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[Complaint] 3-1-1 and ? Of course unfair matchmaking

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Match id : 493505599519265690

My team trio :

Mythic 5
Mythic 5
Mythic 5

Enemy trio :

Mythic 2
Myrhic 3
Myrhic 3

Note : my trio teammates first time enter mythic league.their maximum score mythic 5.

So as a solo q player.Of course i dont have chance to win.

I always say " if you solo q player , only luck can boost you "

Matchmaking %100 random

Post time 2022-2-10 12:34 AM | Show all posts
I think matchmaking algorithm includes additional parameters instead of considering rank difference between the two teams. I don't know what are the factors it consider.

I also noticed something about matchmaking. If you keep losing in solo q, it will match you with good players and you will win even if your performance is poor in the game. On the contrary, if you keep winning, it will make it more challenging for you. I was in win streak and entered Legend V. In my next game, I got troll players as teammates and the result is obvious.

Probably it might be designed to help the losing players to not quit the game and at the same time make it hard or challenging for winning players
 Author| Post time 2022-2-9 09:35 AM | Show all posts
Post time 2022-2-9 05:32 PM | Show all posts
Unfortunately ,always the same problem.
The only way to fix it is to ban inviting from different ranks.
(Eğer adam gibi takım arkadaşları istiyorsan mistik başarıdan birini davet etmeği dene)
Post time 2022-2-11 01:38 PM | Show all posts
No one knows for sure the exact algorithm for matchmaking because there's a lot of factors that play into matchmaking. However, I apologize for this experience. But, as a solo player, it's not entirely true that solo queueing and winning is entirely dependent on luck.

It's also all about how you go along with your teammates and the trust/patience you put into the team. I'm speaking in behalf of all my solo queue players. Although, I wouldn't call myself one of the best or something, I'm a core player and used to solo queueing. I lose more often in party matchmaking actually lmao. There's just something that differs in the gameplay when you play solo queue and party for me. Though, to be frank, you just gotta exert double effort and patience if you want to win in solo queues.
Post time 2022-2-13 12:38 AM | Show all posts
Honestly, I think there is not enough mythical players in mlbb. So to match everyone to be equal to the same rank for moontoon is kinda impossible if there are very limited players.  
Post time 2022-3-25 11:08 AM | Show all posts
Anand replied at 2022-2-10 12:34 AM
I think matchmaking algorithm includes additional parameters instead of considering rank difference  ...

Thats is 100 percent how it works, match making is not random at all, in 8 out of 10 matches the games are even, what is not even is the way the teams are formed. Meaning one team can have 28 kills team A and the enemy team has 31kills team B. The games can be close, but the deciding factor of who wins the game in 85 percent of games comes down to the worse player on the team.

meaning the team with the more balanced and even skill rating in 8 out of 10 games always wins. Go look at any mobile legends profile were its very good performing player on 8-15 game losing streaks, mvp in 1/3 the games, matches always close but a lose. You will always see in most cases the winnign team with a mix of mostly gold and silver medals, while the losing team with the very good performing player has 1-2 feeders or trolls going 1-13 , 1-12 etc.

Data even shows teams that are more evenly matched win 83 percent of the games compared to teams with a larger disparity in skill rating. You know why in mobas its 5 vs 5 or 6 vs 6, that very good player cannot be at multiple locations at once, its basically a numbers game. These good players are either forced to baby sit the bad players on their team, or try to get something done with the better players on the team.

If you leave the bad player in hes lane alone and not help, this might make the person upset, and they afk or play worse, in most cases said bad player keeps asking for help. This game has four buttons and is basic common sense. The bad players tend to not look at their positioning or mini map, or do calulated risk, in their minds trying to one vs two or three early game is a good idea, they fall behind in gold or levels , then refuse to play defensivley or smart, thats when the games snow-ball into a lose.

They also tend to be very impulsive , and predictable thats why the enemy keeps taking advantage of this and kills them over and over again. How many times does the same edoura has to jump out and kill you from the same bush for a player to learn. You can see the skill levels of the players easily by mid game, who is decent who is good and who is bad, guess what so can the enemy. And if your team has a large skill disparity and you have 1-2 feeders your gonna lose the game in most cases.

A well balanced skilled team can cover each others mistakes more easier. All they have to do is wait for late and jump the 1-2 feeders on the enemy team who are almost always out of position and don't watch their mini map. Now it becomes a simple numbers game 5 vs 3 march your way to the enemies tower and win, heck a 4 vs 2 is still in your favor.
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