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[Complaint] I'm pretty done with the game now

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Post time 2022-6-8 09:12 AM | Show all posts |Read mode

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This matchmaking issue seems to be happening more and more. Warriors with mythics.

Also the constant introduction of new heroes or revamping  to sell skins is too obvious. There is a massive balance problem due to this.

I've also posted on bug forums with legitimate video footage showcasing the issue with no response, so seems like devs dont really care about particular heroes either.

I've become increasingly frustrated with the game, and think it's time to call it.

Yes you can have my gold
Post time 2022-6-11 04:12 PM | Show all posts
Like what my colleague @BMPW said.

Sadly we can't have the same restrictions in Classic like Ranked Mode, but with that having said, did you enable fast queue option or did you get matched up with them instantly (less than 10s)?

Because if I recalled correctly, it's quite hard to get matched outside of your rank's proximity such as warrior with Mythic, even if they invited the warrior player into a Mythic party. I've experienced more than 2mins of waiting when I invited my friend who was Mythic, and I was Epic at that point in time; and I had to enable fast queue option to even be able to find a matchup.
Post time 2022-6-8 09:34 AM | Show all posts
When you're playing classic, it's often more difficult than rank match due to several reasons:
- You are allowed to invite any players from different tier. When your teammates invite his bronze friend, you will get bronze teammate but will still get matched with the same rank as yours. Big team balance gap.
- Banned heroes abuse. They will likely picked the usual banned heroes in ranked games. (exc: akai, wan-wan, ling, xavier, valentina, julian, franco, and etc)
- Hero Win-Rate farmers. They will play their best hero to boost their winning stats.

Classic game used to be easy and for fun. But nowadays, you can't go easy and learn different heroes.

Solution: either play rank games all the way till end of season, or play classic only from beginning of season. If you are still in epic tier at mid season, you will have easier chance of winning.
Post time 2022-6-8 10:35 AM | Show all posts
Are you complaining about Classic?
 Author| Post time 2022-6-8 10:47 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Burnzey91 at 2022-6-8 10:49 AM

Look win or lose in classic it doesn't really matter. Although it does affect your w/l rating so actually does kind of.

What does matter though is that there is a clear level difference in emblems and knowledge that it can be frustrating for the players at the lower tiers playing against higher tiers.

Also that's not my only complaint. I made a post on bug report forums where 400 people viewed it with videos detailing the issue and no response. Unless it's a META hero, nobody really cares.
Post time 2022-6-8 10:50 PM | Show all posts
If its rank, then I will agree with u. But its not. So yeah no.
Post time 2022-6-9 02:34 AM | Show all posts
im taking a break from ml atm, unwillingly ofc, i still have 6 more days in my ban, i was banned for inappropriate chatting, cuz i said the r word in a match a while back, didnt even get a mute, just a straight ban, i wonder if i can exploit this too on other people, it seems so easy to manipulate the system, but moving on from that, yeah, the matchmaking is god-awful, i feel you in classic, mfs be using the reason that its just for practice or that its just classic, if only it didnt affect w/l rates, its quite annoying, especially in ranked, the matchmaking is extremely horrific, my last ranked game (prior to getting banned), i was in a team where 3 of my allies fed heavily and another one picked balmond, seems like a fine pick yeah? nah, they was rocking a magical emblem, the basic one, not even the mage one, and yeah, i lost, heavy, those are the kind of matchmakings i get 70 to 80% at a time, my current rank is the rank before mythic, forgot what its called, but yeah, matchmaking is shaite.
Post time 2022-6-9 03:31 AM | Show all posts
Classic is for fun and showing off your skills to the team and enemies. Instead of playing my favorite heroes, I play killer OP meta heroes and have fun learning about them and kicking enemies ash.

Even if my team loses, it will give the satisfaction of playing a good game
Post time 2022-6-9 11:09 AM | Show all posts
Well as time goes by! If u carry ur team if their noobs.. I can improve ur skills. Just play bro.. every lose is the strength to carry!
Post time 2022-6-11 01:27 AM | Show all posts
The reason this happened is mostly likely because a mythic player invited a friend who is warrior, as you may know this is not the case in rank, classic is more for chill games and having fun, you may also try new heroes out without trolling of course.
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