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[Hero Concept] new fighter

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name: arthur
class: soldier
skill cost: nature energy
specialize: damage
attack type: melee
is a boy who can transform into animals and uses this power to explore the land of dawn.

passive: (one with nature)
After standing in the grass or hitting minions, jungle monsters, and enemy heroes, Arthur accumulates nature energy that allows him to use abilities.

1 skill: (tiger roar)
CD: 9s
arthur roars like a tiger, which awakens his wild side by increasing attack speed and basic attack damage. it increases basic attack damage by 40% and attack speed by 30%, the improvement of this skill increases ace percentage by 2%. this effect lasts for 7s

2 skill: (cat jump)
CD: 8s
arthur jumps in a designated direction, enhancing the next basic attack dealing more damage and stunning the enemy hit.

3 skill: (animal transformation)
CD: 40s
Arthur becomes the chosen animal being these: the eagle, the bear, the rhino and the electric eel and he gains news skills. if he uses the skill in animal form he can transform into another animal or human form


passive: He can fly over obstacles and has a longer vision range.

1 skill: (eagle speed)
CD: 8s
water increases your movement speed by 60% for 6s. and he enhances his next basic attacks by doing more damage, depending on Arthur's movement or attack speed the more damage he does. If it has more than 80% movement speed it has 50 more damage and if it goes to 100% it does 150 more damage and increases 100 damage every 20% movement speed

2 skill: (king of heaven)
CD: 6s
Arthur flies at a height that no one can reach making him immune to damage and increases his movement speed by 30%


passive: in bear form he uses his claws to inflict wounds on enemies causing them to bleed. they bleed for 9s and when the enemy is bleeding he can know where he is

1 skill: (bear strength)
CD: 9s
Arthur puts strength in his paws causing more damage in the next basic attacks and the lower the enemy's health the more damage his basic attacks do.

2 skill: (sharp teeth)
CD: 5s
Arthur damages and slows enemies and leaves them with a bear mark on their heads. That when he hits with basic attacks his hits do more damage and make enemies bleed for 14s


passive: after using an ability your next basic attack lifts enemies that are hit

1 skill: (rhino weight)
CD: 8s
Arthur jumps in the designated direction dealing damage to enemies and stunning them. If he presses it again he will hit the ground with such force that it will lift the enemies hit.

2 skill: (rhino resistance)
CD: 9s
Arthur is immune to crowd control and increases his physical and special defense

Electric eel:

passive: your basic attacks damage nearby enemies and slow them down and can paralyze them. your attacks deal magic damage
1 skill: (paralyzing attack)
CD: 8s
Arthur improves his basic attacks for 7s to stun enemies and deal more damage. and mark them with electricity that when it is completed the enemy appears on the map

2 skill: (electrical attack)
CD: 8s
Arthur jumps towards the enemy, if he hits, the enemy will receive damage and when he is marked the attack does more damage and leaves him taking continuous damage

Arthur automatically transforms into a human when nature's energy runs out.
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