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[Complaint] Who Decided it was a Good Idea to add Natalia to this game?

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Natalia is very very very broken. When she uses her skill combo you cant do anything. All the other heroes have counters and such but for nata no, if she attacks you you're pretty much done for. Silence cancels wind and winter trunch so no use having those items against her. I was just generally curious for who's cracked out mind thought that yeah natalia thats a very good and balanced hero. Istg the moontoon team is run by baboons.
Post time 2022-7-8 03:53 AM | Show all posts
Natalia attack her opponents like mosquito. So you need stunner heroes or simply tanks. All heroes have counters. You definitely should use Antique Cuirass.
Post time 2022-7-8 10:54 AM | Show all posts
As @Rafael0000 said,should use stunner heroes/tanks. Will reduce her chances to get killed by her in short time.
I believe AoE heroes also will do, as will give damage to her even in invisible mode. Example like Hylos with second skill can do it.

The most broken one i think at this moment, probably Wanwan. Her ulti already broken imo.
Once activated, no one can stop her. Even getting Savage much easier in crowd battle.

Post time 2022-7-8 01:03 PM | Show all posts
Like they said above, you have to pick counters against her. If you'r using mage or squishy hero like mm, you must aware of nata in the map. If you cnt see her on map, you mst be careful of bushes near you. Throw skills in the bush to check her, so that she cant ambush you easily.
Post time 2022-7-8 01:17 PM | Show all posts
Edited by MightyMamba at 2022-7-8 01:32 PM

natalia counter pick:
- Brody (semi tank build, exc: Warrior Boots, BOD, Wind of Nature, Twillight Armor, Antique Cuirass, Guardian Helmet)
- Lesley (ult to check her whereabouts. conceal to prevent her from attacking you and make her attack your tank/support instead. ult to reveal her when she escaped with ult's invisible)
- Rafaela (best counter for natalia. good for zoning her position with aoe slow. heal and boost allies movement which makes it harder for her to get kill)
counter gameplay:
- good map awareness
- stick with team in mid/late game
Post time 2022-7-8 01:29 PM | Show all posts
I think it's just a fair deal that they reduced her passive damage in exchange for her new mechanic in her ultimate. It will give the players to survive when Natalia will hunt them but in exchange it will give her opportunity to escape and she's deadly when the heroes are low hp with her new ultimate. I guess Moonton is trying to make Natalia a jungler than a roamer.
Post time 2022-7-9 12:08 AM | Show all posts
irezer replied at 2022-7-8 10:54 AM
As @Rafael0000 said,should use stunner heroes/tanks. Will reduce her chances to get killed by her in ...

They also buffed her dmg of ult and made her ult easier to trigger.
Post time 2022-7-9 12:08 AM | Show all posts
MightyMamba replied at 2022-7-8 01:17 PM
natalia counter pick:
- Brody (semi tank build, exc: Warrior Boots, BOD, Wind of Nature, Twillight A ...

Also yi sun shin.
Post time 2022-7-9 01:07 PM | Show all posts
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
 Author| Post time 2022-7-9 10:13 PM | Show all posts
bruh u guys have no idea bahahaha. Its these good nata players that are immposible to deal with. You guys probably only deal with low mythic 1 - 5 nata players but when u playing against a nata player with 2k games and 2k points its quite difficult, even when using her counters which most of the time don't even work. There are bugs and glitches that will sometimes keep her concealed letting her get her passive to proc which is completely ridiculous. But yeah she dosen't rly need a nerf maybe defence items need a buff because once again I buy items to counter her such as antique crest, and just plain physical defensive items.
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