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[Hero Balance] Hero adjustments

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Edited by Tyroneskie at 2022-4-3 12:09 PM

Heroes that need adjustments imo

B-Buff, N-Nerf, A-Adjust

Gord- B(Ult)
This gives Gord players a chance to reposition if they positioned badly.
Ult skill- Allows Gord to use flicker while in Ult state and slightly faster animation for ult when rotating Kamehameha.

Terizla- B(S2/Ult)
Not gonna explain.
2nd skill- Cc cannot disrupt Terizla while casting 2nd skill. (Mostly suggested on Terizla)
Ult skill- Higher cast range.

Minsitthar- B(Stats)(S1)
Minsitthar's kit are all cc, has a supporting passive and his ult gives him phy and magic def so Minsi should be a Fighter/Tank therefore increasing his durability.
Minsitthar's role: Fighter > Fighter/Tank
Base HP: 2698 > 2818
Hp regen: 7.4 > 7.6
1st skill: Minsitthar can also do the Hook Flicker trick like Franco

Leomord - B(Passive), B(S2)
I wanna give Leomord's Passive effect more ways to be used and his 2nd skill's cd is just too long for a dash at early levels with no cdr.
Passive- New effect: Leomord gains 50% Crit chance when dealing damage against enemies with less than 50% of their max hp.
2nd skill- Cd: 14-9s > 12.5-7.5s

Hanzo- A(Ult)
I wanna give Hanzo a chance to initiate in a before-clash phase of a team fight.
Ult skill- New effect: After hanzo charges forward as Demon Pneuma, Hanzo's main body will copy all of Demon Pneuma's movements reversely for 1.8s.

Carmilla- B(S2)
I wanna give Carmilla's main Cc skill a cd reduction effect to give her a chance to initiate a teamfight often.
2nd skill- Base stun duration 0.6s > 0.8s
New effect: If Carmilla successfully stuns an enemy hero, reduce the Cd of all of her skill equal to the duration of the stun Carmilla has inflicted ÷2. And give a cd refund when Carmilla didn't use the 2nd phase of her 2nd skill.

Gatotkaca- B(Ult) (Remove ig?)
New effect: Gatotkaca gains 15(+10 for each heroes hit) rage upon landing. (Gives gatotkaca a chance to use shadow twinblades)

Grock- B(S2)
New effect:
Use again: Grock will remove the casted wall and gains 20% movement speed for 1s.

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Good suggestions

I support your suggestions for Minsitthar and Gord
Post time 2022-4-6 02:28 AM | Show all posts
Leo will always have 100% crit for enemies under 30% hp.
Post time 2022-4-6 05:52 PM | Show all posts
Terizla and Minsitthar needs a buff for sure, although Grock is good now maybe also needs a nerf or damage adjustment.
Thank you for sharing your suggestions with us, they will be forward to the staff in hopes some of your ideas will be implemented.
 Author| Post time 2022-4-7 01:31 AM | Show all posts
aznager replied at 2022-4-6 02:28 AM
Leo will always have 100% crit for enemies under 30% hp.

The new effect is just additional effect for him btw.
Post time 2022-4-9 02:04 PM | Show all posts
Good suggestions indeed. As I noticed, Grock is already getting some buff, i miss seeing him in matches to be honest, he has been forgotten for way too long. Gord would probably need only some adjustments, since he is already decent. But he should be a choice for players, especially with all those amazing skins he has.
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