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[Complaint] It's war there, let them play whatever they want!

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How you play games every day, every hour, every minute and second when you are at war? So war is obviously only on TV and Internet. When my country was bombed 24 hours daily for 3 months, we couldn't use internet, we couldn't escape from country, we could only hide in our basments. We, older people, know the truth about Russia-Ukraine war, but that's not a point of this Thread.

Me and millions of players from all over Europe don't want to play with Ukraines, Russians, Belarus and other ex-SSSR countries and ESPECIALLY WE DON'T WANT TO PLAY WITH UKRAINES. I am calling all non-EU players to ask anyone from ML Europe about Ukraines and to come to EU server to feel that pain. Ask anyone on internet about Ukraine ML players, you will have same answer. I am not some LUNATIC who is posting here complaiments about Ukraines for last 2 years. I am talking from my own and experience of thousands of other EU players. We, non-Ukraine players are DESPERATE! Do you understand that word Developers?

They have enough players to be given an own server, like you give it to Egyptians.

Every day last 5 years is the same story. Can you imagine having every day same thing in game you play? No, you can't, because you told Myanmar players to use VPN and come to Europe to destroy normal players. Sorry for all Myanmar players, but I heared from many people that you are SEA Ukraines and I could see it myself when you come to EU server many times.


Post time 2022-4-20 01:22 AM | Show all posts
I think its not the lack of server. It's actually the lack of players of the same bracket, region, timezone, stats and such. Though, I agree they need a server for themselves to prevent lag issues. Sadly, the way how matchmaking is designed contradicts this.

But I do also want them to have a server of their own, I know the struggle of having to have spikes/lags ingame. The only way I think that will make it possible is to actually make the officials notice that there's a really big community in that specific region probably through having a Discord/Facebook Page of their own that is active. There, they can show how many players are wanting to have a server for their own to play.


Its not about the lag i guess.. i matched with myanmar many times and no im not lagging at all.. but yeah theyre just retards.. hahaha xD  Post time 2022-4-20 10:25 AM
Post time 2022-4-24 11:48 PM | Show all posts
Why do you write too much ?

Do you think any moonton developer see what you write :D

Moonton policy is " only money "
But short term profit.
Post time 2022-4-26 07:22 PM | Show all posts
Gannicus27 replied at 2022-4-24 06:48 PM
Why do you write too much ?

Do you think any moonton developer see what you write :D

If what you claim was true the game would have died ages ago and we wouldn't be here now having a discussion.
Kindly always backup your words with valid proof, the developer team always aims to satisfy the community and take their opinions into consideration.
Some things take time and we thank you for being patient. Eventually most of the good suggestions will be implemented in-game.
 Author| Post time 2022-4-27 05:07 PM | Show all posts
BMPW replied at 2022-4-26 12:22 PM
If what you claim was true the game would have died ages ago and we wouldn't be here now having a  ...

How many years will pass until Matchmaking, Medal rating system and Punishment system will be normal?
 Author| Post time 2022-4-28 06:49 PM | Show all posts
2 same brainless games with Ukraines today and in both my team had 1st pick:

First game: stupid Ukraine imbecil gone first pick Gusion with 42% wr from 64 matches and didn't want to swap my Wanwan so his epic friend could play Layla. Ofcourse, ez defeat, both Ukraines ez bronze

Second game: Game right after game mentioned above. Again we had 1st pick, again Ukraine is at 1st slot, again he didn't swap my Wanwan, he gone fucking Miya first pick and his epic Ukraine friend gone Helcurt jungler - both ez bronze, ez lose

Separate me from these idiots. They are playing this game in a same way for 5 years. They will never learn because they don't have brain for that. The only thing in their brain is to pick MM (mostly Miya,Layla,Lesley or Irithel), to persuade all team to report one player who doesn't want to tank for them, to go fight all the time, to cry for help from tank in 1 vs 1 situation and to push when enemies destroying our base.
All Europe hate them, nobody want to play when they see Ukraine flag in team, everyone trolling or practice some heroes because everyone knows game with them is torture.
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