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[Hero Concept] Kalypso The Bat

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Edited by Mjuyts at 2022-9-25 06:36 AM

Kalypso The Ancestral Bat
Class: Mage/Support

Passive- Bloodbat:
With the basic attack, Kalypso causes a bat to enter a friendly target or enemy target. (when it gets too far from the target, the bat goes back under its wings) (after 2sec of Kalypso's death, the bat returns under his wings)
The bat heals 15 of the friendly target's hp every 0.5sec and deals 25(+55% total physical damage)(+32% total magical damage) magic damage to the enemy target every 0.4sec. 20% more heal(on the first "heal hit") or dealing 20% ​​more damage(on the first hit) when him uses basic attack on target that is already being the bat host.

Every 28sec, He sucks some of the vital energy from nearby enemies heroes and allies heroes, to heal 170 of his HP (same percetage, but the more enemies and allies, the less life he takes from targets).

Bloodbath and Bloody Field  healing percentage(in ally) increases based on the damage, him has dealt in the last 8sec (max 50%), resetting each time he heals with one of these skills. Screenshot_20220825-171019_InShot~2.jpg

1skill - Bloodbath:
He unleashes a barrage of blood at an enemy or ally target.
if enemy, will deal 260/350/380/402(+65% total magical damage) total magic damage and 35% slow for 1.5sec, while healing the same percentage of Kalypso's HP.
if ally, will heal 420 HP, In exchange for Kalypso's HP (same percentage).
Cooldown 10,2 mana 95

2skill- Bloody Field:
Kalypso casts a puddle of blood at the target location for 4sec.
The puddle deals 50/60/70/128(+44% total magical damage) magic damage to enemies (when they are on top of the puddle) every 0.5sec and heals 75 of his and allies'(on top of the puddle) HP every 0.4 sec.
Cooldown 17 mana 100

3skill- Flight of Bats:
Active:He flies backwards releasing 4 tiny bats(forward), dealing in total 250/360/380/440(+160% total magical damage) magic damage and silence(basic atk and skills that deal damage) to enemies hit for 0.65sec.
Passive:When allies are moving away from enemies, bats give 70% mov speed for 0.5sec.
Cooldown 13,8 mana 80 Screenshot_20220825-231739_InShot~2.jpg

Ult- Small Pact:
Active:He orders a bat(higher than bat of the basic attack and 3skill) to bite him, or an ally(in range) or an enemy(in range), fully recovering target HP temporarily. Temporary HP lasts for 2.1sec or until dropped by enemy attacks (cannot receive healing or shield during this time).
His and ally's HP will be returned to the state it was previously, while 10% of the enemy hero's HP will be reduced.
Passive:When using the ult while Kalypso is Blinded, will make him gains vision(for 0.4sec) of the map(x meters).
Cooldown 74 mana 200 drawn-bat-anime-drawn-to-life-wilfre-1210436.png

Post time 2022-8-30 05:06 AM | Show all posts
for his ult-small contract, i think no need to go for enemy and make fully recovery HP.
If me, i'll just let the bat bite me instead, and at the same time getting vision of the map. (hacking~~)
 Author| Post time 2022-8-30 01:13 PM | Show all posts
irezer replied at 2022-8-29 06:06 PM
for his ult-small contract, i think no need to go for enemy and make fully recovery HP.
If me, i'll ...

I think it looks different
and it is also a double-edged sword, for Kalypso, his allies and enemies. Because of limitations.

High Cooldown
 Author| Post time 2022-8-30 01:23 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Mjuyts at 2022-8-30 02:27 AM

And I think it suits the "mage" part(minus 10% of hp) of him
"support" part too (make contracts even with enemies)

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