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Author: 血梅MAYN
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[Query] Is system the one who decided our match win or lose!?

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Post time 2022-3-27 02:09 PM | Show all posts
starskyj replied at 2022-3-27 07:56 AM
im solo , legend -myhtic rank the past 6 season, solo que.

Maybe you haven't met troll players before

Because whenever I play solo rank, my team never picks tank and take 2 or 3 MM

Maybe players in your server are good. But in India server, its rare for players to pick tank. With such a troll team, winning is not an option. This was the reason I mentioned that 70% of games are decided during draft pick
Post time 2022-4-2 01:52 AM | Show all posts
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
Post time 2022-6-29 11:25 PM | Show all posts
Edited by starskyj at 2022-6-29 11:32 PM

Its a forced 50 percent win rate if you solo que,  the only way to get win rates of 60-85 you need to be in a squad or trio or duo. The system forced losses on over performing players by giving them trolls,afkers and dcers. All this talk about mmr is a lie, the system knows who the bad players in each rank is.

If you don't believe go lose 25 games in unranked, then go play ranked you will see no matter how much you try to throw games you won't go below a 35 percent win rate, the system will just continue to compensate by giving better and better players so much, you will be able to not even do anything in game and go on win streaks. The same system mechanics that force a 50 percent win rate is the reason these gamign companies can't get rid of smurfs. Smurfs use that forced 50 percent win rate to their advantage, by making new accounts or resverse boost which is losing games on purpose to lower you accounts mmr.
The top players in mobile legends have 60-85 percent win rates because they mostly do trio and squads, you can't handicap a squad so what the system does is search for squads of lower ranks. Say the top squads in mobile legends have a 60-85 percent win rates, the system says their are not enough players, so the system pulls squads of 55-65 win rates and makes them fight the 70-85 win rate squads, and we all know the sqauds with 70-85 percent win rates are gonna win 7-8 out of 10 times.

example say  mmr of each player is 5000 and there are 5 players, there are not enough players since its such a small number of people at thsi rank, the system instead gives them 4500 mmr squads, and if the higher mmr team wins they only get 7 mmr if the lesser mmr team wins they get 18 mmr.
Post time 2022-6-29 11:35 PM | Show all posts
Anand replied at 2022-2-18 01:41 AM
This is my personal opinion not from any stats.

AFAIK 70% of time, matches are decided during match ...

wrong, the system know the skill level of each player, and tries to make a 50/50 win chance/rate. The only problem is they handicap better players by making them face a stronger team while said handicap player has weaker allies. This is math if you have a more balanced skill team vs a team with 1-2 above avg players and three bad ones, the more balanced team wins 83 percent of the time.
Post time 2022-6-29 11:39 PM | Show all posts
lesfo replied at 2022-2-19 02:04 AM
There're always one to certain number of peoples able to break the game with raw hands. (includes  ...

Most of those players buy accounts that lose on purpose to ai, to lower their mmr so bad that when they play ranked the game is forced to give them much better players in ranked. And when these top players play ranked its always with some op toon or adc when they show some start to mythic video. Most top players play in trios or squads like 99 percent of the time.
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