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[Share] Tips to get MYTIC in the MAGIC CHESS in one week

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This mode is gambling mode just play with it
No Strategy
No Tips

Just Full RNG

instead of making their own RNG
Developers use RNGs that they might not even be able to play

Hero Pool = RNG
Blessing = RNG
Item = RNG
“Bad” RNG is the RNG that you as the player can’t impact with the decisions you make throughout the game. Basically just anything that is outside of your immediate control that you have very little or no impact on.

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not what i was expecting haha
Post time 2022-8-11 11:00 PM | Show all posts
On a serious note, you can still win even with a very bad card pool.

You just have to stop being stubborn, be decisive and pick/change your comp or synergy into something that not many (or no one) pick. Often, you'll find that picking or building a synergy that many other players in the match are also doing, will result in your building speed to be slow because they picked all the cards you need in the shop. There's only a limited amount of hero cards in the shop, so take note of this.

Secondly, I find that positioning helps a lot. There are many occasions where I won with a weaker team power simply because of the use of positioning to counter my enemies.

Thirdly, pick counter items or skills (like silence) or heroes. If you know that your enemies are too high in lifesteal (like fighter or astro synergy), pick anti-heal items. If enemy is building Freya or Dragon Altar, consider picking Esmeralda to eat and counter their shields.
 Author| Post time 2022-8-12 02:09 PM | Show all posts
CloudDevelic replied at 2022-8-11 11:00 PM
On a serious note, you can still win even with a very bad card pool.

You just have to stop being st ...

On serious note, I never said we can not win.

First, if you change your synergy in the middle, you almost back to square one in the other way your opponents already have higher stars.

Second, positioning it's help but not always, you can choose your hero position but you can not control which opponent's hero you will attack. it's base on RNG.

for example, if martis face two hero in front of him, Hero A and hero B. martis basic attack will use in the hero A but his ulti will use in the hero B. If Martis use his ulti in hero A, this hero A will be killed.

Thirdly, you should ask community how bad RNG item in Magic chess mode. Some player have certain case when their hero use physical attack but they get magic item so how you explain this. I am sure player know which item better to counter, but are they get what item they want? The answer is Not always.

In the RNG, there is call luck percentage, so if your luck percentage is low so just go with it. If all player in the game have same luck percentage, why blessing not  appear for all player with same amount, some player only get two blessing, but other player can have four blessing.

No hard feeling this is just my opinions.
Post time 2022-8-12 09:31 PM | Show all posts
When you play Magic Chess, always mark in your mind that LUCK is the key to win. Don't play it seriously.
Post time 2022-8-13 06:26 AM | Show all posts
Lmao :)) I was genuinely going to read this hoping I would finally learn some tips, cause i`m really not that good at this mode. Then i see "Pray to God" :)) Nice one
Post time 2022-8-13 03:31 PM | Show all posts

It's not just my sentiments though, it's what other players, some whom are glory in Magic Chess shared with me.

RNG is going to be everywhere somehow, but I'm telling you that you can still have the worst luck at the beginning out of all players and come out as a victor. I'm talking about stuff like having 0 blessings while every other player has at least 1-2 blessings sort of bad luck.

But you got to be real patient and calm for Magic Chess. Perseverance is key because typically near the end, your chances and luck will improve because there's less players in the picture.

And I still stand behind my point about positioning. Like for example if you know 4 other people are building Northern Vale, obviously you should either spread out your heroes or bait Aurora's ultimate to land on the wrong crowd.
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Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
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Edited by Burnzey91 at 2022-8-19 04:27 PM

Game mode is 100% luck based

You could have one match where your starting lineup gives you an instant 2 star hero, or you could refresh 10 times and not get the hero you need.

Honestly, it's silly.

Why can't you upgrade the hero with coins? Like 5-8 coins you can clone a hero, or choose to refresh for 2 coins. Or buy items from a shop with coins? Having a melee line up and given magic items is dumb. That way you're making a decision and it's not entirely luck based. You're making decisions to upgrade your little commander vs increase potency of your team.

The choice of Fate rounds are fine in my opinion. It gives advantage to those who have lost a couple earlier rounds and acts in a similar way to blue shell from Mario Kart
Post time 2022-9-10 03:37 PM | Show all posts
Hero like remy still OP
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