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[Patch Note] Patch Notes - V.1.6.94 [Original Server]

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Aside from the usual hero revamps, the upcoming Project Next update will also be featuring exciting changes to the game universe. We'll be introducing a whole new Necrokeep led by its magnificent ruler, Vexana, and her two aides, Faramis and Leomord. These three are set to breathe life back into their cursed land!

Meanwhile, we're looking forward to kicking off a new season this June with mid-lane mages taking center stage. We'll be focusing on new changes with the mid-lane minions while reducing the impact of junglers on other heroes during the laning phase. We're also rolling out a series of equipment and hero adjustments that will allow mages to play a more significant role on the battlefield. Compared with the previous season, we'll be more mindful of the extent of the adjustments we introduce this season.

For S25, Rise of Necrokeep, we're bringing you brand new rewards including Rank Protection Cards and MVP Star Up Cards for specific ranks as well as special skin tags for the Season Finale skin based on your highest rank during the season.

The battlefield Ul has also been optimized for clarity and precision in order to provide you with a better in-match experience!

[Revamped Hero: Shimmer of Hope - Vexana]

Hero Feature: A mage with outstanding crowd control and the ability to summon an Undead Knight to assist her in battle. 

We designed a new Ultimate for Vexana and optimized the mechanics of her other skills to enhance her overall skill synergies.

[Passive - Nether Touch]

Enemies hit by Vexana or her Undead Knight will explode upon death.

[Skill 1 - Deathly Grasp]

Vexana unleashes a Phantom Claw that terrifies the first enemy hero hit Phantom Power will then erupt at the enemy hero's location, dealing damage to nearby enemies and terrifying them.

[Skill 2 - Cursed Blast]

After a short delay, Vexana strikes the target area with a blast of Nether Energy, dealing damage to enemies within.

[Ultimate - Eternal Guard]

Vexana summons an Undead Knight at the target location, dealing damage to enemies hit and knocking them airborne. The Undead Knight will then join Vexana in battle for some time.

[Revamped Hero: Soul Binder - Faramis]

Hero Feature: An extraordinary team support who can navigate the battlefield with ease and breathe extra life into allies.

We've optimized the casting experience of Faramis's Skill 1 and 2 and redesigned his Ultimate for greater compatibility with different scenarios.

[Passive - Vicious Retrieval]

Faramis can now more easily acquire soul fragments. The soul fragments can also enhance his damage.

[Skill 1 - Shadow Stampede]

Faramis can now move through terrain in the Shadow state, and can cast the skill again to leave the state and pull marked enemies toward him early.

[Skill 2 - Ghost Bursters]

With an optimized casting experience and range, Faramis can now hit enemies more easily and at longer distances.

[Ultimate - Cult Altar]

Faramis transforms his surroundings into the Nether Realm, granting affected allied heroes (including himself) extra HP and a chance to "cheat death"

[Revamped Hero: Sworn Sword - Leomord]

Hero Feature: A fearless and loyal knight designed to dominate mid to late game.

Leomord's launching with new skill animations and special effects as well as enhanced damage for optimal mid to late game performance.

[Passive - The Oath Keeper]

We've lowered the requirement for Leomord to launch critical strikes while increasing his damage and lifesteal ratio.

[Skill 1 - Momentum]

With an optimized casting experience, Leomord can now cast this skill more frequently while dealing higher damage.

[Ultimate - Phantom Steed]

An optimized casting experience and increased defense scaling will see Leomord riding Barbel more confidently into the battlefield.

Heroes with major adjustments in this patch include: Terizla, Gord, Xavier, Nana, Lunox, Julian, Akai, Ling, and Irithel.

The following uses (↑) (↓) (~) to indicate Buff, Nerf, and Adjustment and >> to separate the effects before and after the change.

[Terizla] (↑)

By increasing Terizla's mobility and crowd control, we expect him to nail down an even bigger role in mid-to-late game teamfights.

[Skill 2] (↑)

New Effect: The skill can no longer be interrupted by control effects (except for Suppression).

Slow Effect: 15% >> 20%

[Ultimate] (↑)

Base Damage: 300-500 >> 300-600

Slow Effect: 40%-50% >> 45%-65%

Casting range and jump speed increased.

[Gord] (↑)

We're granting Gord an enhanced Passive coupled with a freshly optimized control experience, allowing him greater mobility during skill casting.

[Passive] (~)

Damage: 160 + 70% Magic Power >> 140 + 60% Magic Power

New Effect: Besides inflicting True Damage, the attack will also slow the target by 30% for 1s.

[Skill 2] (~)

Damage Interval: 0.45s >> 0.3s

Damage: 80-155 + 20% Magic Power >> 55-105 + 16% Magic Power

Cooldown: 7-5s >> 8-6s

[Ultimate] (~)

Damage Interval: 0.3s >> 0.2s

Damage: 220-350 + 50% Magic Power >> 135-225 + 33% Magic Power

Cooldown: 34-28s >> 44-36s

Enemies hit are no longer slowed.

