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[Ranking Tips] EU server tutorial for SoloQ players

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You can also put this in the GUIDES if you want.

1) EU server is the most EZ server in the world. Reaching mythic in new season is a piece of cake, since so many players are really really bad.
But that's where your SoloQ story ends. You will swim from Mythic 3 to Mythic 1 all season if you don't play duo,trio or 5 men team. Why? Because matchmaking in lower ranks isn't too much important like in Mythic. In Mythic, most of matches are completely unbalanced. You will get Legend I/Mythic V duo vs Legend II(smurf)/Myth Glory duo. Even when you play duo or trio, mostly you will get 2/3 completely low players.

2) So, when you reach Mythic, don't waste your time forcing solo to Glory. You will need time and time to do that. Better play with someone or you are fked up. And don't listen to those fairytales how you can solo carry team if you are good. Yeah you can, but in 1 out of 5 games...maybe...with Lancelot...if he is not banned...
Btw, I am playing only duo/trio last 2 weeks and it's victory most of the time. Whenever I try solo...that's hell.

3) Be prepared to see something you never thought you will see. This season, I've played so many games where junglers, mages and marksmen players have more than 2000-3000 games with those roles and they still don't know basics. For example, I've played today a game with Saber, who is btw glory player. He has more than 600 games with Saber and all game he was doing the same: First ult than his 1st skilll...Btw, he also had Dominance Ice and Windtalker.

Mages who don't move from mid first 5mins and have absolutely no sense when or where to gank. 2-3 seasons ago, when you see Chang'e first pick, you know what to expect from your mage - nothing. He will end silver/gold/mvp for doing nothing all game. Today, it's Vale, most cringe hero in game.
Duos who are still playing Season 13 or I don't know what season, can't remember when was a time where tank and mm were on same lane from start.

4) Set your expetations extra low, I mean bottom-rock low, when you are matchmaked with Ukraines. All MLBB Europe community know this. Many players immidiately start trolling, go afk or auto pick non main heroes when they see Ukraines in team. Ukraines don't care about win or lose, they don't care about adjusting, they don't know basics even after 10k games, they don't know builds, they don't know counter picks, they don't know anything about game. Only thing they know is pick some dmg dealer and chase kills, go into 5 enemies and writing on chat how nobody help them. They are litteraly Grandmasters in Mythic.

5) Never, but NEVER play SoloQ rank game until 22:00 in the evening. I know this may sound wrong to many people who can't stay that long into the night, but I guarantee you that your WR will dramaticly increase if you play after 22:00 in the evening. Why? Because you will avoid toxic nub kids, trolls and everything you can see during the day. If you want to play the game before evening, play Classic or Brawl. This is not only for SoloQ players, it is also for duos and trios.

6) Try to anticipate from Draft if you have cancer duo in team. You will need time for this, but when you master this skill, you will know what to expect from game. For example, I've played a mythic rank game with Girl/Girl duo. One of those 2 girls showed this: Fanny 388 matches 43% win rate. When someone wrote LOL on that, the other girl said how "43% wr for Fanny is actually very good."

Ofcourse, both girls ended 3.0 bronze. There are some sings which you can read and know if you have those type of duos in team:
- They are bosses. They are telling everyone what will they play.
- They are mostly in a same squad.
- They heavily defend each other on chat on draft even they are talking complete nonsense.
- Girl is talking from draft to the end of the game, all the time, even she is obvious worst in team.

7) VPN users. Even moderators here encouraging players to use VPN. I don't know why, but that's a fact. If you have VPN user or 2-3 VPN users in team, you are screwed. Especially if enemies don't have any. You will see on draft Phillipino or some other Asian language. They will mostly go for jungler and mage. They will lag and cry all game how they lag and eventually after couple of minutes, they will go AFK. Ofcourse, they will go AFK after 3rd minute. You can't do anything about this. There is no cure or solution for this. Just tell yourself this game is probably a defeat, I will try my best and go relaxed into battle. Pick something you don't pick often.

8) Fake owners of glory accounts with incredibile win rates. This thing became very popular on EU server 2-3 seasons ago and today it is a regular thing in many of your games. Honestly, I only met few of them who were real owners of those accounts. Maybe just 4 or 5. You will know that it is a some epic kid who bought glory account by these signs:
- He is forcing some hero for jungler (440 matches 82% wr) even there are already 3 enemies who easily counter pick his hero.
- After half season past, 90% of good/pro players are long time ago in glory, so you will definitely see something is not true with that player.
- He is toxic, egoist, talking everyone what to pick, what to do, how they are nubs etc...Most of good/pro players rarely do that.
- Since most of these fake account owners are going for Jungler or Marksman, if you don't see on Draft, you will see in first 5 mins of game if he is good or not.

9) I want to use "certain hero". My mastery is Expert.

I will jungle - said S3. I will use Kimmy. My mastery is Expert.

Show your wr on mmr - said S5 who is world rank Kimmy.
S3 - silence.
Once again - Show your wr, said S5
S3 - nothing, silence
Since S3 is logicly before S5, locked pick got his Kimmy jungler with 92 games and 30% win rate. Btw, he doesn't even play rank. From 10k games, he has 2000 ranked games, rest are Brawl and Classic. History also full of Brawl matches.

I had a situation like this today. I had thousands of situations like this through all these years. If you have jungler who didn't show anything to convince you he is for that role...set your expetations low, report him after game and hope that MLBB will one day will fix things like thing( for example, you can't pick any hero until you show your stats with that hero)

Post time 2022-3-16 01:20 AM | Show all posts
I think SoloQ is like this for most of the servers not only in EU server. I have lost 7 out of my 10 grading matches thanks to troll players in Mythic
Post time 2022-3-16 08:18 AM | Show all posts
Anand replied at 2022-3-16 01:20 AM
I think SoloQ is like this for most of the servers not only in EU server. I have lost 7 out of my 10 ...

what server you are in?
Post time 2022-3-16 06:03 PM | Show all posts

I think India / SEA server not sure about it. Server id is 9700.

The same is happening in your server? What server you are playing in?
Post time 2022-3-16 06:28 PM | Show all posts
Edited by MightyMamba at 2022-3-16 06:30 PM
Anand replied at 2022-3-16 06:03 PM
I think India / SEA server not sure about it. Server id is 9700.

The same is happening in your s ...

Indonesia server. you get more balanced matchup in rank than classic game after you reach mythic 3 or higher.
Post time 2022-3-17 10:15 AM | Show all posts
MightyMamba replied at 2022-3-16 04:28 AM
Indonesia server. you get more balanced matchup in rank than classic game after you reach mythic 3  ...

NA server is the best
Is very balance in rank matches like 80% of the time(20% is from duo/trio)
But classic is very unbalance matchmaking though.
Post time 2022-3-19 04:42 PM | Show all posts
I don't know why u say EU server is the easiest..especially since u said many are bad..most of the time, the bad ones get in your team so...
Anyway your guide is good, but i will move it to guides section
Post time 2022-10-22 04:45 PM | Show all posts
Your guide for soloQ is insane, but I think people don't play in solo because they get those problems you clearly and with an impact just exposed. To do not forget what happen if you pick first a MM even is your main to other player that later pick a troll champ just for revenge; this is also insane.
Post time 2022-11-9 08:30 AM | Show all posts
In SEA, that's not the case. Reaching Legends will start a hell out of grinding, because lots of players are somewhat witty and counterintuitive.

In SEA, playing counterintuitively will get you somewhere.
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