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[Complaint] Time to say bye bye again

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Post time 2022-4-15 01:28 PM | Show all posts |Read mode

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I would like to give second chance to mlbb but..

This matchmaking doesnt let me win games.

Every game 10/8 i am mvp but one 3.0 bronz player enough for lose

I dont want to lose same rank with 3.0 bronz players.

I am mvp 10.0
My teammate 3.0 bronz

We lose game. I lose 1 star , he loses 1 star too. Is it fair ?

No !!

I always say " mlbb is a dead game "

Everyday going worst..

Developers only make new skins and heroes for money.

Btw , since 1 year , i dont buy anything in mlbb because i protest . If you dont like moonton policy , i advice you dont buy diamond.
Post time 2022-4-16 03:46 AM | Show all posts
I too have made the decision to uninstall the game from my smartphone. I'd rather get on with my life, the way it was before I played this damn game. Thanks to MLBB I have only managed to become completely stupid, I get angry, I say insults out loud and I have even fallen behind in my university studies… I intend to stop playing forever.

I just have a hard time playing, I don't enjoy it at all, what's more, I just spent my money... I think about all the wasted time and it really sucks, you know...

Right now I feel very sad
Post time 2022-4-15 03:51 PM | Show all posts
I'm sorry you feel that way but please enlighten me, how is it moonton fault if a player (even pro player) let's say decides to troll?
Is Moonton responsible for educating people? To make them nice and good team players?
You're not the one ranking and having to deal with different sort of players who many times ruin the game experience. Best thing to do is always report.
As for the report system, maybe it's not flawless and still needs some improvements but overall, it works.
Post time 2022-4-15 06:44 PM | Show all posts
I've found you can do all the kills you want in the game but if you're not doing objectives (Towers, pushing waves etc) you won't win most games.

Ironically doing objectives actually gives you a worse medal like silver because the game doesn't recognise that towersand minions win games
Post time 2022-4-15 07:31 PM | Show all posts
Agree with the previous replies. You can't really control what players will do. One will decide to troll at some point or one will really have a bad day. Then again, despite reinforcing report and punishment system, let us all admit that there will still be trolls and such.

An example is my previous match earlier.  


Wow, unbelievable !!! I hope you are not one of the bronze player, hahaha  Post time 2022-4-16 10:23 PM
 Author| Post time 2022-4-15 10:35 PM | Show all posts
If mvp player lose 1 star

Bronz 3.0-4.0 player should lose 2 star.

This is fair game.

If you cant fix matchmaking , then make fair rank gain system
Moonton dont fix matchmaking okkk. Okk . I understand moonton developers dont have enough math for fair matchmaking

But moonton devs cant set new rank system according to playing skill ?

I pick tank i am mvp
I pick mid i am mvp
I pick mm i am mvp
I pick solo lane i am mvp
I pick jungle i am mvp

But i am still in ffffffkkking legend rank because offff ffffkkking 3.0 bronz players.

Why do i share same lose result with 3.0 bronz player ?

Cant devs fix rank system ?
Of course they can.No need math for fixing rank system.

Devs dont fix.

What developers doing ?

FKKKKKinggg guinever NEEEW skin.


Bye moonton.I delete until new update
Post time 2022-4-16 12:39 AM | Show all posts
Do you say about classic or rank?
Post time 2022-4-16 02:50 AM | Show all posts
Everyone has some ups and downs, last season I didn't even reach mythic, while this season I have 70% win rate solo. Who would believe that I am really having a good season and maybe the next one I won't leave epic, as my colleague mentioned best solution is to report and keep a high credit score that's important as well.
Post time 2022-4-16 04:50 AM | Show all posts
just leave bro, im close to doing it myself, with the lack of proper report system and punishment, cut yourself off as soon as you can, the system is just clown shoes.
Post time 2022-4-16 07:45 AM | Show all posts
In order to leave this game, I stop playing rank and I never care about rank anymore. I just try to stop from supporting anthing for this game. I only play classic once or twice and that enough to make me feel boring. Sometimes you will forget that this game is exist in your smartphone and that is the moment when you regain your happiness of real life.
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