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[Query] When Fanny will be NERF

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Post time 2022-2-26 03:48 PM | Show all posts |Read mode

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Is she will be NERF announce in next patch note
Post time 2022-2-27 04:18 PM | Show all posts
I mean obviously you'll expect a Fanny user to get the MVP most of the time because of her mobility and high clash participation. But then again, there's a lot of heroes that can be used to counter her. The fact that she's useless in midgame that even those heroes who were supposed to be weak to Fanny become apparently the other way around speaks for itself.

Even getting her buff in early game is a big contributing factor already towards a losing Fanny. Though, enough feedback regarding her being op will basically end up Fanny getting nerfed anyway.
Post time 2022-2-26 07:08 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Charles at 2022-2-26 07:30 PM

I don't think so, I believe she's balanced atm and the fact that she's not that used mostly compared to other assassins speaks for itself.
Although sometimes banned, she's usually easily countered
Post time 2022-2-26 07:12 PM | Show all posts
Fanny does not need a nerf, she wasn't even playable few months ago. I'ma fanny main with over 2k games with her and I assure you she is balanced atm as Charles said, compared to other assassins.
Post time 2022-2-27 01:40 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Burnzey91 at 2022-2-27 01:48 AM
Charles replied at 2022-2-26 07:08 PM
I don't think so, I believe she's balanced atm and the fact that she's not that used mostly compared ...

8/10 matches against fanny are now her with MVP.
She has 0 second cool down on her skill 1 giving her insane levels of mobility to traverse the entire map in seconds, and because it's a skill, it works with spell vamp. Securing 40% spell vamp and full defensive gear means she doesn't die, but still does hefty DPS.

Her energy regen is decent, and the energy back from hitting targets means she'll not run out any time soon.

Her buff was too much, and right now she is dominating the battlefield where teams only win by having a Franco / Eudora stun her long enough to secure a kill.
Post time 2022-2-27 05:52 AM | Show all posts
I disagree with other mods honestly, I do think she need a nerf, her early game domination is so hard to counter, even a decent fanny can completely destroy the whole team before reaching Mid-late game when she starts falling off, but still annoying to deal with because she is still a bit fed.
Only way to counter fanny is play heroes that have repetitive stuns or one long one when she try to tower dive.

Heroes: Ruby, Popol and Kupa, Hylos, Chou, Saber, Franco, Lolita, Kaja, Yin(he can stall fanny by putting her inside his domain for awhile), Zilong, and Khufra.

Is best to pick these heroes against Fanny.

But be assure that the developers will think of someway to balance her out a bit more.
Post time 2022-2-27 06:12 AM | Show all posts
Burnzey91 replied at 2022-2-27 01:40 AM
8/10 matches against fanny are now her with MVP.
She has 0 second cool down on her skill 1 giving  ...

Fanny has many weakness including marksman like Miya, Layla and Hanabi.

As per the image, you were the losing MVP in most of those matches

I think that is probably because Fanny is useless in late game especially against the enemy MM.

Just like other assassins, she is pretty much useless in late game if there is an MM in the enemy team.

This is MM meta but no one is posting anything about nerfing them
Post time 2022-2-27 11:34 AM | Show all posts
Fanny has many weakness including marksman like Miya, Layla and Hanabi

You could replace Fanny in that sentence with any member of the roster and the message is going to be the same. Anything shooting you is going to be your weakness.

Half were winning half were losing. The purpose of those images is to demonstrate the consistency that she has in achieving high kill low death games to achieve MVP.

MMs generally get one shot and have little defensive aside from some select mobility heroes. Melissa is the only MM with an active defence against melee.
Post time 2022-3-5 05:47 PM | Show all posts
Where do you guys find good Fanny? Legit, in the rarely occasions i get fanny in a match, regardless if it's in ally or enemy team, i always see a Fanny who trips on walls and fails with cables. Is she really that op that you believe she should be nerfed? I honestly think she's pretty balanced..
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