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[Complaint] You will enjoy MLBB when you have 24/7 online good team mates or friends

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The Match Making now is a NIGHTMARE, when I am playing Solo Q Rank, I will only have 10 Percent chance of Winning even I am the one who carries the whole team why?
There are lot of players don't want to adjust, double Marksman, double Mages, double tanks, etc. Not to mention trash talking to other team mates due to lack of gaming skill, feeling superiority over random team mates would lead to entire team's defeat.
Next is Nobody wants to tank, they all they wanted to play as core and marksman only even I played as Roaming Estes since I am not really a tank user I am not expert in Tank Rotation because I am offlaner but still we LOSE. No setter no crowd control and nobody is wanting to front during clash.

The third is my team is full of NOOBS while the enemies are GOOD PLAYERS, I have encountered many players who are not good in jungling even he/she is jungler role WHILE THE ENEMY JUNGLER IS TOO GOOD so he/she can take turtle/lord easily, and same for the Midlaners, Roamers and Goldlaners they are really stupid as if they are practicing in Rank Game MYTHIC TIER, NOBODY WANTS STUPID TEAM MATES!!

And Lastly Overpowered heroes and Counter Picking Line-Up - when we pick Atlas, Cecillion, Granger and Ling the enemies pick Diggie, Yin, Hayabusa, Valentina and Hylos. Due to over powered heroes like Valentina and Yin they can take out mage and core without any difficulty, Diggie is counter to Atlas so it will make harder to win, Hylos is counter to me since he can deliver unbelievable damage per second when he is getting close to us while the enemy mage keep spamming his/her skills. This kind of problem never ever solved and let's add some Youtuber's or Content Creators sharing some deadly strategy what makes some enemy players even more deadlier vs my random team mates has no idea what are they going to do or how to deal with it.

This will be my main reason to leave MLBB and MLBB will seeks its down fall soon when another game introduced if they never solve this stupid problem. Moonton only concern publishing new skins, collaborations and new OVER POWERED HEROES and they DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE MATCH MAKING..

As of now I only win one game and five STRAIGHT LOSES in Rank in SOLO Q EVERYDAY! And so you keep asking me to have team mates from my friend list? Yes I did but they are NOT ALWAYS AVAILABLE. I only win if we play TRIO that's the only chance of winning that is why YOU WILL ENJOY THE GAME if you have friends playing 24/7 Online and having greatest potential to win some games either Classic or Rank..

I know Moonton will ignore this kind of my complain!
Post time 2022-6-5 02:11 AM | Show all posts
s5tank replied at 2022-6-4 07:06 PM
The matchmaking is the best. Not a single online game have such a good matchmaking like MLBB.
Punish ...

Purely complaining about matchmaking without a single suggestion on how to improve it won't help.
Instead give us suggestions, have in mind players are not robot that developers can manipulate to make your WR go up, their actions are based on their play style. We always recommend to play with a team, instead of solo, because you usually know how other teammate play, you would probably use mic more often than playing solo and your chance to win will be higher.
Post time 2022-6-4 02:48 PM | Show all posts
Winning and losing are part of a game. I am also struggling to reach Mythic from Legend I due to bad teammates in SoloQ

In SoloQ, we can pick our best heroes and perform as much as we could. Team work depends upon other players so we can't do anything about it.

Most of the time, my team lost due to feeding. Brainless players facing multiple enemies at the same time and dying uselessly. After killing two or three teammates, enemies charge all together and finish the game. We can't do anything in 2 vs 5 or 3 vs 5.

After the game is over, we will check whether enemy is a duo or trio and surprisingly enemy will be SoloQ just like us. I wonder why one team has good teamwork while the other one is full of brainless teammates. Even if you report them, they might not get punished as there is no punishment for not using their brain correctly.

The worst thing is, we will be punished even after getting silver "Mild poor performance" because our teammates mass report us.

I would say Matchmaking is based on your luck. If I get good teammates, I am lucky. If the teammates are bad, I am unlucky. We can't control the behavior of other players in SoloQ.

There is nothing wrong with asking for good teammates. But the problem is not everyone playing this game is as good as us. Matchmaking works based on stats so we can't blame it too. Like you said, it would be better to play as team than playing solo rank.
Post time 2022-6-6 09:48 AM | Show all posts
lesfo replied at 2022-6-6 08:35 AM
Mod StreetGamer.
Seeking suggestion/s from complaints of forum member/s is totally denying the com ...

Or the moderator actually never inform the community complains to the devs...
Or there is no actually communication between moderator and the developers...
Post time 2022-6-5 11:05 AM | Show all posts
Let me explain you

THIS USELESS MOONTON DEVELOPERS matchmaking is based on " %50 win "

When you win 1 or 2 game , then matchmaking force you to lose.It gives you full noob who has wining streak in low ranks . I mean matchmaking collect 5 player who has winning streak and collect enemy team who has losing streak ( but high players than your team )

It is matchmaking algortma for solo q player :D
Thats why If you check every solo q player in mlbb , their avarage win rate %47-53 ( even you are best player you maximum have %55-57 winrate in solo q )


Matchmaking decides winner team in the end of day.
This is reason of unfair matchmaking system..Thats why good players feel matchmaking broken..

Moonton says : how you good player doesnt matter. If you play soloq , i will not let you win. Find a teammates or soloq is hel for you
Post time 2022-6-4 06:10 PM | Show all posts
I read the title I instantly thought "like that's ever gonna happen". Because this is really a situation on every game there is out there. Having friends on the game that are good players won't guarantee a win. Even good players make mistakes sometimes.
Post time 2022-6-5 10:08 PM | Show all posts
StreetGamer replied at 2022-6-5 02:11 AM
Purely complaining about matchmaking without a single suggestion on how to improve it won't help.

why you expect suggestions from the complain thread ?
Post time 2022-6-4 07:06 PM | Show all posts
The matchmaking is the best. Not a single online game have such a good matchmaking like MLBB.
Punishment system is better in this game than in any other MOBA game.
Thanks for your feedback, if you have any problems, contact in-game CS.



LoL. Great job.  Post time 2022-6-6 08:46 AM
Post time 2022-6-4 11:09 PM | Show all posts
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
 Author| Post time 2022-6-5 05:20 AM | Show all posts
Edited by mhoz000 at 2022-6-5 05:26 AM
StreetGamer replied at 2022-6-5 02:11 AM
Purely complaining about matchmaking without a single suggestion on how to improve it won't help.

You did not read the main topic and the last part did you? NOT ALL MY FRIENDS IN MY FRIEND LIST ARE PLAYING AT MY SAME SCHEDULE SAME TO MY NEW FRIENDS TAKE NOTE FEW OF THEM ARE TOP GLOBAL we played as duo and EVEN I AM THE ONE CARRIES THE GAME MY TEAM DON'T KNOW HOW TO FINISH THE GAME, Do you think I will complain if not really happens to me everyday? You DON'T KNOW EVERYTHING it is easy to say but you know NOTHING!

Dodge System is not working enough and it does not work in Mythic Tier, Matchmaking still the BIG PROBLEM.. why don't Moonton COPY the Separation of LVL by LVL of players to avoid TERRIBLE matchmaking like Gunbound Game?
Post time 2022-6-5 07:43 PM | Show all posts
StreetGamer replied at 2022-6-4 07:11 PM
Purely complaining about matchmaking without a single suggestion on how to improve it won't help.

Without single suggestion? For how long will you repeat this since there were 1k suggestions about improving matchmaking and punishing system?
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