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Author: Mori.
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[Complaint] Who Decided it was a Good Idea to add Natalia to this game?

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Post time 2022-7-10 02:31 AM | Show all posts

That's the case too for any masters or pro players using any heroes, even off meta or non-meta heroes. So it's not valid to say that a hero is overpowered simply because of that, and it's not factual at all as well to use that as your argument.

If I can 1v3, 1v4 as Selena, does that make Selena OP?

And no, I'm located in SEA (specifically under Indonesian Server) where 95% of the meta and top global players reside in. So yes, I do know what I'm talking about and I have been in the game since late 2016.

If you're talking about bugs and glitches, of course these needs to be fixed and take a look at. However, do not use the reason that she is overpowered as an argument because she isn't, else we would see her being banned 90% of the time like Julian, Akai etc yes? To claim that she is as OP as our current top picks and bans is just absurd because that is entirely untrue and inaccurate to claim as such.

Lastly to add, no Natalia isn't impossible to deal with. There are quite a few counters for her, such as Kaja, Rafaela, Eudora, Selena, Popol and Kupa etc who existed for a couple of years now. Basically AOE skills or skills that allow you to target manually to a spot. I'm not even going to mention Lesley, Aldous, Yi Sun Shin even if they are counters as well due to their CD of vision skills, but this proves my point about the existence of numerous counters for her.

She already has been reworked and adjusted at, and doing more will seriously destroy her as a hero. Look at what happened to Helcurt and Kimmy previously.
Post time 2022-7-10 11:47 AM | Show all posts
Of course Moonton decided it, Lol. It's depend on who using it, if newbie don't mention about it, because I know we all love to bully newbie. If you meet your standard skill player as you're, of course you need to outplay it. If high skill player or pro player use Natalia, of course Natalia look so OP. Skill, instinct, think as you're the enemy, those 3 thing will solve your problem with Natalia.

Emotional Damage
Post time 2022-7-12 12:27 PM | Show all posts
Let me take a guess, hmmm, you must enjoy playing squishy heroes and have no map awareness. And why tf would you use antique quirass to counter her? Buy Blade Armor instead which is cheaper and can reduce her crit damage easily.
Post time 2022-7-13 01:18 AM | Show all posts
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