463e-8f3a-85f8171f867c.jpg (Reference) Parang

Related: Vexana, Faramis (Enemy)

Short story:
- Kay want to follow in his father's footstep to become an exorcist
- During on his first mission, he found a small ghost creature after finish the mission
- Its face look like a pathetic child who lost their family
- He know it must be killed but he felt pitty and take it to his house to be a pet

Passive: Let’s go partner
When Baro is down, immediately turning to human form and skill Help me, Baro! can’t use but it will replace with a skill that Kay casts for 3 second to summon back Baro. Casts skill has 40 second CD

Because Kay fighting with ghost, normal weapon didn't give any effect. His special weapon when using basic attack deal (35% Physical attack) (70% Magic Power) Magic damage

Every time Kay lost 10% HP, Baro will give blessing to him that increase 7% of magic crit dmg. If he feel hurt after receive burst or critical damage, Baro will angry and give beast ghost energy to him with each lost 10% HP get extra 3% magic crit dmg plus 3% more Movement Speed for 3 second. (This passive will gone after Baro down)

(Human skill)

First skill: Energy wave
(6 - 5 second) [AoE, Blink]
Kay sending a wave with his machete to direction, dealing 250 - 500 (+120% total Magic Power) and slowing them 25% for second. Then, he will jump to another place and immediate launch basic attack

Second skill: Tearing strike
(8 - 7 second) [Blink]
Kay dash to the direction, hit the first enemy will stop, knockback target and give a strike forward in fan shape area, dealing 170 - 410 (+90% Magic Power)

In 2.5 second, if he detect an enemy who reach border in 4 yard around him, it activate new use again skill

Use again: He throwing his parang to direction. If hit the first enemy, dealing 200 - 400 (+50% magic power) or didn't hit anyone, he will immediately dashes to his parang where and give it a large tear to enemy body, deal 300 - 600 (+150% magic power)

Third skill: Help me, Baro!
(6 second) [Morph, blink]
Kay faced with a difficult situation, he asking his partner, Baro to swap place with him. Baro jumping to direction and turning into monster size meanwhile Kay retreat and disappear to “get rest”. All skill will swap with Baro skill.

Passive: In ghost form, Baro gain 30 - 45 more Movement Speed and gain new HP bar (not Kay HP bar) but inherit 80% of the Kay max HP

(Ghost skill)

First skill: Nightmare day
(8 - 6 second) [CC, AoE]
After charging attack, Baro create and send a ghost to haunt enemy with chasing them in direction. All enemy in the path will fear and run away from it for 1 second. The ghost dealing 250 - 500 (+110% Magic Power)

Second skill: Possession
(14 - 11 second) [CC]
Passive: Using skill will give posses mark to enemy hero up to 3 stack. The enemy hero get 3 mark will activate Possession skill

Baro attach itself to selected marked enemy hero and the enemy hero get possessed by Baro (movement, passive and skill enemy) can’t do anything for 5 second. In that time, it hide Baro HP. After that, it flying forward getting out of enemy body deal 100 - 400 (5% enemy max HP) and slowing 70% for 0.6 second

During Baro posses enemy hero body it can’t receive damage from tower (Because it inside enemy body)

Third skill: Let me cover you
(6 second) [Morph, blink, CC, Heal]
Baro run away from incoming enemy that difficult to dealt with dash to area selected and calling its owner, Kay to help Baro to swap place and Kay dash to area that Baro dash launching a flying kick that knock back all enemy in lane. Dealing 120 - 350 (+50% total Magic Power). All skill will swap to Kay skill

During swap with Kay, he get recovered 200 - 400 (+6% total max HP) HP after geting rest
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Thank you for sharing concept with us and please submit it to our in-game cs as well..

go to in-game cs > Advice or suggestions regarding the game > Suggestion fot game design > Form_Game design suggestion

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