Gord can now cast Battle Spells during the Ultimate.

[Other] (↑)

Gord's movement is no longer interrupted by Skill 1/2 casts.

[Xavier] (~)

To help Xavier transcend his dependence on Passive stacks, we're slightly reducing their extra damage while shifting the spotlight onto his active skills. His damage at different numbers of stacks is basically unchanged.

[Passive] (↓)

Extra Damage Per Stack: 120-130% >> 110-120%

[Skill 1] (↑)

Damage: 300-550 + 120% Magic Power >> 315-540 + 130% Magic Power

[Skill 2] (↑)

Initial Damage: 100-200 + 50% Magic Power >> 110-210 + 55% Magic Power

Subsequent Damage: 200-400 + 100% Magic Power >> 220-420 + 108% Magic Power

[Ultimate] (↑)

Damage: 700-1100 + 150% Magic Power >> 750-1150 + 162% Magic Power

[Nana] (~)

Our efforts to fine-tune this cute little mage continues! Nana's boomerang gets a slight boost while her Molina and Ultimate get a few minor adjustments

[Skill 1] (↑)

Casting range slightly increased.

Forewing slightly reduced.

[Skill 2] (↓)

Skill range slightly reduced.

[Ultimate] (~)

Casting experience optimized: The delay before the first attack is shortened, while the interval between two attacks are slightly increased.

[Lunox] (~)

We're awakening Lunox's cosmic powers to help her better counter high HP enemies in this new meta.

[Skill 2] (~)

Damage Bonus: 130% Magic Power + 1.5%-3.5% of Target's Max HP >> 120% Magic Power + 2.5%-5% of Target's Max HP

[Julian] (↓)

Left unfettered, Julian's arsenal of weapons has proved to be dreadfully lethal. We're nerfing his overall sustainability and base damage to allow opponents better room for counterplay.

[Passive] (↓)

Spell Vamp: 25% >> 20%

[Skill 2 & Skill 2 (Enhanced)] (↓)

Reduced the Lifesteal efficiency to match that of other AoE skills.

[Skill 3 (Enhanced)] (↓)

Initial Attack's Base Damage: 340-500 >> 300-420

[Akai] (↓)

Akai's been causing quite a pandemonium on the battlefield, so we're toning down some of the damage from his Passive and Ultimate.

[Passive] (↓)

Damage Bonus: 5% Max HP >> 4% Max HP

Shield Bonus: 5% Max HP >> 4% Max HP

[Ultimate] (↓)

Cooldown: 45-37s >> 55-47s

Base Damage: 180-540 >> 180-420

Fixed an issue where the damage was higher than stated.

[Ling] (↓)

With his enhanced critical power, Ling's been posing too high a threat to low-HP enemies. We're lowering his damage to give the victims a chance to get away.

[Skill 2] (↓)

Damage: 300-400 + 40% Physical Attack >> 250-350 + 33% Physical Attack

[lrithel] (↓)

Irithel and Leo have just been piercing through enemies so we're scaling back her attack growth to give other heroes time to catch up.

[Attribute] (↓)

Attack Growth: 14 >> 11

[Luo Yi] (↑)

Luo Yi's bending time to her will in this patch with an Ultimate cooldown reduction that will have her blitzing all over the map in no time!

[Ultimate] (↑)

Cooldown: 55-45s >> 50-40s

[Jawhead] (↑)

We're giving Jawhead's missile launchers a major tune-up, making him a stronger contender on the battlefield.

[Skill 1] (↑)

Damage: 125-200 + 20% Physical Attack >> 120-220 + 25% Physical Attack

[Edith] (↑)

The Primal Warden ascends into a tanker role with a defense and damage boost that will hopefully see Edith become a stronger initiator in the battlefield.

[Attribute] (↑)

Initial Physical Defense: 15 >> 17

[Passive] (↑)

Base Extra Damage: 90 >> 105

[Natan] (↑)

Natan will be slicing through space and time with even greater power all thanks to a slight damage boost.

[Skill 1] (↑)

Base Damage: 150-450 >> 175-500

[Paquito] (↑)

A decent Physical Attack boost sees Paquito's Jab packing even more of a punch.

[Skill 2] (↑)

Physical Attack Bonus: 150% >> 165%

[New Skins]

1- Amon "Noble Crest" will be available on 07/11 for 599 Diamonds. First week 30% OFF

2- Yi Sun-shin "Fleet Warden" will be available on 07/23 for 899 Diamonds. First week 30% OFF.

3- Abyss Skin - Moskov "Doom Incarnate" will be available during 06/20 - 07/20 in the Foreboding Shadow event.

4- July Starlight Skin - Nana "Cyclone Clash" will be available on 07/01.

