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Edited by jpbuntales27 at 2022-5-7 12:29 AM

Dear Moderators,

I have been reporting the cheaters and suspicious players who are listed in the Global Leaderboard and again this week I have gone thru the current Global Leaderboard and found out it is rampant and cheaters are everywhere. Developers have unchecked this kind of activity for this season. So many are suspicious and may distrust the other players who try to be good player but due to this, it seems Developers are lacking the effort to check this issue.

As of 06-May 2022, there are 86 players who are suspicious and very obvious winrate. Below is my tabulation of the current top 100 of the Global Leaderboard. Mostly all of the 86 players are having above 90% win rate with over 500+ matches and their hero matches are a perfect 100% win rate. Also, there is one (1) player who has 100% win rate with 800+ matches. What is happening???

The player who is striving for the global rank should be respected and rewarded, unlike the Cheaters who are trying to deceive the game.

I have shared a link below on all the cheater player's accounts including their profile, current rank matches, and current hero matches for you to do your task. This kind of reporting should not be done by us who are trying to continually support this game and playing in fair matches.

I just want to say to the players who are cheaters, they are cowards!


Below are the list of this players and summary of there current rank statistics.

Top 1 to 20
Top 21 to 40
top 40.PNG
Top 41 to 60
top 60.PNG
Top 61 to 80
top 80.PNG
Top 81 to 100
top 100.PNG

In addition, I made an excel sheet of the players, you can refer all of there screenshot on the link below.
Note the history are hidden, since it is already part of the MLBB settings.!AlD_yf1-3XawkA5tWClCETQg6usm?e=kQahbc

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Edited by MightyMamba at 2022-5-10 02:31 PM
Gannicus27 replied at 2022-5-10 02:04 PM
He gave answer.

Moonton doesnt care players demands.

Screen Shot 2022-05-10 at 2.18.41 PM.png

I remember they hand out survey of which hero need revamp. Mlbb community voted for hanabi, but where is her revamp? montoon just proceed to buff wan-wan instead. Why? because she is more profitable and shortly after her buff, wan2 m-world skin gets released. They will continue to do as they pleased.
Post time 2022-5-7 05:40 PM | Show all posts
This is so funny that people still struggling to make a full list of cheaters from leaderboard. There are so many post like this for years in this forum. This is useless actually, while moonton secretly normalize and legalize cheating in this game.
Post time 2022-5-7 05:25 AM | Show all posts
Hello, thank you for reporting this. We will forward this thread to our staffs. If it's true that they are cheating they will be punished.
Post time 2022-5-6 11:07 PM | Show all posts
Edited by MightyMamba at 2022-5-7 04:00 PM

Thanks for your efforts in making these. Most of them hide their history of course. Please remove hidden history option MONTOON! useless option just to mask all cheaters. I feel bad to players who truly deserve to be on the leaderboard.
Post time 2022-5-7 02:52 AM | Show all posts
Moonton made new button " hide match history " to protect cheaters.

Do you report cheaters to their protector ?
Cmooon :D

They will not punish cheaters
Play or shut up :)


Aren't you tired to be so salty all the time?  Post time 2022-5-7 06:05 AM
Post time 2022-5-7 03:52 AM | Show all posts
Agree. Just play! This is world of those cheaters, trollers, afkers and so on. What I get after report? We having send strong warning bla bka bla.... Useless!
Post time 2022-5-7 06:05 AM | Show all posts
That's quite some work you did there. It is impossible imo to have 99,98% winrate I mean..cmon..I also believe the hidden history function should be removed. I don't see the point of it to be honest.
Anyway, please continue to report any suspicious behaviour. Players have been punished in the past for this type of "cheating".
Post time 2022-5-7 07:25 AM | Show all posts
Nice report man.
But, Moonton gonna hate this kind data, for sure.
They already tried very hard to cover these kind of holes, and yet you just reveal it back.

Probably they'll try to look at this kind info, but not gonna make it at the most highest level of concerns. If they do, they'll announce it on the mainstream, not on this forum.

Not every games having highest security level in terms of hacking and stuffs. Cheat and hacking stuff, they're normal now.
Post time 2022-5-7 03:09 PM | Show all posts
it's not strange if the leaderboard in this game is full of cheating
they protect it, become an ecosystem
because this is a money issue
Post time 2022-5-7 03:12 PM | Show all posts
血梅MAYN replied at 2022-5-7 03:52 AM
Agree. Just play! This is world of those cheaters, trollers, afkers and so on. What I get after repo ...

don't forget "severely punished" message

"Having send strong warning" they say,  even though they didn't do anything
the notifications they give after reporting players are just bullshit
Post time 2022-5-7 05:21 PM | Show all posts
Edited by 血梅MAYN at 2022-5-7 05:23 PM

That's why! Moonton is trying to comfort you with a mail telling you that if we send a warning, they will get severely punished. Maybe they think we are a fool, I dunno... It thinks that maybe you have the mail then you must think that the person who you reported already got his punishment by deducting points... Whatever...Maybe they think we will not check for its credit score, or maybe even we have checked and just can't care about it since we don't have other ways any more to complain about it even if we met those players again...
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