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[Lore & Novel] Lone Hanzo dramatic love story: Part 2

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Edited by Rafael0000 at 2022-1-10 09:03 PM

Last time I told you  Hanabi broke up with Hanzo and Hanzo might be dating Selena. ... ad&tid=87339&extra=
Will it continue like this?

Actually, this was pre-planned. The Abyss demon asked Selena to convince Hanzo. Because Yu Zhong refused to work for the Shadow Abyss and Hanzo has strong connections with Yu Zhong.
One day Hanzo learned the truth. Selena still loves Moscow.

Hanzo: Selena, You lied to me!
Moskov: We got caught :)
Selena: Sorry Hanzo,  We really needed Yu Zhong.
Hanzo: Hanekage! Did you know that?
Hanekage: We were betrayed. Would you still persuade Yu Zhong to work for Abyss?
Hanzo: Fool Hanekage, It's obvious why Yu Zhong didn't accept Abyss' job offer. Because everyone here is a liar and a traitor. I am Loneliest ,but I strongest. I don't need anyone except my dude and bro Zhong.
Tomorrow we will attack the scarlet shadow. Ha ha ha ha haaaaaa :D
Bye Bye loser Abyss.
Abyss demon: Please don't go, we need you.
Hanzo: Find yourself another idiot.
Tell Thamuz that next time I come to the Abyss, I will pull his ear.

Hanzo and Hanekage left the Shadow Abyss area and went to the Cadia. Hanzo invites Yu Zhong to battle against Hayabusa.
One day, a letter came from Yu Zhong: "I am busy fighting Zilong and Ling, but I will send you additional Akuma ninjas".
Many of us know how Akuma ninjas and Hanzo fought against Hayabusa.
            YouTube video:
With the help of Kagura and Hanabi, Hayabusa defeats Hanzo. But Hanakage decides to intervene in the fight.
Hanabi: Ancient demon? But he looks like Belerick!
Hanekage: Hahahaaaa. I have evolved!  

Hanekage takes back the powers given to Hanzo and he tries to kill the real Ninjas and Onmyoji master by suffocating him with vines.

Hanabi begs Hanzo: Hanzo , please help us.
Hanekage :Don't listen to them, I will give you more power than ever before.

Hanabi looks at Hanzo with a sad and innocent expression. Hanzo remembers what his old rival Alucard told him: "If your sword eats us all, it will be your turn. Get rid of that sword before Ancient demon takes over the world!”

Hanekage tells them: Your precious "Shadow" will not save you :)

Hanzo is furious when he hears from demon's mouth about his old rank (Shadow) given to him by the Akakages.

Hanzo: Hanekage, leave them.
Hanekage: What happened?
Do you pity them?
Hanzo: I told you to leave them!!!

Hanzo's blue eyes turn red with anger.His sword starts to catch fire and burn down all the fake ninjas (Akumas) .Hanzo cuts Hanekage's vines and saves real ninjas.
Hanzo:You used me and made me murder my old friends! But from now on, you won't be able to deceive anyone.
Hanzo's giant burning sword splits the Hanekage in two.
Hayabusa and Hanabi are delighted to see Hanzo in his old form and Hanabi hugs Hanzo.

Hayabusa asks: How did you gain these powers?
Hanzo: Ask Alucard not me.
Hanabi: I don't know what to say right now. Forgive me for leaving you and telling you "I hate you".
Hanzo: Don't worry, it's not your fault.
Hanabi: I miss you so much my dear.
Kagura: Ayyyyyyy ,very romantic
Hanabi: Shut up!
Hanzo: Honey, don't be nervous. Let's watch the Moonrise together.

Hayabusa watch them.

Kagura: Are you jealous? :)
Hayabusa: No, I've never seen her this happy.

Hayabusa leaves Hanabi and Hanzo alone.

Hanzo: Hanabi ,I used to watch the Moonrise with your elder sister (Tokinibara) all the time .Do you miss her?
Hanabi:  I miss so much. Sometimes I feel alone. But with you I will never be alone again.

Hanzo smiles

I hope the next Valentine's day will be about Hanzo and Hanabi.

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bunch of loser hanabi are not even connected to hanzo. not even close lore. hanzo as we know are pure evil addicted to power akakagi.... hanabi haya kagura in mission to stop hanzo for eternity  .


If you can't even use Hanabi, you're the loser.  Post time 2022-1-13 01:23 PM
Of course, no one cares who is an expert on which hero. But here I am doing something at the request of people.  Post time 2022-1-13 01:22 PM
do i care? nobody cares  Post time 2022-1-13 11:39 AM
I stronger in mirror mode than other Hanzo players.  Post time 2022-1-12 12:05 PM
u are loser kid  Post time 2022-1-12 08:29 AM
Most people think of Hanabi and Hanzo as couple.  Post time 2022-1-11 01:52 PM
 Author| Post time 2022-1-11 01:48 PM | Show all posts
lightyear replied at 2022-1-11 09:37 AM
bunch of loser hanabi are not even connected to hanzo. not even close lore. hanzo as we know are pur ...

It's true that Hanzo is pure evil. But before he met the ancient demon, he had earned the respect of other ninjas. Hanekage has so poisoned him with false thoughts and power-hungry that he is ready to kill Hanabi as well as the others. Over time, Hanzo's enemies and power dwindled.
He was so weakened that he even dared to attack Argus. But he was defeated.
He got weaker and weaker as he went, and he began to hallucinate and remember his past.
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Like I said before Hanabi x Hanzo muahahah
And you said they hate each other.
Is a love and hate relationship kekkeke
For those who hate it, just think of it as a Fan-Fiction. A love story between power obsessive Hanzo and Heartbroken Hanabi who is seeking for a new love.
 Author| Post time 2022-1-17 05:49 PM | Show all posts
C4lam1tyG0D replied at 2022-1-17 04:05 PM
Like I said before Hanabi x Hanzo muahahah
And you said they hate each other.

Because I added Hanzo and Hanabi to the "couples" list. ... mp;page=1#pid513422
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