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[Poll] Community thoughts on Argus?

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Do you think he's weak, strong or balanced?

- Ultimate is now a decent cooldown of 30 instead of 90 seconds.
- He can use his ultimate to clear CC effects and is no longer slowed
- His ultimate can be a deciding factor in winning games by damaging the base.
- His passive benefits from DHS which is why it's one of his core items

- Weak damage output. His base attack growth starts at 100, has a baseline growth of 4 with a increase of 10 per ultimate level. At max level averaging out his growth, it's only 5-6 per level which is one of the lowest growths in game

-the change from 3 strikes, to 2 strikes and now 1 extra strike on his passive means DHS isn't as strong as it was for him like pre revamp

- his passive is poorly designed and coded. Last hitting a minion who dies as you swing will cause his rage bar to disappear. Same will happen if you are stunned at that exact moment you trigger your passive, or if you use a battle spell like retri or inspire as it activates.

- his passive states he will generate rage on damage taken. He does not.

- his passive takes 7 swings to activate. Comparing to similar passives like Zilong and Dyrroth, it does less damage and healing per minute when all heroes wear similar gear

-Skill 1 cooldown is not the longest in the game at level 1, but it's cooldown remains static so at level 15 the base cooldown is one of the longest

- The amount of times I've been killed trying to escape because the cast animation of Skill1 is about 1.2 seconds and acts as a self root is way too many

- The amount of times I've been killed trying to escape but big fatso's clip the side of my Demonic Hand while they're sitting on top or right next to me. Usually this happens when I'm surrounded, but it can also be done as a counterplay when they understand how the ability works to block my escape.

-Skill 2's damage gets progressively worse instead of better the higher your level. The damage can often remain pretty static. Health pools, shields, armour and health Regen all reduce the skills potency. The ability is designed as a deterrent to stop players running away by bleeding, but the bleed damage is so negligible people don't care.

- Due to the 1 second charge time, using Skill 2 is an overall DPS loss

- The charge time from Skill 2 is longer than the stun duration of Skill 1. I've had players simply walk out of range because of this

- The speed boost offered on S2 is equivalent to other heroes who also have the same Speed %(or passive movement boost like Vale), but are not forced to follow a pathway.

- The range is pretty short. Understandable for a melee ability, but the risk / reward is just not there for what it does

-Recently his ultimate was stealth nerfed by Moonton against Franco and Kaja. They never included it in the patch notes until some of us complained it might of been a bug. They then permanently added this as a feature of suppression.

- I don't see why he generates full rage bar with his ultimate instead of his Skill 2. The ability is a defensive, survival tool. If you're forced to pop ultimate at 60-100% rage to survive, Argus loses his entire burst potential.

That was longer than I expected. Anyway what's your thoughts on him? Bonus points if you played pre-revamp Argus.
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