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[Item Balance] War Axe Rework Suggestion

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Edited by ModsZone2022 at 2022-2-3 07:28 AM

War Axe
- 50 Physical Attack
- 600 hp
- 10% CD Reduction

Unique Passive-Fighting Spirit: (Will only trigger when dealing damage to enemy heroes)
Dealing damage to enemy heroes grants 11 Physical Attack and 4 Physical penetration per 1 second for 3 seconds, to the max of 6 stacks.
(mm/mage/support receives 30% of stacked effects). Also grants 20% movement speed at full stacks.

This popular item was supposed to be for the sustain type heroes but every role w/o restriction is using it. Now with this new rework, sustain type heroes are more compatible with this items since they can last longer on team fights and it would be a risky for hit-and-run heroes (assassins) to use it. This will discourage assassins from buying this popular item.

The 50 Physical attack will cover up the damage for fighters clear the lane since the passive will only trigger on enemies heroes.
Yu Zhong, Thamuz, Dyrroth are the handy heroes for War Axe with their heal and continous damage passive.
Post time 2022-2-3 07:41 AM | Show all posts
Isn't this more of a buff, not an adjustment?

11x6 = +66 physical dmg +50 from base stat = 116 physical dmg total. You also lower the amount of stack income per attack also, making it easier to gain maximum damage. War Axe currently have 107 total physical dmg right now.
4x6 = 24 physical penetration
(current)3x8 = 24
Is not going give them sustain damage anymore, it would give them Burst damage instead.
You also buffing the movement speed.  

Maybe keep movement speed boost the same(+15% boost)
Lower physical attack and penetration by 1
Lower it's base dmg down to 50 -> 40 physical attack

This would make more sense.

Post time 2022-2-3 09:49 AM | Show all posts
Edited by MightyMamba at 2022-2-3 09:53 AM

I like your suggestion "Will only trigger when dealing damage to enemy heroes". This changes everything how this item is used in the game. They can no longer stack-abuse from jungle monster. Also, this redirect war axe to its sole purpose, making the sustained type fighter role more viable. I haven't seen Alpha, Thamuz, Alucard, Sun, and other sustained type fighter in ages. Support from me.
 Author| Post time 2022-2-3 03:49 PM | Show all posts
Edited by ModsZone2022 at 2022-2-3 03:58 PM
C4lam1tyG0D replied at 2022-2-3 07:41 AM
Isn't this more of a buff, not an adjustment?

11x6 = +66 physical dmg +50 from base stat = 116 phy ...

It is more of an adjustment as it find it hard to gain stack by only dealing damage to enemy heroes, I always maintain my stack on creeps and minions before I jump onto the enemies all the time. I think 40 Physical Attack Base should be fine so war axe is not gonna be a 1st item priority.
Post time 2022-2-3 09:49 PM | Show all posts
The 20% movement speed should be removed. MM and mages can't run away or escape with flicker as most heroes can spam flicker. With additional movement speed, there is no escape.
Post time 2022-2-5 10:21 PM | Show all posts

Good point. This is one of the annoyance that I've experienced fighting against enemy Junglers.
Post time 2022-2-12 05:10 PM | Show all posts
I'm thinking instead of flat penetrate, should have been % penetrate.
so Fighter can fight against the armored enemy without buying 'malefic roar'.

and if war axe use flat penetrate, that mean only useful for low def enemy.
Fighters to target their mage/marksman/assassin?
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