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Edited by Samsaras at 2022-8-2 08:11 PM

Can you find the troll from this?
The answer is the MVP, as it often is, sadly.
Zilong basically made this bush this home while thamuz roamed the whole map, supressing us 4v5.
Don't be confused by the tank's bad score, he got put behind early. There was a ready made triple for zilong (enemy tank mage jungle die to zilongs s2, so low) but zilong stayed home in his bush while thamuz roamed to kill hylos and that was the story basically the whole game.
And don't say thamuz op, zilong loses to thamuz. Cause Zilong didn't even try. I saw in replay, zilong activated ult & ran away as soon as he saw thamuz, using stickers, like "you can't catch me". You know what thamuz did? Didn't even look at zilong, cleared the lane & went to help in teamfight. And where was zilong during the teamfight, back in his bush. He didn't even push up to the 2nd turret, just sat waiting for the minions to come.
This this the end of the game:
See zilong in the mini-map? He never defended any turret & not even the base at the end.
So this is a way to troll: never help in securing or defending objectives. Just farm & try to capitalize on a enemy's mispositioning to improve your kda. Pray that your lane opponent is good, so that your team falls behind 4v5 & you can snag that sweet mvp, cause that's all that matters.
 Author| Post time 2022-8-6 03:22 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Samsaras at 2022-8-6 03:44 PM

@Anand We didn't need Athena. We were winning almost all 4v4, then thamuz came & defeated us 4v5. None of Nana skills hit me & harley could only target 1 & then that person ran & came back after dodging his s1, only to find an unkillable thamuz. If you build athena as ling before you have any dmg then it's pointless as you don't die, but you don't do anything else. Hylos was building agressively(hp & dmg) as we were winning early before realising he was feeding due to thamuz turning the situation around last minute, so he started to build dominant Ice to counter him. All 8 of us were low hp: us around 30%, enemy around 20%; but then thamuz became the frontline & we couldn't kill him.

Some great mods we have huh? One only looks at the last pic to decide zilong was pushing when enemy still had tier 2 turrets and another looks at team comp & build & arbitrarily decides the mvp can't be trolling(even tho he doesn't have athena either - i mean why would he, he was never in fights, never took dmg).
If more ppl like this are on moonton team, no wonder trolling is so easy( i speak from experience)

Fyi Anand, you can build full magic def vs 4 magic heroes & still lose due to lack of armor. You don't just look at comps so simply, you have to see if there is burst or dps, if there is is hp based dmg, which enemies can even do dmg to you, if enemies can be easily neutralized, etc etc.

See my 0 deaths? See Lesley's 2nd lowest deaths? Magic dmg was not my problem, my problem was we didn't have enough dmg to kill Thamuz + Franco with only 4 ppl. My problem was that while thamuz left his lane (bot lane) to help in top lane turtle & lord, his lane tier 2 turret was untouched. No one in bot but zilong & what was he doing? Not pushing.

But good to know there are people in official team who support trolling & try to justify it as long as there is a gold medal next to their name (Since I'm almost always gold, rarely silver when trolling)

Post time 2022-8-3 12:59 AM | Show all posts
This type for situation happened a lot. So, for me not really surprise at all. That's why i don't follow much about how MVP actually worked or calculated. Flaws or errors can happen in many ways. Some people really proud with MVP stuffs but me not.
Post time 2022-8-3 07:35 PM | Show all posts
I have games like this in ever 3rd or 4th game
Post time 2022-8-3 07:36 PM | Show all posts
While it can be said that he's trolling, he's more of segway pushing or ratting. You guys are basically 4 heroes defending your inhibitor turrets. On the side note, you did mention he cleared lanes right or waited for minions to come? I can also see him near the 3rd turret. I guess you're in a bad luck because Zilong probably don't know how to decide when and when not to push for turrets and instead recall back to base and help defend.

Although, what he's doing somehow distracts enemy heroes, just so happen that these enemy heroes didn't bother at all.
 Author| Post time 2022-8-3 10:59 PM | Show all posts
Charles replied at 2022-8-3 07:36 PM
While it can be said that he's trolling, he's more of segway pushing or ratting. You guys are basica ...

It's not only the end, he was never in a fight, while thamuz always was, making it 4v5 the whole game, not the end only.
Also he never pushed. See how their tier2 turrets are intact? What he did was stay near our outer turret & cleared when minions came up to there. See picture 2 see how his kda is 102, same as end of game? A pushing zilong would have gone to kill miya & take tier2 turret. But he just stood there in the bush. You want to see a pushing zilong? See this post
A pushing zilong would not have 0 deaths as pushing is risky. If he really pushed, I would not complain even if he got 3.0 bronze.


I can't see Athena Shield in your team even though there are 2 mages in the enemy. Maybe that Zilong is not a troll  Post time 2022-8-4 11:44 PM
Post time 2022-8-4 09:10 PM | Show all posts
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
Post time 2022-8-6 08:29 PM | Show all posts
Samsaras replied at 2022-8-6 03:22 PM
@Anand We didn't need Athena. We were winning almost all 4v4, then thamuz came & defeated us 4v5. No ...

In your team, Zilong had the highest gold. Your team should not engage in a fight without Zilong.

If enemies are ganking, a good strategy is splitting and push turrets when the tank and mage is defending the turret from enemies.

Zilong and Lesley can push lanes easily but I wonder why they didn't push.

I saved many such games by diverting the enemy gank. Maybe they don't know this strategy
Post time 2022-8-8 10:39 PM | Show all posts
nice lol
 Author| Post time 2022-8-9 02:36 PM | Show all posts
Anand replied at 2022-8-6 08:29 PM
In your team, Zilong had the highest gold. Your team should not engage in a fight without Zilong.

"Your team should not engage in a fight without Zilong." So let get enemy get turtle lord & all our turrets without fighting back since zilong doesn't want to defend any objective? Easy win strat bro. Just let them melt our base without any resistance.
"Zilong and Lesley can push lanes easily but I wonder why they didn't push." Lesley couldn't push because 5 enemies were covering us & if they saw lesley(or other 3 of us) they would go kill her easy since we had no map. 4v5 we knew(guess & sound) where enemy was but even if tank went to give vision we couldn't win 4v5. Only lane that was free was zilong's since enemy realised he was trolling. (After 1st turtle all objectives spawned top, away from zilong's lane)

Zilong didn't push, didn't teamfight. He just killed minions & jungle (& enemies if he got squishy enemy in our jungle). Zilong had no pressure in the game. Enemy was not afraid of him going to their back line, was not worried about him pushing. They just ignored him since he was trolling.
Yet our mods seem keen on blaming everyone else since he git MVP & highest gold. That's the problem, why trolling isn't punished. You can just afk farm while enemy kills your base & ppl will say "Well he had the highest gold so it's not his fault."
Seeing ppl defend & make excuses for trolls is more upsetting than encountering them. I'll just stop complaining to supporters of trolls & get some highest gold matches myself. Gold is what matters right? Even if I don't use it to help my team? Right?
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