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Edited by C4lam1tyG0D at 2022-5-26 02:03 AM

Thank for the latest update. Whoever have just half of the brain will realise Devs only carring for money and nothing else.

Nana buff? Why? She was low before? - No, buff is for troll morons, they spend most money and keep game alive.

Baxia nerf? Where is it? I didn't see that. Had 2 games with Baxia jungler, he destroying anything he see.

Matchmaking system? Wooow 3 on blacklist Wooow that is definitely a solution....Braindead

Punishment system revapm? Who the cares for that, right? There is new event for spending money, who cares for things like matchmaking etc.


They will never EVER fix main problems! NEVER! They will put you some pointless things to make you think how they care for any suggestion over last 5 years. They don't give a crap.


Post time 2022-5-26 03:29 PM | Show all posts
You honestly cry way too much, hundreds if not thousands of times we explained that some modifications and adjustments need time, if you didn't notice gameplay improvements over the years you are either blind or you just like making excuses.
I'm not saying the game is perfect but at least it always try to satisfy the players and like or not most players care more about skins then crying about solo q which makes more sense because the only solution for most problems you are crying about is teaming up with others.
It's a 5v5 Moba game, you want to win more queue with people you know.
Post time 2022-5-27 12:44 AM | Show all posts

Like what others had said, so I shall not talk more about that.

But honestly, why didn't you praise good revamps or stuff done by MLBB in the recent years?

Do you know that it was nearly impossible to buy a Collector grade skin for less than 2-3k diamonds? Or a Legend skin for less than 6-7k? It was only possible because they started giving tons and tons of freebies with recharge events and phases. Which you can earn 20-30 spins worth of tickets for events like Transformer etc. Same for Guinevere Psion skin. There's also daily 50% off and all, and tokens to stack for exchange when you drawn an item that you already owned.

Back then it was definitely 3-4k for an Epic Lucky Box, and definitely 10k++ for a Magic Wheel. If they only "cared" about making money like you said, they wouldn't have done all these things. Not to mentioned old veteran players or welcome back events which gave skins and heroes like drops of water.

And just for your information, I play lots of Mobile Games as well and I know for a fact that MLBB Gacha events are way, way far away from being rigged or super expensive like some of the popular games by companies called N**** and Mi****. To call MLBB rigged or money oriented is just slander at this point.

Now let's talk about revamps. There were good revamps and buffs/adjustments such as Lesley, Helcurt, and Jungle Emblem which made assassins like Hanzo viable again as Jungler. Along with items buff and adjustments which made older, irrelevant heroes relevant again.

So ask yourself with all honesty, was it really that black and bad like you always mentioned in your threads and posts?
Post time 2022-5-28 09:52 PM | Show all posts

How I am blindly defending MLBB? If anything, I am being impartial here.

Like I said, I shall not say what others have said. Or would you prefer me to be a broken record, and then perhaps having you to reply and say that I am just repeating stuff?

I was saying and quoting the skins and events as another example to support my argument as to why MLBB does listen to players, and does implement improvements.

Did you miss what I said about balancing and items as well? Or do you just nit pick cherries to fit your convenient narrative and use name callings? That was a direct reply to your argument about balancing as well; I offered a counter argument. Now offer yours.

But like, you're not really here to communicate are you? It seems like more of a griefing attack instead. You barely took note of what others have said here and simply refuse to engage in proper discussions, which really compromise the spirit of this place called the Forum.

So do what you wish to do. Just don't name call anymore and don't break the Forum's Terms of Service.
Post time 2022-5-25 12:35 AM | Show all posts
Only caring for money. This problem which you said may be the reason why some heroes don't get many skins, right?
 Author| Post time 2022-5-25 04:57 PM | Show all posts
Rafael0000 replied at 2022-5-24 05:35 PM
Only caring for money. This problem which you said may be the reason why some heroes don't get many  ...

They are making skins for most popular heroes. I am talking about giving us over exepnsive events instead of resloving main issues.
Btw, who would buy Faramis skin? Or Floryn? Or Terizla? Btw, all Terizla's skins were for free because nobody wants to play trash hero and definitely won't buy skin for him. So, yes, it's all about money.
Post time 2022-5-26 05:50 PM | Show all posts
BMPW replied at 2022-5-26 03:29 PM
You honestly cry way too much, hundreds if not thousands of times we explained that some modificatio ...

I agree with you. It is a company after all. They need to get paid as well. Sure they focus on that aspect but they've never neglected other adjustments that much. They keep their focus somewhere in the middle and that's perfectly fine
 Author| Post time 2022-5-27 06:04 PM | Show all posts
No point in disscusing with you kids. I am talking about punishment and matchmaking, they answering me how much were skins before and now and how I am blind not to see amazing improvements over last 5 years... You are blindly defending something without any reason or argument, same as Asians defending MLBB when it comes to stealing everything from other game.
Post time 2022-5-28 06:41 PM | Show all posts
If you want punish moonton , then dont buy anything in game.
Just play. ;)

This is real punishment
Post time 2022-5-28 06:44 PM | Show all posts
For example me , i was spending 50 $ esch month.Now zero.My main hero is roger. As you know they make new roger transformers skin but i even will not buy it.

This is best punishment.Because i am not happy about feed players and matchmaking
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