5- August Starlight - Natan "Captain Chrono" will be available on 08/01.

6- Luo Yi "Elysium Guardian" will be available on 07/08 in the Grand Collection event.

7- Sun "Wicked Flames" will be available on 08/03 in the Grand Collection event.

8- Revamped skins for Vexana, Faramis, and Leomord will be available soon.

9- Revamped Hayabusa "Sushi Master" will be available soon.

10- Revamped Kagura "Summer Festival" will be available soon.

[Fragment Shop Adjustments]

Fragment Shop Adjustments on 06/29 (Server Time)

a- Premium Skin Fragment Shop

Will Be Available: Kaja "Crow Magician"

Will Be Unavailable: Rafaela "Fertility Goddess"

b- Rare Skin Fragment Shop

Will Be Available: Martis "Searing Maw", Alice "Steam Glider", Hanabi "Fiery Moth", Karrie "Rising Star", Minsitthar "Gilded King"

Will Be Unavailable: Angela "Shanghai Maiden", Gusion "Cyber Ops", Fanny "Royal Cavalry", Gatotkaca "Mighty Guardian", Hylos "Abyssal Shaman"

c- Hero Fragment Shop

Will Be Available: Yu Zhong, Natan, Luo Yi, Sun, Yi Sun-shin, Badang

Will Be Unavailable: Moskov, Esmeralda, Pharsa, Aldous, Roger, Popol and Kupa

[Free Heroes]

8 Free Heroes: 07/01/2022 05:01:00 to 07/08/2022 05:00:00 (Server Time)

Faramis, Moskov, Vexana, Argus, Fanny, Leomord, Yu Zhong, Alice

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Lancelot, Yve, Alpha, Barats, Dyrroth, Mathilda

8 Free Heroes: 07/08/2022 05:01:00 to 07/15/2022 05:00:00 (Server Time)

Aamon, Yi Sun-shin, Hylos, Kaja, Hanzo, Lapu-Lapu, Luo Yi, Benedetta

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Ruby, Masha, Uranus, Rafaela, Aurora, Esmeralda

8 Free Heroes: 07/15/2022 05:01:00 to 07/22/2022 05:00:00 (Server Time)

Hayabusa, Barats, Guinevere, Argus, Kimmy, Cyclops, Alucard, Beatrix

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Atlas, Hanabi, Lolita, Chang'e, Akai, Silvanna

8 Free Heroes: 07/22/2022 05:01:00 to 07/29/2022 05:00:00 (Server Time)

Diggie, Rafaela, Yi Sun-shin, Esmeralda, Dyrroth, Ling, Pharsa, Karina

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Angela, Lapu-Lapu, Natalia, Cyclops, Belerick, Valir

8 Free Heroes: 07/29/2022 05:01:00 to 08/05/2022 05:00:00 (Server Time)

X.Borg, Natan, Granger, Sun, Paquito, Zhask, Silvanna, Khufra

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Gloo, Aldous, Badang, Hilda, Hayabusa, Bruno

8 Free Heroes: 08/05/2022 05:01:00 to 08/12/2022 05:00:00 (Server Time)

Moskov, Ruby, Jawhead, Martis, Roger, Bane, Minotaur, Popol and Kupa

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Estes, Khaleed, Irithel, Chou, Leomord, Vale


By adjusting the composition of mid-lane minion waves, we expect mage heroes

to be able to push and roam more easily.

Each mid-lane minion wave in the first 5 mins is now composed of 4 minions (1 melee + 3 ranged) instead of 3 (1 melee + 1 ranged + 1 cannon)


[Adjustment I]

Laning heroes have typically shared minion rewards with allied junglers, affecting the rate at which they level up. We expect this recent adjustment to address this.

First 5 Minutes: Heroes equipped with Retribution can no longer gain Gold and EXP from minions when there are allied heroes without the Roaming footwear around. Reduced Minion Rewards: 30% >> 50%

[Adjustment Il]

Following the above adjustment, we've noticed couple of extreme cases where disadvantaged junglers fell way behind within the first 5 mins, so we're also introducing a way for them to catch up.

New Mechanism: When a jungler is 2 or more levels behind the enemy in the first 5 mins, their EXP gain gets a slight boost.

[Adjustment III]

We want both sides to have a fair chance in the fight over Turtle and Lord.

Retribution's damage against creeps is no longer affected by damage boosting effects.


[Orange & Purple Buffs]

We want to help Junglers better handle jungle invasions, especially when the invaders can knock or drag the creeps out of the leash range.

New Effect: When out of the leash range for the first time, the creep gains 50% extra Movement Speed until it moves back to the range.

New Effect: After moving back to the range, the creep will stop recovering HP and re-enter the battle state upon taking damage. (Only for the first time.)

By adjusting the time of the first spawn, we expect that junglers will be able to farm more safely at the beginning.

