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[Hero Balance] Wan2x Needs a Nerf ASAP

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Edited by Joshua_#04B at 2022-5-28 01:54 PM

Hello guys, it's been a while now but if I'm here then you know why, I only report here if I see heroes that became too strong and this case it's Wan2x.

Wan2x was a really hard hero to use at 1 point but if you master her, it was really rewarding but once the update about reducing weakness mark to 3, everything went downhill in rank but it was still "STILL" bearable but then the update about her faster 1st skill and passive really mess up rank and made it upside down, if you have a Wan2x in your team, as long you have a decent team, even a noob Wan2x user can win it with ease.

laning phase she just hide and use her 1st skill to hit the weakness behind her opponent and then she hits the 2 more weakness easily and with the talent weakness finder slowing you down you only have 2 option either die fighting or run and survive with low HP. The old Wan2x is not that weak in laning phase but not too strong too but with this new Wan2x is just OP, if the 1st skill miss she can just try again and again until it hit and if she hits lvl 4, the lane is basically her own turf now and you really need a backup at this point cause you won't have any chance to winning againnst her anymore if she is lvl 4.

In mid game the old Wan2x packs a hard punch and chasing her is really fatal but with this New Wan2x she can be so "SO"  MORE aggressive and she can get out of it scot free as she is really fast with her passive "skipping" and with 3 weakness mark that can be easily hit, she can just pop her Ult if she think she is in danger and whittling your HP to a "manageable" degree and if your HP is lower than expected then sorry your already Kitty food.

And in late game, New Wan2x can change the tide in her favor in any situation, all turret down? No problem she can defend it by wiping out the whole enemy team just fire your dart and first skill anywhere in the enemy team then when your ult is available pop it up to the squishy heroes, at most 2 dead at best 4 dead enemies. She does not need boots at this point you can just sell it and go skipping around the arena and at this point she can melt tank pretty easily and she can even kill another one enemy if they are near her.

Blink in her passive, Stun in her 1st skill, CC Removal in her 2nd skill and Invisibility in her Ult and not to mention the damage. All of this in one hero. She is so strong, she was only balance cause there are some locks in her skills but adjusting those lock screwed the community too much to the point where I find it hard to believe that she is "STILL"  not nerf, oh right she was nerf, but that didn't help at all so pls give her a proper look, nerf her appropriately like she can't skip if she cannot hit anything or she can only lock her Ult to one hero per Ult cause her ult is now easily available or put a Cap on her skipping like 20 skip per cool down.

That's the end of it, pls do something about her, she too unbalance right now, just having her almost guarantee a win which is not good, thank you for reading this and I hope the devs read this and fix her ASAP.
Post time 2022-5-28 09:37 PM | Show all posts

I agree. Honestly the only thing good from her revamp was the fact that you can ultimate while jumping, and triggering additional weaknesses on other enemies during ultimate which I like a lot.

I still like the old number of weaknesses. Makes playing her rewarding and fun compared to now.
Post time 2022-5-28 11:49 PM | Show all posts
I agree that Wanwan is a game changer, but repeatedly from numerous threads here. She can be countered with different strategies like escaping from her ult range, building defensive items and/or using Winter Truncheon/Wind of Nature.

While it is a problem and seeing her ban rate, she's already currently being nerfed on Advanced Servers as far as I know, so we don't know for sure how it'll affect her.
 Author| Post time 2022-5-29 06:57 AM | Show all posts
Charles replied at 2022-5-28 11:49 PM
I agree that Wanwan is a game changer, but repeatedly from numerous threads here. She can be counter ...

Hey been a while now mate, though I can't blame you if you can't remember me cause I'm a lurker here if I'm not posting.

Well true there is counter but it is hard to do cause by midpoint of the game Wan2x is already hard to catch, building armor takes time if your not a core or fighter and even if you do, by this point Wan2x might already build Melefic Roar which makes it kinda pointless, building more armor is out of the question cause some heroes power drop sharply with 2 slots being used for armor but I agree about the Winter Truncheon which can deactivates the Ult but as you stand there helpless it kinda offset whole thing as you unfreeze yourself a stun is just waiting in the corner.

About the ult, again hard to do by mid point of the game cause she is "Fast"  and Weakness Finder makes it even more messy as it also procs in her Ult, those who say "Just Get Away from the Ult Range", Yeah if the Wan2x user is a noob then you can possibly escape but if it is a decent Wan2x user then the story is different cause if your hero does not have any blink skill then your screwed, as far as I can see only core heroes who has multiple dash can escape from her ult cause while mid air she is fast and unhindered by obstacles.

And here is the thing, she has a big wipe out potential, but the the problem is this is a 5v5, you can't just deal with her alone cause she also have a team, she kinda became a dodge tank at this point cause she can kite the enemies pretty easily by end game, and if your team does not have a a Decent team with hard CC or multiple CC then your gonna have a BAD TIME.

The Only true counter to her as I can see are Franco and Karina. Franco having suppression CC and karina 1st skill, With Franco being in your team Wan2x can't be too aggressive and if you have a Karina then that evens up the field cause she too has wipeout potential. If you can't have them then any heroes that can negate basic attacks for a while and for the counter spell I think aigis and vengeance, though I say Counter it's more like a makeshift shield to be honest.
Post time 2022-5-29 07:01 AM | Show all posts
I don't know man, I'm in Mythic Glory and I feel like she is quite balance as a hero. She have a short range and easy to counter once you dodge her first skill.
Post time 2022-5-29 01:00 PM | Show all posts
C4lam1tyG0D replied at 2022-5-29 07:01 AM
I don't know man, I'm in Mythic Glory and I feel like she is quite balance as a hero. She have a sho ...

to be fair you seem to be a natalia player which why i think u don4t find wanwan a threat , nata's S2 ignores wanwan passive and ult and nata can pretty much one shot wanwan once she gets blade of hepetats

for me i hate wanwan when playing tank, you go to check bush she lands her 3 weaknesses and use her ult on your allies , you just cant prevent that, she has a purify and is invincible during ult u can only watch

i think the only true wanwan counters are karina and natalia  ,phoveus is just a free ult for wanwan

i just want them to force wanwan to wear boots, having 6 items slots just nasty in all honesty


@C4lam1tyG0D pretty sure nata is meta, she is the best counter pick against mages like cecilion and xavier she is also good against meta mm like moskov,beatrix she has a great pickrate in pro scene  Post time 2022-5-30 09:36 AM
I rarely play natalia in rank because she's not meta and niche, but when enemy pick wanwan I usually pick irithel or lesley and just poke her to death.  Post time 2022-5-29 02:29 PM
Post time 2022-5-29 04:40 PM | Show all posts
imho, like what C4lam1ty said, you can instead burst her down if the user is focused on building damage stuff. Her 2nd skill is a one-time use, I believe other than Karina and Franco, mobile heroes with decent damage can outplay her easily. Remember, it's a 5v5 game after all. Once she misses her opportunity to proc her Ultimate together with her first skill she struggles by a bit and must kite and proc it instead with her basics while risking her life. On the other hand, the enemy teammates can easily target her out in the open with hero lock and such.
Post time 2022-5-30 03:20 AM | Show all posts
Every bero have ways to counter them, just because a certain hero beat you each day does not mean they have to be weakened
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