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[Lore & Novel] Story or lore for Dyrroth lightborn skin. Part 1

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This story is about the events that will happen after the change of Dyrroth.


Lore :
It all started with Dyrroth's return to the Monian Empire. Dyrroth retaken by Lord of Light. The abyssal prince who had fought against the Monian empire for years has undergone a big change. Nothing remained of the old Dyrroth. Neither the red eyes nor the pale hair nor evil laugh nor the power gem, which gives abyssal powers. Silvanna couldn't recognize him at first, she thought he is an ordinary noble. Dyrroth was trying to hide his identity to test people's honesty. But to Tigreal his voice was so familiar. Dyrroth tried to enter the royal palace. The royal clothes he was wearing and the holy weapons on his arms made him seem like a really powerful and noble person.
Even he was invited a meeting with the Emperor and advisers. But what Dyrroth heard did not please him. Wanting to forcibly disband the knights of light, the emperor decided to send the defenceless villagers to the battlefield too.
Dyyroth said: "Sir, Why do you involve villagers in this when there are noble knights in empire area?"
A advisor said instead of emperor: "You were only allowed to listen to the meeting. It's none of your business."
Emperor: "Our guest just asked a question. Be a little respectful.
Advisor: "I am sorry ,my emperor."
Emperor: "Sometimes we put the weak on the front line to learn the extent of the danger."
Dyrroth: "So what do the people in the back line do?"
Advisor: "What's it to you!?"
Emperor: "Those in the back are preparing for war like everyone else"
Dyrroth: "Sir, It doesn't look like that! Every single one of the noble soldiers you speak of are cowardly chickens."
Advisor: "Shut up!"
Emperor: "Do you despise my soldiers!?"
Dyrroth: "I'm telling you what's going on, Sir! When Dyrroth was about to succeed in invading the this empire, who stopped him?"
Emperor: "Definitely my noble soldiers"
Dyrroth: "No! ,Not even the most famous knight Lancelot came to your aid."
Advisor: "Maybe sir Lance had more important work to do."
Dyrroth: "Dancing and kissing with Odette in ballroom? While the poor fought for life and death against abyssal army, the snobs were busy throwing parties in their showy castles."
Advisor: "Heh ,Everything you say is fake"
Dyrroth: "Ask those on the battlefield then"
Advisor: " Who cares? :) Nobody"
Dyrroth said in his mind: "You dishonorable. So you're the one playing the emperor like a puppet. Let the meeting end. I know what to do to you."
Emperor: "Guys ,calm down a bit. What's your name lad?
Where are you coming from?"
Dyrroth thought for a while: "They wouldn't believe me if I said Dyyroth. But they suspect me if I said Aurelius. I have to use a fake name."
Dyyroth said to Emperor: "I am Metadius ,sir. I came from South of land of dawn."
The advisors whispered among themselves: "Isn't that area the land of Abyss?"
Dyrroth, who was trying to keep his honesty while hiding his identity, could hear them.
Dyyroth said: "Yeah ,i confess. I fought for years in barren lands."
Advisor said: "He confessed that he was our enemy. Don't need additional words. We must execute him immediately."
Emperor said: "Maybe you misunderstood"
Dyrroth was waiting to kill the arrogant advisor. But his patience was exhausted.
Dyrroth said to that advisor: "If you want to execute me, try it. Take out your weapon."
Advisor asked others for any weapon.
Dyrroth said: "Isn't the weapon you hide behind your back a sword? You fool. A monian people never use blood red weapon."
Advisor's secret weapon was abyssal blood demon sword! This fake advisor was actually an secret agent of Abyss.
Main agent evil laughed: "Ha ha ha haaaa!!! You are smarter than others, human. But too late for this. I have already given the enough information about weaknesses of Monian Empire to Abyss."
Emperor shouts: "Sentries! Sentries!! Help us!!!"
Dyrroth: "Don't worry. I protect you."
Emperor: "They killed some advisors and took their place. Maybe this is dark magic."
Dyrroth: "No. This is power of Heart of Anima. That artifact is part of Twilight orbs. Dark side used it. "
Dyrroth killed some agents using sunlight power discs.
Main agent said: "You fight really so well, sir Metadius. Or should I say Aurelius. Hehe :) Looking at your fighting style, it's easy to tell you're Dyyroth. Because Alice and Thamuz trained you."
Agent severely hurted the emperor and escaped from Royal palace. (like Ling)
Main agent: " Catch me if you can , little princess! Ha ha ha......."
Dyrroth immediately tells Tigreal everything.
Tigreal sent message to Lightborn squad members.
Fanny chased agent but this dangerous agent stealed blue buff of Fanny. So out of mana.
Main agent: "Bye, bye, losers!!! hahahahaaaa....."
Injured Emperor said to Dyrroth: "I am sorry for all my mistakes and injustice incidents ,son. Your parents would be proud of you. You are true heir of Monian throne".
Silvanna floods her tears: "I missed you, brother"
Lightborn members hugged Dyrroth.
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