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[Hero Concept] Draculio-Blood Bat(Support/Mage)

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Name: Draculio [Blood Bat]
Role: Support/Mage
Specialty: Regen/Poke
Difficulty: Medium

Passive[Blood Reserv]
Draculio does not use mana but blood points , he will accumulate blood points whenever he damages enemy heroes.
If Draculio hp drops below 40% he will gain 40% movement speed and his blood points will slowly decay to keep the movement speed bonus active.
150% of the   extra mana acquired is converted into blood points .

Skill 1 [Blood Pact]
Draculio can cast a curse that connects him to up to 2 targets at the same time, if the target is an enemy hero draculio will reduce his movement speed by 10% and steal 15% of physical and magic power, while dealing 30(+30) % of total magic power) magic damage points continuously every 0.4 seconds and will restore 20 blood points and 50 (+3% of lost hp) (+1o% of total magic power) with each hit.If the target is a ally Draculio will spend 25 blood points and will restore 50 (+3% of lost hp) (+10% of total magic power) every 0.4 seconds, Draculio will also increase the ally's physical and magic power by 10%.
The connection will break if the targets move away from Draculio, he can cancel the curse manually or redirect to another target.

CD: 2 seconds at all levels
Base DMG: 30/45/55/65/80/100
Skill cost: 25/30/35/40/45/50
Blood point regen: 20/25/30/35/ 40/45

Skill 2 [Wrath Of The Bats]
Draculio summons a flock of bats around him to protect him generating 250 (+50% of total magic power) shield points and dealing 100(+50% of total magic power) every 1 second to enemies around him for 5 seconds.If Draculio uses this ability while connected to an enemy via Blood Pact,bats will be summoned around the enemy stunning them for 0.8 seconds and will deal the same amount of damage to the target and nearby enemy units, if the connected target is an ally he will also receive the shield and bats will be summoned around him, Draculio and Connected allies gain 20% movement speed for 5 seconds.

CD: 15/12/10/9/8/7 seconds
Base DMG: 100/150/200/260/290/300
Shield: 250/280/320/380/490/550
Skill cost:200/220/280/ 300/320/350

Ultimate [Bat Transformation]
Draculio transforms into a vermil bat and moves towards the selected target and will be invulnerable during this period of time, Draculio will be on the target for 10 seconds being immune to crowd control during this state but takes 40% additional damage, Draculio in bat form will immediately cause an explosion of blood around the target dealing 400 (+50% of total magic power) stunning surrounding enemies for 0.8 seconds and healing himself and allies for 500 (+50% of total magic power) ,after the explosion Draculio in bat form will consume   5% of your blood points (cost increases by 0.2% every 0.3 seconds) every 0.5 seconds to create a crimson aura around himself, the aura heals himself and allies continuously for 100 (+50% of total magic power) (allies with full hp will continuously receive a shield with the same healing value) and deal 150(+40% of total magic power) every 0.3 seconds. Draculio can use his basic skills while in bat form, if Draculio runs out of blood points the aura will disappear.
Use it again:   
Draculio moves to the selected target taking his crimson aura with him. CD: 50/45/40 seconds
Base explosion DMG: 400/480/520
Base Heal: 500/620/780
Continuous Damage: 150/180/200
Continuous Heal: 100/220/280
Skill cost: 15% of total blood points at all levels.

Base hp: 2569
Blood points: 700

Physical Attack: 115
Magic Power: 0

Movement speed: 269
Physical armor: 20
Magic Armor: 15
Blood points regen: 2.5 per second
HP regen: 4.5 per second


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Thank you for sharing your great concept with us

Don't forget to submit it to our in-game cs as well..

go to in-game cs > Advice or suggestions regarding the game > Suggestion fot game design > Form_Game design suggestion

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