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[Hero Concept] Sigmund the Hologram Artist (Fighter)

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Edited by Tyroneskie at 2022-3-30 10:53 PM

Sigmund the Hologram Artist
Role: Fighter
Specialty: Reap/Magic damage

Passive skill: Resistance
Sigmund gains a shield equal to 25% Mana consumed from skills, up to (40% of his Max hp) shield can be gained this way.
Each time (5% Max hp) shield is destroyed Sigmund lets out a Blue wave dealing ? Magic dmg to enemies nearby.

1st skill: Holo-dash (8s cd flat)
Sigmund dashes at a designated direction and punches in front of him after dashing dealing ? Magic damage and marking the targets hit. Sigmund can use "Swap" in the next 4s.

Use again: Swap (1.2s cd)
Switch places with a marked target nearby dealing ? Magic damage.

2nd skill: Andromeda punch (6s cd)
Sigmund punches the ground in a 0.5s delay dealing ? Magic damage to enemies nearby and slowing them by ? for ? seconds. Sigmund gains a charge of Andromeda Punch every 8s, up to 2 charges.

3rd and 4th skill (Ult): Copy! (60s cd each)
Sigmund records the movement of an enemy hero (or himself if clicked) for 8s and saves the recorded clip to his clip belt. If the target being recorded reaches a maximum distance away from Sigmund the record will automatically end.

Use again:
Sigmund forms a hologram of the targeted hero copying the heroes movement reversely. Enemies hit by a hologram made by Sigmund takes ? Magic damage. The damage dealt by the hologram's skills will base on Sigmund's attributes.

Sigmund records Layla's movement. Layla walks south for 3s then uses ult southward then walks for another 4s south. The clip has been saved to Sigmund. Sigmund then uses this skill at a designated direction then a hologram of Layla will be formed, then the hologram moves accordingly. Holo-Layla moves North for 3s then uses ult northward then moves for another 4s north.

The target's skill casted will have effect as follows:
1) Healing effects like Rafa and estes will work on allies
2) Buffs also work for allies
3) Basic atk and target skills like eudora's 2nd and ult skill will only work when there is a target nearby the hologram.
4) AoE effects will work as normal.

• 1st skill mark is designed blue broken mirror piece
• Swap has a 1.2s cd and can be casted in the next 4s meaning the swapping ability can be spammed. (Doesn't count as cc effect)
• 1st skill has a small skill range (Like esme's basic attack)
• 2nd skill, if Sigmund uses Swap after using Andromeda punch, Sigmund will leave a hologram of himself punching the ground.
• If Ult is clicked Sigmund will record his movement and swipe will be the intended target.
• Ult skill will have a white line on the ground when being casted stating the hologram's movement.
• Ult has 2 buttons so that Sigmund can record 2 clips. Both of the skills benefit from fleeting time and valentina can only steal the 4th skill.
• The target will not know they are being recorded until the recording ends.

Sigmund is born in Land of Dawn but grew up in Lab 1718 btw.


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Thank you for sharing your great concept with us

Don't forget to submit it to our in-game cs as well..

go to in-game cs > Advice or suggestions regarding the game > Suggestion fot game design > Form_Game design suggestion

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I love Hi-Tech and Sci-fi hero and skin concepts. Support from me.
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