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[Ranking Tips] Avoid these mistakes if you want rank up(SoloQ)

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This is not a clickbait for my youtube channel or anything like that. I have nothing from this, just wanted to post here for some new generations of MLBB players. Avoid these mistakes if you are solo player.

1) Master all roles and master 3 heroes for every role

You will hear this in any MLBB tutorial and this is something many players just can't accept. "Mommy, I am only a mage player, they don't want give me mage, I will troll them now." Nice one kid, you are now looking more stupid than you really are. It's ok if you are only mage player. Perfectly OK if you are playing with your SQUAD. If you are going SoloQ with only 1 mastered role - you are done. Why? Because there will be many better mage players than you are, with many more games than you have and they won't let you playing your 52% wr mages because their wr is over 70%. Simple as that. This a game of adjusting, not egoisam or narcissism. You are SoloQ but you are not alone on the battlefield. There are 4 more people trying to win like you do.

2) Aim your skills / Lock hero / Set up controls

It's ok if you just started playing MLBB and you just auto aim your skills. But if you want to be a Mythic or one day ever present Myth Glory player, than dude, aim your skills every time. Practice to aim your skills and day by day you will be better and better player or if you don't practice you will look like a clown. You will auto attack some minions and creeps, you will lose every team fight because you are shooting tank every time and your team mates will lose a trust in you, start tilting and flaming you and you will become deconcentrated, frustrated which will result in very fast surr or defeat. Instead of that, lock squishy enemy or core, position yourself and set up your aiming controls according to hero you play and enemies line up.

3) Turn off the chat

Chat is something you don't need at all. Only things you will see there are insluting families and trash English. If you really want to communicate with your random team mates, use voice signals and pins or if you really really want to speak with them, than turn on the microphone and tell them to do the same(on draft ofcourse). Aside from that, you don't need chat at all. Why? Because every second in this game is important. You will lose so many precious time on typing. You will miss so many minion waves, you will lose focus, you won't know where is enemies jungler and you will tilt for no reason. All you need is checking map every 3-5 seconds, listen sounds accros the map and check time in the mid of the top of your screen. After MLBB implemented Verbal abuse report, chatting has lost every purpose.

4) Follow the META / concetrate on Draft phase / Read every update carefully

Like that or not, you need to follow the META if you want to become a good player. It is ok if you are playing mostly non-meta heroes but you need to know who to BAN. Right? So many players are still stucked in S16, still automatically ban Hanzo, Harley, Natalia etc..Game is changing every week. Don't be a dickhead who avoid all important updates, who hates META, who flame every new hero or tactic. META, Draft phase and Updates are very important part of the game for a reason.

5) "Relax, it' just a game. Have fun."

Yeah, I agree with that. Games are for fun. Or they were 5-10 years ago? Gaming industry became so powerfull reaching TOP 5 industries in the world atm. Sport and PC/Mobile/Console games are one of most profitable businesses at the moment. Billions of dollars and billion of hours are invested in these two. Why am I saying this? Because if you want to have fun, it is ok. MLBB have so many modes where you can have fun. Classic, Brawl, Magic chess etc. But, some people really want to RANK UP in this game because it is their job or personal satisfaction. This is why it's called RANK. Ranking yourself somewhere means you invested your TIME and put huge effort in that. Wasting someone's time is one of most disgusting things in this world. Time is precious, time is money. Imagine this: You decided to troll or to play without strong wish to win, just to play for fun. Your team lost a 25mins game because of your attitude. You wasted time of 4 people. You make 4 people very angry and upset. Is that what you really want?

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Your suggestions are very useful. Thx
Post time 2022-2-15 11:07 PM | Show all posts
Your suggestions were well-received, and I agree that time is valuable. I can't say I don't help with the setup because I do it myself.
They should make it competitive and build a new system for rank, such as reaching a higher level to gain access to rank. This will prevent them from creating another just to mock others. I'm also considering removing the ranking system for players to begin with, such as bronze elite and master. The players must begin with a classic mode right. Okay, I'm not going to go into too much detail about this; I just want to state my main points.
pssst; I'm also don't like with it solo que Honestly
Post time 2022-3-19 04:52 PM | Show all posts
Number 1 is one of the most important ones. I still see people who troll if they don't get the role they want because they can't play other role, or the one that's left untaken. And that's in Legend+........Which is get to this division without being able to play all roles..
Good guide tho..I wish more people would read guides
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