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[Complaint] Spending too much time on making skins not enough time on fixing the game.

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Imagine a multibillion dolar company using all their time on resources focusing on creating new skins, and then releasing updates and patches 3 months later. Funny isnt it? Ignoring the playerbase and chasing the bag . Outstanding work moontoon keep it up.
Post time 2022-6-23 10:14 PM | Show all posts

It is entirely untrue that MLBB is "ignoring the playerbase", quoting what you wrote. Numerous improvements, adaptations and upgrades have been made to the game throughout the years, and it has been proven that MLBB does listen and implement changes based on suggestions from our community of players as well.

I'm beginning to sound like a broken record because I've also elaborated on how MLBB DID in fact improve the game and made it better for the players. Certain patches and updates aren't easy like you think to implement on a whim. It takes time to investigate, troubleshoot and bug fix or solve the problems, and ensuring that they are indeed a solution before officially releasing them as patches.

It's not easy like you think, unfortunately. We all wish that things were that straightforward and easy, but this can't be far from the truth than it already is.
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Mori. replied at 2022-6-24 09:25 PM
-13 +5 or +6 and thats every game. I play around like 20 - 30 games per day and thats all I see. Jus ...

You are posting thread about problems in MG and 80% of these new moderators never been in glory

They had some little baby girl here for moderator and her max rank was Mythic V
 Author| Post time 2022-6-23 11:14 PM | Show all posts
CloudDevelic replied at 2022-6-23 10:14 PM

It is entirely untrue that MLBB is "ignoring the playerbase", quoting what you wrote. Numero ...

Alright I get that, but take matchmaking and the report system for example. MoonToon has yet to improve these things. I get that these things take time but i've been playing this game for 2 years and I have yet to see any improvements. if anything these systems have deteriorated. and to be fair it is a bit of an overstatement to say that they are ignoring the player base, however on a day to day basis, I always see people complaining about these systems, and of course that includes me. Hopefully in project NEXT 2022 we will get to see some improvements that the MoonToon team has been hopefully working on.
Post time 2022-6-24 08:37 AM | Show all posts
Honestly speaking, these systems you're talking about has been a problem and will always be a problem not just in the game itself but also to other online games existing out there.

For report system, it is not easy to implement such system that will be absolute when it comes to giving punishments/warns, it can be abused by players as well. While there is a significant difference between the THEN and NOW versions of them. I don't think these such things will ever get a 100% solution because a lot of factors come into play especially in report system because it can abused and a player can have a bad day or just happen to suck at that exact match or other factors that might affect his/her gameplay.

However for matchmaking, they have been also improving it overtime. While it is still a problem, but the game is designed to find the fastest match possible rendering it sometimes can be abused once players finds out the algorithm behind it. Although sometimes the system may mismatch you, but it doesn't really mismatch you because there are also other factors that come into play when players get matched. While rank is the number 1 factor determiner, there are also stats behind it that also affect how players get matched. While it may look like it's an unfair matchmaking, the player whom you got matched with is probably actually good and have good stats but happens to be bad at that game due to having unexpected lags, circumstances in real life, bad team composition, etc.
Post time 2022-6-24 03:04 PM | Show all posts
Edited by 血梅MAYN at 2022-6-24 03:06 PM

Useless everything at the end... Explaination just so unpersuesive... Right now, I don't complain anymore, because I gave up my hope on it. If lose in unfair match-matching, I just convince it as my unfortunate.
Post time 2022-6-24 08:34 PM | Show all posts
血梅MAYN replied at 2022-6-24 08:04 AM
Useless everything at the end... Explaination just so unpersuesive... Right now, I don't complain an ...

They are giving same explanations last 5 years
 Author| Post time 2022-6-25 04:22 AM | Show all posts
Nah nah nah i'm so done with this game getting reported and muted for saying absolutely nothing, yeah great game. I've probably spent around 3,000$ + and where is that money going to? More skin development? Don't even know why I spend money on this god awful game, literally just a straight off rip off from league. If anyone knows how if its possible to refund my money I spent on this dumpster pile of a game please let me know. and guys never spend money on this game it's a waste.
 Author| Post time 2022-6-25 04:25 AM | Show all posts
-13 +5 or +6 and thats every game. I play around like 20 - 30 games per day and thats all I see. Just turn it back to stars. The points system and matchmaking are horrible for each other. What kind of monkey is making all these game decisions, they're stupid.
Post time 2022-6-25 06:57 PM | Show all posts
Mori. replied at 2022-6-25 04:25 AM
-13 +5 or +6 and thats every game. I play around like 20 - 30 games per day and thats all I see. Jus ...

I think this is designed to make the game more challenging for those above Mythic rank. Only those maintaining a higher win rate can climb above Mythic
Post time 2022-6-25 08:31 PM | Show all posts

Don't want to contradict you but not really. MMR system in my personal opinion, is kind of bad in the sense where you'll be punished more if just a few enemies are below your MMR, even if the rest is say, a thousand points above you.

It doesn't reward good win rates all the time. Has nothing to do with win rates.
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