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[Hero Concept] Hero Concept: Dr. Stone the Virologist

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Edited by Kratos007 at 2022-1-13 01:11 PM

-  He is Support Hero
-  He is Ex-Professor that been kicked from a university because of his uneithical experimants on virsus, capable of using different viruses for achieving his goals.

-  Passive Skill: (Virology)
.  All nerfs applied by ally heroes on enemy units will get enhanced by 50% when they are within Dr. Stone firing range

-  1st Skill: (Mad Scientist)
*  CD for targeting Dr. Stone or one of his teammates for injecting a potion is 5 secs, while purchasing a potion doesn't have CD.

*  The player will use something called "Mutated Virus" , which it is like a special new currency that only Dr. Stone can use it for this skillto buy special new items. On the 1st Skill button, it will show how many items the player purchased so far using this currency. This currency nor purchased items won't perish with his death. When the player clicks on that button, a new menu will be showing different potions to buy using that "Mutated Virus" as a currency. The player can buy these potions as long as Dr. Stone is alive at anytime, even during a fight. Dr. Stone will gain one "Mutated Virus" every 5 secs passively, 5 for every assisstance, 10 for every kill he did and 25 when killing a lord or turtle. The player can store up to 3 potions of different kinds at any given moment and up to 5 of the same kind. When the player clicks on that special menu, he will find a small tab in upper left corner showing what potions have been stored at the moment.
*  The player can choose either Dr. Stone or one of his ally teammates and inject a potion on him, but that ally hero must be within medium range from Dr. Stone.
*  Examples of these potions:
.  Healing Potion: Heals 500 health points, costs 5 "Mutated Virus"
.  Mana Potion: Generate 250 mana points, costs 5 "Mutated Virus"
.  Agility Potion: Gain movement speed increase by 10% for 5 secs, costs 10 "Mutated Virus"
.  Pollution Potion: The player can select any movabale object arround Dr. Stone, ally or enemy, even Dr. Stone himself, and inject/shot that target with hidden contaminated virus. once that target became near enemy heores, that virus will automatically be activated and infect all enemy hero "es" at that location, dealing small DOT for 10 secs, and cant be removed by death/recall/return to base. costs 15 "Mutated Virus"

-  2nd Skill: (Zombie)
.  CD is 15 secs.
.  The player choose any hero, ally or enemy, corpse nearby, then he will shoot it with a special virus that will make it live again for 10 secs.
.  That zombie will have 25% of all stats of the orginal hero.
.  When Dr. Stone activate a skill, the same skill of that resurrected hero corpse will use at the same target. For example, if Dr. Stone used 1st skill, also that Zombie will use his own 1st skill, and so on.
.  It will follow him wherever he goes, and will attack whatever attacks him.

-  Ultimate: (Pandemic)
.  CD is 30 secs.
.  Dr. Stone will shot a virus bomb at the air, infecting every unit, ally and enemy, at the entire map!
.  Lasts for 8 secs
.  The infected ally units will get 30% immunity against all nerfs applied by enemy heroes on them, vice versa with infected enemy heroes.

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Edited by Rafael0000 at 2022-1-13 01:39 PM

I like this genius hero. Support from me. But wouldn't it be nice to have Robot clones and computer system virus instead of Zombies and pandemic virus?
 Author| Post time 2022-1-13 04:52 PM | Show all posts
Rafael0000 replied at 2022-1-13 01:30 PM
I like this genius hero. Support from me. But wouldn't it be nice to have Robot clones and computer  ...

i meant biological viruses as it is more cooler and different, besides i did 2 other hero concepts having drones, you saw one of them, please check the other one out :)
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