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[Share] Low mythics helping to ruin Hero Balance

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Edited by Charles at 2022-7-20 05:01 PM

I started playing ml in 2017, I just noticed that the community are so toxic now especially low mythics having a immediate knee jerk reaction IN EVERY HERO in the game ( I dont play the game that much anymore currently legend V but my highest rank is 1.8k points icant rank due to being in a medical school so busy grhhhh)

My responce: I dont know why people are bitching of how op franco is hes been like that since day 1, moontoon even shadownerf franco by removing his cc immunity from ulting and thinning the hitbox of his first skill (psst they even tried to shorten the lenght of his hook at early levels but was immediately cancelled) despite Franco in THOSE time was considered the lower end in the hero tier list. Most low mythics dont even understand why franco is such an important hero in the tournament ITS MAINLY the tank jungle meta that compliments his playstyle. before the tank jungle meta he was considered a trash tier because Hes a tank with no Defensive capabilities  ( like khufra getting extra def in ball form, atlas extra def when using second skill, tigreal has a passive that is useful against high atk speed marksman etc.) , Franco Cant tank hell if the jungle is a dmg dealer because he was always exposed in teamfights and enemies would just gang up on him, the tank jungle meta last season help franco to be a effective backlane setter so that is why its so much easier to hook since you are not in the frontline probably in the bushes waiting for a prey old meta does not allow him to that since IF YOU MISS your hook your jungle dmg dealer in the frontline will die but in this tank meta even franco miss hooks the tank jungler would just shrug the dmg off and go home. But thanks to the nerf in the latest update when dmg junglers are emerging from the grave slowly he will be back to the bottomless pit of untiered since low mythics cry like a kid for no reason......

My responce: I dont hate content creators I just hate the audience who cant think of themselves and taking the content creator's take way to seriously. TERIZLA HAS BEEN TRASH TIER FOR 2.5 YEARS The nerf did not make sense jesus christ hes not even top 5 fighters hes somewhat still usable in those 2 weeks of his buff and somehow moontoon be like: terizla is ugly lets nerf him. AND the low mythics in the community as well bitching about Terizla that his dmg is op and when i see their clips terizla enemy level 15 max items, the one idiot who post that picture miya level 10 of course any hero with a very large gold gain/item lead would have 20 plus kills its your team fault for letting him get way ahead even in his buff state for 2 weeks hes still have problems like: late game scaling dmg is weak ( he could ohko a mm late game with full dmg but the problem is that mm should have sufficient movement speed by now to dodge your skills as opposed to early game where he shines the most bc its easier to his his hammer and you melt like the speed of light mm with inspire), Ult very low activation and unreliable pull effect that can be broken by a simple dash, slowest base movement speed in the game etc etc. Thank LAYLA USERS FOR NERFING THIS HERO

Vexana: nerf to death because of dumbasses saying she was op in the adv server despite in adv server all players are jsut trolling around (including me hehehehe) which is not a good indicator on why she needs to be nerfed
faramis: good
leomord: useless revamp that is way way way way way way way to reliant on his loli friend angela the buff that leomord got was just a rollback on some of the nerf he recieves 2 years ago his still weaker than his release date

Release date
50% percent  100 crit activation but got a speedy nerf to 40% (now 35% but the difference is despite being down to 40 percent before it was ez for leomord to melt soft heroes because his skill base dmg is high  but was tampered by alot by moontoon bc he was op at that time that could 1v3 easily. current leomord even with full dmg struggles to put mm down to 100-35% health because his skill dmg is just weak if you miss your first skill sword thrust it very likely you are not going to put mm health down to 35% for crit dmg he needs angela to do the work
horse def bonus is GODDDLY
First kill from his normal form stings like a kid
the only thing that the current leomord has is that he now deals 200 percen crit dmg as opposed to 180 in his release but the base dmg of his skill set still not there moontoon could just release the old leomord tbh and see how he will fare against the new gods in the meta it was a lazy revamp just a rollback basically
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Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
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Soooo agree with the advance server one. I mean, it is just not right to test a revamp hero or new hero on advance server because there are soo many trolling and UNMETA hero that player like to use. Poor Vexana and Odette expectation and now they are fail revamp
Post time 2022-7-16 10:18 PM | Show all posts

I agree wholeheartedly to everything that you mentioned. Older players like us who have been here since 2016-2017 knows clearly about how neglected and how bad these heroes were.

Their recent revamps are nothing near the definition of unbalanced. Strong yes, but far from unbalanced.

Jungle Emblem Ling before the most recent patch, is the true definition of overpowered and unbalanced.
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Sadly, majority of the playerbase are actually kids who play the game and there's only a small portion of those dedicated players who actually know how to analyze, counter heroes and such. There's only a handful of players who knows how to synergize and appreciate every skillset of every other heroes, sadly this is only shown and seen during tournaments.

You'll notice how underrated heroes would also tend to go back into the limelight without buffs. It's because of good players are using them in tourneys showcasing how actually good they are.

I completely agree with you, everyone would just complain about a hero being overpowered without taking other factors into matter. You can clearly see it in this forum as well.

Also, moved this to General Section.
Post time 2022-7-21 01:07 AM | Show all posts
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
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