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Hi guys! It been a while, quite a long time ago post nothing in forum. Well, I want to enquiry some question. The image below is the Classic match I play used Estes, five and above matches totally all lose. It makes me doubt to myself, I really curious is my skill have getting regression or nowdays players' skill setback to be this sucks.... I really don't intend to insulting it! Yet, not only in Classic... Rank too. Must I play those assasin, fighter, mage so I can ensure maintain my win rate huh? Please don't tell me is normal in Classic straight lose bla bla bla, I know that too! How bout rank? 10 matches 7 lose 3 win.... Am my skill becomes so sucks until I cant even win in Classic.... Why I feel nowdays player can play a hero until like this... This is not bad anymore, is worse that previous season... Even practice not all of them practice right? Play it serious still can be like that, I cant imagine in the future can be more worsen than now...

Makes my mood so fk bad...

Post time 2022-8-23 04:04 PM | Show all posts
Probably because we all getting older and our reflexes getting slower.
No matter how many times we practice on certain things, but when our muscles and minds not really young like before, it's useless as well.
It's getting slower, slower and slower.
Post time 2022-8-23 07:23 PM | Show all posts
This problem might be related to matchmaking.

Recently I found that, the system is matching me with low win rate players. My win rate is 62% but all of my teammates win rate is below 45. I checked the enemy team's win rate, all of them had a win rate above 50%. In that game, I struggled really hard to prolong it. My teammates went to fight and die unnecessarily. Respawn, fight, die and repeat till we lose the game

In another game, my team was performing well and I noticed that enemies rank is way lower than our team. In our team all are Legend IV+ but in enemy team all are Legend V. Poor enemies lost very bad due to matchmaking.

This makes me think that only very lucky players can keep winning in soloQ. Because even if you are skilled, the matchmaking is matching you with players having less than 45% win rate

Skill alone is not enough to keep winning. Luck for getting good teammates is also very essential in soloQ

If you are playing with friends having high win rate, it's a different story
 Author| Post time 2022-8-24 12:04 AM | Show all posts
Maybe just like you said we are getting old... Yet, as @Anand commented, I feel suspicious of the match matching system Mlbb... I found out that most of my matchmaking players' win rates are below 50%. Are these are the tactics for the Mlbb system to keep our win rates or the match-making system balanced throughout pulling down players' win rates? My win rates from last season commonly are 56%, and it decrease to 52%... Maybe will drop further in the future... If it is the truth, just ask Devs to eat sh*t! As before I felt hard for solo players, and now is tough for us to survive through... So unfriendly!
Post time 2022-8-24 12:45 AM | Show all posts
You also play a support hero. So if u lose, it might be bc of your team.
Post time 2022-8-24 05:53 AM | Show all posts
血梅MAYN replied at 2022-8-24 12:04 AM
Maybe just like you said we are getting old... Yet, as @Anand commented, I feel suspicious of the ma ...

Nothing much me can say about matchmaking, since ppls already complained about it based on other threads. So, yeah.

Even @Anand also felt it based on his story.
I hope he delivered about the problem well to the Moonton.

*Long-live Laylaa! umu


Long live Layla... Hahaha....  Post time 2022-8-24 08:08 PM
Post time 2022-8-24 04:48 PM | Show all posts
Its mainly about matching and since its classic, you'll get matched up will random players .So you'll win when if you got good team mates or other wise lose. Thats why i play with frns even in classic, and my winstreak went to 26 recently. Classic might get even worse from new update, coz wr wont count and there'll be mny players practicing heroes.
 Author| Post time 2022-8-24 10:07 PM | Show all posts
seimz replied at 2022-8-24 04:48 PM
Its mainly about matching and since its classic, you'll get matched up will random players .So you'l ...

Disagree with what you said... Yes, I did show only the Classic matches. Yet, my actual using Estes in Rank matches had 8 matches this season, 4 wins 4 losses. I found that winning mostly will be like my team super strong and enemies getting bronze most of the time. Yet, to be reserved as my team who lost mostly to be like super weak getting 3 bronze 2 silver maybe worse and enemies are super powerful... Hard to say...
Post time 2022-8-26 09:19 AM | Show all posts
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
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