First Spawn: 25s >> 20s


By adjusting the time of the first spawn, we expect that more mid laners will be able to join the fight over the creep.

First Spawn: 43s >> 48s


[Bloody Retribution] (↓)

Our March season launch favored the rise of the tank junglers trend. We're hoping this adjustment improves the battlefield experience for other jungler types.

Extra HP Bonus: 25% >> 20%

[Blade Armor] (~)

We're lowering Blade Armor's reflection damage to make it less of a solid counter against Marksman heroes.

Damage Reflection Ratio: 25% >> 20%

Craft Cost: 1960 >> 1910

[Radiant Armor] (~)

To ease some of Radiant Armor's glaring power in the battlefield, we're restricting its late game power but balancing it out with a lower craft cost.

Damage Reduction: 3-10 >> 5-8

Craft Cost: 1980 >> 1880

[Athena's Shield] (↓)

Athena's Shield's been a premier choice across all play levels. We're nerfing it's effects to bring it in line with the other defensive options.

Duration: 5s >> 3s

[Glowing Wand] (↑)

We've noticed that Glowing Wand often wanes in the face of high-defense enemies, so we're raising the upper limit on its burn damage but making it a tad harder to unleash its full power.

Burn Damage: 1-2% Max HP (At 1-3 Stacks) >> 0.5-2.5% Max HP (At 1-5 Stacks)

[Genius Wand] (↓)

Providing both Magic Penetration and Magic Defense Reduction, Genius Wand's been a bane to squishy heroes in the battlefield. We're hoping to fix this and make it less of a go-to for all mages

Magic Defense Reduction: 2-9 >> 3-7

[Blood Wings] (↑)

For most mages, the extra durability provided by Blood Wings can hardly turn the tide in battle. We're buffing up its Magic Power to match its cost

Magic Power: 150 >> 175


1- Renamed the [Camera Shift] option to [Aim Panning].

2- When [Aim Panning) is enabled, the camera pans toward your aiming direction when you cast directional and location-based skills.

3- Optimized the indicators of some heroes' movement skills so they are now consistent with the heroes' actual destinations. Affected heroes include: Lapu-Lapu Gatotkaca, Guinevere, Terizla, Silvanna, and Khaleed.

4- Optimized the skill range indicators for all heroes. When an indicator overlaps with obstacles, it'll be shown semi-transparent (instead of completely blocked).

5- Optimized some of the Battle Spell icons.

6- Optimized the heroes' ability values. [Skill Effects] is replaced with [Control Effects], and all damage abilities from Basic Attacks and skills are summarized in [Offense].


1- S24 will end on 07/01/2022 at 23:59:59

2- Players who've reached the Master or higher rank will receive Grock "Ancient Totem" as the Season Finale Reward.

3- S25 will begin on 07/02/2022 at 02:00:00.

[S25 First Recharge]

1- Recharge 20 Diamonds to claim the S25 First Recharge Avatar Border for free.

2- Recharge any amount of Diamonds to purchase the S25 First Recharge Exclusive Skin, Selena "Gothic Curse", for only 100 Diamonds.

3- Recharge for 3 days to purchase the Name Change Card (7-Day) for only 50 Diamonds.

[Report System]

1- Extra Credit Points deducted due to player reports are now informed within an hour after the match ends.

2- During this period, you can report players via the match history.

3- Optimized the Report Result screen.


1- You can now see how a follower found you on the Followers list (up to 100) and the new follower prompt window.

2- Friends' nicknames are now displayed in more places, including Friend Gifting and the Affinity system.

3- Optimized the image cropping function for custom avatars. You can now flip and rotate the uploaded image.

4- Added a secondary confirmation when you send your lane choice during the Hero Selection phase.


1- Fixed an issue where the Base Turret's defensive skill could be triggered after 12 mins in certain cases.

2- Fixed an issue where heroes could receive the effects of Blade of the Heptaseas and Shadow Twinblades without leaving combat.

3- Fixed an issue where Melissa couldn't trigger the effects of Golden Staff.

4- Optimized the control experience of Wanwan's Basic Attack: Even when there's no target, Wanwan can still cast Basic Attacks to trigger the jump.

5- Adjusted the requirement of Leomord's Mastery Code Chapter 3. Now it requires completing 2 matches alongside Faramis (instead of Vexana).


1- Fixed an issue where the amount of EXP obtained from the Medal Chest was different than stated.

2- Fixed a display issue of the red dots on certain screens.

3- Optimized the display issue of certain in-match interfaces.

4- Fixed an issue with the Referee function in Creation Camp.

5- Optimized the mechanics of friend status syncing so the status is now updated in real time.

6- Optimized the skill descriptions of Helcurt, Angela, Paquito, and other 9 heroes to match the actual skill effects. The actual effects are unchanged.

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