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[Item Balance] Let's talk about current Item Balance.

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Edited by MightyMamba at 2022-5-18 12:02 PM

Attack speed marksman has been out of meta for a long time. After inspire revamp, these unpopular marksman started to get picked more. Shortly after, with tank item and meta heroes getting more buffs, these marksman don't stand a chance. Current blade armor can reflect damage back to attacker from damage received and percentage of their armor. The armor-based percentage damage severely punish attack-speed marksman for doing their job. Marksman supposed to deal good damage especially in late game, but in current meta, they always lose even in late game. These attack speed marksman lacks the mobility and survivability with mediocre damage at best.  The only marksman that still remain popular pick is caster marksman, those that don't rely on attack speed. You must be familiar with these kind of heroes I am talking about (Beatrix, Brody, Clint). Beatrix is so good that you can combo her shotgun with Johnson. Her sniper basic attack damage is so unfair that it can kill marksman/mage with 1 basic attack (535% physical damage). IMG_9184 (1).png
enough rant lets talk about item adjustment.
Current Berserker's Fury:
+ 65 Physical ATK
+ 25% Crit Chance
Unique: +40% Crit Damage
Unique Passive-Doom: Crit hit will increase the hero's physical Attack by 5% for 2s.

New Berserker's Fury:
+ 65 Physical ATK
+ 25% Crit Chance
Unique: +60% Crit Damage
Unique Passive-Doom: Crit hit will increase the hero's physical Attack by 5% for 2s stack up to 5 times.
Current Windtalker:
+ 40% Attack Speed
+ 20 Movement Speed
+10% Crit Chance
Unique Passive Typhoon

New Windtalker:
+ 40% Attack Speed
+ 40 Movement Speed
+10% Crit Chance
Unique Passive Typhoon
Current Swift Boots:
+ 15% Attack Speed
+ 40 Movement Speed
New Swift Boots:
+ 15% Attack Speed
+ 40 Movement Speed
Unique Passive-Trigger Happy: Basic attack increase attack speed by 5% for 2s stack up to 3 times.

Post time 2022-5-18 01:46 PM | Show all posts
Agree with you. Those items deserve some buffs , your New swift boots passive will be great. But, the 60% crit dmg would make some heroes broken , 50% wud be enough. Since mm are mostly squishy , I would like to see a new or revamped item especially for them with some durability like HP like that of rose gold meteor but bettr.
Post time 2022-5-19 04:50 AM | Show all posts
I hope for some nerfing for hero like Yin or maybe equipment like war axe?
Post time 2022-5-19 06:17 AM | Show all posts
I really disagree with the Berserker Fury buff, you added extra crit damage while also increase the damage when you land crit. This would make any hero become broken and would just one shot almost everything(what I am saying is you are overbuffing the item).
For Windtalker I agree with, it helps marksman with no mobility gain enough mobility to be viable.
For Swift Boot, the passive is too OP for a cheap item, maybe lower down the percentage per stack would make it more balance.
Post time 2022-5-19 10:25 AM | Show all posts
Your berserker fury buff will make freya/ling/zilong Super OP, a better suggestion would be adding bonus for specific class on existing equipments IE Berserker Fury would add 5% crit chance and 5% increase critical damage , malefic roar would add 5% more physical penetration , even so this kind of buff would be incredibly overpowered when combined with MM emblem that increase 12% damage bonus from equipments.
I would say its time for moonton to fine tune each equipments by adding specific bonus based on the class and role ( kinda like War Axe )
Post time 2022-5-19 09:35 PM | Show all posts
I don't think ASpeed marksman is bad just because of Blade Armor + Vengeance combo.

WanWan, Claude and Karrie all bennefits from ASpeed, they just don't build critical damage usually.

Your suggestion for Berserker fury just breaks other MM like Moscov, Bruno, Miya, Melissa, Nathan, Clint and buffed Irithel (advanced server). And those are all fine/good choices right now.

The problem with MM like Hanabi, Lesley and Layla is that they take a longer time then usual to actually deal damage, and are easy targets for beeing way too frail (and incapable of building defenses, because they will lose a lot of damage potential) and/or not having other escape then Flicker.

And about Lesley, she is strange. It should be a burst/finisher, but her passive/attributes does not help her, so people build DPS/ASpeed.
Post time 2022-5-19 11:51 PM | Show all posts
Aren't your statements contradicting? Like you already got the answer for every problem?

Not every time Vengeance is up, while Marksmen with attack speed and such is in the meta, they get hindered by builds like Dominance and Blade Armor. Although, you're not supposed to actually dish out damage 100% towards 1 specific hero or actually target tanky heroes. You're supposed to target the most vulnerable one together with your teammates, strategize and make sure that you go for the hardest one to kill last, because for sure, these are usually tank heroes who doesn't really do good damage.

You have an op marksman that can dish out lots of good damage and even lifesteal the missing HP back, you have an item that can hinder these marksmen (will also take out item slots, ruining your item build and such), you have Mages too that can deal Magical damage, you have tanks, etc.
 Author| Post time 2022-5-20 11:41 AM | Show all posts
Edited by MightyMamba at 2022-5-20 02:39 PM

Thanks for all your input.

Berserker's Fury: (Price 2250 --> 3000)
+ 65 Physical ATK
+ 25% Crit Chance
Unique: +40% Crit Damage
Unique Passive-Doom: Crit hit will increase the hero's physical Attack by 5% for 2s stack up to 5 times. Each time hits a target with Basic Attack, increase Crit Damage by 1% for 2s stack up to 20 times. (Only marksman will benefit from this effects.)

Marksman supposed to be strong once they get their item builds. This adjustment will ensure they are doing more damage in late game. Price has been increased to make it harder to obtain. Bonus crit damage has been adjusted to avoid heroes like clint to abuse. The longer the fight goes, the harder these marksman will hit (assuming you don't get taken down and gets all these free hit).  
Swift Boots:
+ 15% Attack Speed
+ 40 Movement Speed
Unique Passive-Trigger Happy: Each time hits a target with Basic Attack, increase attack speed by 2% for 2s stack up to 6 times.

Passive is kinda similar to Warrior Boots, but it adds extra attack speed instead of armor.

Post time 2022-5-21 03:52 PM | Show all posts
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
Post time 2022-5-29 11:14 AM | Show all posts
I think there needs to be a attack speed or crit items with armour penetration. Armour is super effective against basic attacks, and the nerfs to War Axe / Inspire have just made it harder to contend.

Your other option is to change how DHS works to be a true tank buster item where it deals 5% total max health as true damage
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