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[Hero Balance] Disapproval of the New Odette Ultimate

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I don't think new Odette ult's adjustment is ordeal to what her potential can be, it removes her ability to ult and flicker, which is one of her most prized combo of not letting enemy escape + the slowness effect.
There is better alternative to this adjustment. Is simple, just add C.C. immunity for 1.5s when she uses her ult. Since her ult lasts for 5 seconds, 1.5s of C.C. immunity would make her able to set up everything she needs for a wipe out.

Post time 2022-7-2 09:26 AM | Show all posts
I beg to disagree. Actually, this opened an avenue for Odette to further chain more combos and not just rely on a single combo where she just use Ultimate and time it or probably combo it with Johnson.

With the new Odette, she will be able to use her 1st and 2nd skill for better CC while her ult is in place. This gives more chain of combos and at the same time without risking herself fighting in the frontlines, she can damage and crowd control from the backline easily anymore.
Post time 2022-7-2 09:56 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Chaosxd at 2022-7-2 09:57 PM

I agree with senior on this. Sure flicker plush ulti Is rather satisfying but her current ulti leaves her to exposed. I can't count the times an mm has killed me because he has only Athena's shield and or inspire.
The same goes on for other mages and assassin's.
She has no hope against tanky fighters as well.
Immunity is not the only problem when she can't survive the full duration.
The beer version is alit better cause it keeps her safe from all these problems. Now she has an excellent zoning skill and she no longer needs to suicide jump.
They needs to nerf the clone however.
They should make targettable capable of tanking sufficiently max 2 enemies.
Should the player need more sustain for the clone he can buy aegis vengeance bloodwings ECT.
Otherwise enemies can't counter it in teamfights.
Winters passive works now with it so she can outplay others easier.
All in all this ulti is quite promising.
She is weaker in close range fights now, in exchange though she can provide impactful back up from the back.
Now only her skill 2 needs a slight increase in range and she will be perfect.
 Author| Post time 2022-7-2 11:59 PM | Show all posts
I don't know chief, she is going to become weaker imo without shield protection and smaller ult and no slowness effect, assassin would have an easier time go in and kill her and leave. Her current state is very good already, she just need that C.C. immunity at the start to boost her versatility. You don't just ult without your team there to protect you anyways so MM with athena shield and inspire is nothing. BESIDES! ATHENA SHIELD GOT NERF sooooooooo! Her ult is not suicide jumping, you can literally use so many tyoe of combo with her. Too many C.C? just grab Purified grants you that 1 second of CC immunity can be a game changer. Plus! if you use flicker, you can flicker out and dodge the C.C. and change the tide of the fight! I have 74% WR with Odette because I find her uniquely OP.
Post time 2022-7-3 02:01 AM | Show all posts
From 5s to 3s, only the duration got nerfed. As for it being a problem or not, well it is for 2 reasons. She needs 5 seconds to deal her max damage meanwhile mm to double than that int half the time. Athena's shield and lifesteal ( inspire )  prevent her from bursting them so she ends up dead. This happens with almost every single hero. Even cyclopse kills her dude in 1vs1. All these without taking into account the crowed contolls.
Post time 2022-7-4 12:10 AM | Show all posts
Experimental Adjustment: We're changing the effect of Odette's Ultimate. Now Odette will fire a magic bullet in the target direction. The magic bullet will morph into a magic clone of Odette upon hitting an enemy hero or reaching the maximum range and begin channeling magic, dealing damage to nearby enemies. The channeling cannot be interrupted, though the area of effect is reduced to 2/3 of the previous.

It is still in advance server and they mentioned experimental adjustment so they will keep changing it in the future.

I hope they don't spoil the Johnson and Odette combo
Post time 2022-7-7 05:16 AM | Show all posts
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