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[Complaint] Problem of matchmaking

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Matchmaking AI is trying keep you in %50 win rate.
If you win 3 game , then matchmaking give you very bad teammates for lose game
If you lose 3 game , then matchmaking give you good teammates for win game.

But what is problem here  ?

Problem is 3-1-1 / 2-1-1-1 / 3-2

There is trio teammates.They are in legend rank.They won 3 game.Then matchmaking wants they lose.Matchmaking match them against mythic 1 trio teammates.So they lose.But other 1-1 solo q players also lose with them.


Thats why matchmaking is hell for solo q players
Post time 2022-2-15 02:29 PM | Show all posts
Edited by War_Bandit at 2022-2-15 02:30 PM

since i cant get my email verified for some god awful reason, ill just rant here since its related, i finally played with a 4 man troll/throw team, i played as the roam, meaning barely any gold and exp to begin with, meaning difficult role, i did so well, early game i was 3 - 1, but my bruno and johnson were literally throwing the game, the bruno would stay in one spot if the js didnt use his ulti on him to pick him up, they'd dive into enemies and feed, then my hanabi would feed as well, claiming "its just a game/play", like, if yall wanna be retarded, go do it in bots, at least those bots would be on your level of chromosomes (if set on easy), my god, i cant believe i still get matched with low skilled idiots but this is my first time having a 4-man throw, why cant the matchmaking be strictly skill based, why do i have to share the battlefield with these idiots, its not even different in ranked, in ranked, its either all or nothing, either you get with the good team or be the only good person in your team and lose, its so tiring having to constantly fish out good matchmakings in ranked, of course, i report them all, and of course, no punishment befalls them, its so vexing knowing these idiots roam free, doing all this bs without consequence, *sigh* ...
Post time 2022-2-15 03:01 PM | Show all posts
Just finished another game, right after the thrower game, paired with 2 throwers again, picking both retribution roles, one was retarded and one was moving like a damn kid, why am i still getting teamed with these braindead failed abortions, my god.
Post time 2022-2-15 05:04 PM | Show all posts
Edited by 血梅MAYN at 2022-2-15 05:05 PM

If you have been saw of my daily matches you could find out win rate and lose rate mostly are equal. No matter if you how many winning match you get, at the end you still get those back by losing match... That why sometimes I feel bored of playing match, keeps spinning by the matches....
Post time 2022-2-15 10:25 PM | Show all posts
Yes, it appears that this case is similar; I have it; I hope you can wait; however, matchmaking is now better than before; I have played today and with it I got my 6 win streak; however, don't push yourself too hard; if you get a long streak, take a break and try again another day; otherwise, you will lose and remain in the same state. If you still want to play this game solo or with a friend, just switch to classic or arcade mode. This season, as far as I can see, has a long way to go.
Post time 2022-2-15 11:29 PM | Show all posts
I have experienced this type of games during win streak and losing streak.

Sometimes after winning streak, I used to carry my entire team with my best heroes. But most of the times, it goes out of our control and we lose the game within 15 minutes

But after one or two loses or playing few classic games, this seems to reset. If we play rank continuously one game after another, this might happen I guess.

After winning a rank game, I usually play classic with any of the available friends or close the game and play again later after few hours.
Post time 2022-3-14 05:12 PM | Show all posts
Edited by membooa at 2022-3-16 05:31 PM

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Edited by starskyj at 2022-4-1 07:38 AM
War_Bandit replied at 2022-2-15 02:29 PM
since i cant get my email verified for some god awful reason, ill just rant here since its related,  ...

mobile legends tries to force a 50 percent win rate, on players, the only way to consistantly get much higher is by playing in a stacked team or duo, trio. If you play solo que you will be around 47-53 percent win rates. The better you play the worse your team-mates become to make a fair match for the enemy. You get people will low skill ratings in your rank.

You will get players who keep trying to one vs two or three and die, then get upset and blame the team for not helping. They will do dumb stuff like instead of waiting behind a tower and calling for help try to one vs two the enemy then die and ask were was the help. You also have those who want to fight on 5-10 hp while the enemy has 70-100 percent hp, they wait wait till there at 2-3 percent life to run make it behind a tower then turn back to try to attack the enemy and die, instead of teleporting home.

Most of it is not even only low skill, its basically people not caring about winning. You will win a team fight, then have a nana with 70 percent hp try to take on and one vs two a lance and a edoura . you will win a team fight and watch your marksmen with 5 percent hp chase down a fighter with 20 percent hp, only for the fighter to turn around and kill the marksmen. Then you lose the game.

Mobile legends, league of legens, overwatch, all have the same 50 percent forced win rates, in their minds a a fair match is 2-3 players playing hard and decent and carrying 2-3 idiots who feed or do stupid stuff to cost the team the game. Simple shit like a marksmen staying behind a tank in the final team fight and just shooting, now the team fights about to happen the marksmen gets bored and sees a enemy and decides to chase him down to kill. while your team dies as their is not enough damage being pumped out.

Another one is a dps, in a team fight and gets bored and does dumb stuff like in the middle of a team fight they leave to a lane to clear minions , when your minions to try to reach the enemy base, in these players mind they think their team can do a 4vs 5 and by said player enough time to kill a minion wave a turret then clear another wave then kill the final tower. This is some low iq shit players used in grandmaster and below rank and bring into epic and legend. The once the team fight is done the enemy has 2-3 players left and that one dps teleports to home to defend if your lucky most are so stupid they literally wait till enemy is at the final tower to win the game, then tele as the enemy team is winning killing the very last tower in the base.

Most matches are not decided by the best player but by the worse players in the team. If the game comes down to the worst player or second worst your team will lose in 8 out of 10 times. These companies know players skill levels, don't be fooled these players are not as skilled as you, and the data shows it the only reason their in your rank is because a forced 50 percent win rate, forcing decent or better players to carry bad or lesser skilled players.
Post time 2022-3-26 04:39 PM | Show all posts
god i cant wait for the day that skill based matchmaking will be a thing..
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