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[Hero Concept] Dilan- the master of ilusions and the friend of Kelyan

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Image:                                                           forma de luta:
                                                                 forma de dragão:
class: Mage
attack: Distance
damage: magical
History: Dylan is a 13 year old child who lived in a normal small village but one day he was picking fruit in the woods, when a monster appeared and chased him until his father killed the monster. But several demons appeared because of the noise caused by the monster that was defeated and Dilan appeared but they next to your village appeared the demons for you, people that the village disappeared and then people appeared on the opposite side attracting the demons.Apparently this had come from Dilan but he didn't understand what had happened. A man from the village says it's witchcraft but Dilan says he didn't know how it happened, the village doesn't believe it and to keep everyone safe they decide to expel Dilan and his father not to leave him alone follows him. A cloaked person appears and tells them to follow him and he tells them the whole story. The person reveals himself to be a lady,she explains to the boy that he is a person with illusory powers and that most of the mages died in an attack by an assassin who was sent by someone mysterious and to save him they sealed his power and was sent to a village. She had been watching him the whole time and didn't tell him anything for fear the killer would come back because he knew his work wasn't over. Dilan discovers that his father is not his biological father deciding to be alone for a few moments crying for having always lived far from his true family but he was also happy to have met his wonderful father who said that in case he needs he will be there to talk. Two days later several assassins appeared surprising the 3 with smoke bombs, Dilan for not knowing how to use his power can't do anything but run away his father follows him and the lady stays behind. They hide and after a while they hear footsteps coming towards them and when they see the lady who managed to escape and they go away from that place. Dilan's father is worried because he doesn't have food so he goes to the village to get food while the lady tells the story to Dilan saying that the seal was weakening the more the power tried to manifest but the assassins found them. They try to run away but can't stop them so for Dilan to run away the lady stays behind delaying them but one of the assassins follows him while the others continue fighting. until 3 people showed up and helped him being these 3 Kelyan, Nurica, Edinho who took him and hid him. They were friendly with him especially Kelyan because despite having a demon inside him he was still 12 years old and they quickly became friends. they go back to find Dilan's father and after finding him they all go to a new town that has never been seen by Dilan or his father. when he separates from the group because he went to buy something he was attacked by the assassin who had followed him thus destroying the seal and activating Dilan's powers he manages to use his illusion power to fight but for not being very skilled he is defeated.

Passive: ilusion
CD: 10s
When Dilan drops below 40% health, enemy is stilled for 6s

Skill1: Perfect hologram
CD: 10s/1,5s
Dylan creates a hologram that stays on the map until the enemy destroys it, after destroyed this illusion tricks the enemy by petrifying him for 2s and the map view hologram for Dilan. They walk like a patrol bot
He has 3 ilusions.

Skill2: burning ilusion
CD: 6s
Dilan creates an explosion illusion in the designated area causing magic damage, slowing, and burning the enemy slowing them for 6s and after using the skill the enemy is stunned for 2s

Skill 3: A false person
CD: 7s
Dilan transforms into an enemy, minion or jungle monster of your choice and if he is transformed into an enemy he cannot be attacked but if he attacks the enemy his disguise will disappear. he can be attacked by turrets. The illusion only ends if Dilan wants to return to normal or gets close to the enemy he turned into. During the illusion your second skill is improved dealing more damage and stunning the enemy for 3s

Ultimate: Supreme ilusion
CD: 30s
Dilan turns into a dragon and creates one that destroys at the hands of enemies making them unable to use skills for 4s, slows and damages enemies making them scared and the illusion makes it look like Dilan is stronger giving more damage to enemies. enemies. Several allies appear in the middle of the battlefield and they hinder enemies because they take the focus of basic attacks

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