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[Hero Concept] Mary, the killing marionette

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Mary, the killing marionette [Mage/Assassin]
Hero Difficulty : Extreme

Specialiaty : Chase, Burst

Unseen puppeteer (Passive)
When Mary is out of the vision of enemy heroes(being seen by minions or turrets with no enemy heroes within range does not cancel her passive, enemy heroes must be within vision range to cancel her passive), she gains 35% movespeed and is able to enter a state called "Killing marionette" gaining new skills.
Damaging enemy heroes with any skill except "Killing marionette" skills marks them with "Unseen thread" that stacks up to 3 times. All stacks of "Unseen thread" are immediately removed after 10s. Enemies marked with "Unseen thread" have their vision exposed and are visible ONLY TO Mary

Marionette Doll/Threading needle (Skill 1)
Cooldown 22/22/22    Mana 80/100/120
Mary can summon a "marionette doll" that looks 100% identical to her. Mary can choose who the doll would follow or they can behave exactly like AI bots. This marionette doll will follow the selected ally until they die. The doll can chase enemies but will return back to the selected ally if they go too far. The summoned marionette dolls inherits 100% of Mary's total HP. The doll is able to use all the skills of Mary but unable to use "The killing doll" and "Marionette doll" but the damage is only 70% of the original. She can summon the marionette doll anywhere as far as 12/14/16 units
Cooldown 8/8/8    Mana 50/60/70
Killing Marionette state : Mary slashes down with 3 threads in straight line in front of her, and each thread dealing 200/300/400(+100% total magic power) magic damage. Targets at that are hit at the end of the hitbox are knocked up. Hitting a target with "Unseen thread" consumes a stack dealing 15% extra damage and gives Mary extra movespeed of 35% for 2.5s

Thread whip/Killing Waltz (Skill 2)
Cooldown 10/8/8    Mana 50/60/70
Mary whips with her threads, dealing 400/450/500(+100% total magic power)magic damage in a straight line knocking up targets for 0.5s
Cooldown 10/8/8    Mana 50/60/70
Killing marionette state : Mary can dash in a direction while slashing enemies around her with threads dealing 250/300/350(+90% total magic damage) magic damage. Hitting an enemy with a stack of "Unseen thread" consumes 1 stack and resets this cooldown immediately

Hanging threads/Falling Threads (Skill 3)
Cooldown 10/8/8    Mana 100/110/120
Mary locks onto a target and ensnares them with threads. After 2s, dealing 200/250/300(+100% total magic power)(+8% total lost HP)magic damage and immobalize them for 1.5s
Cooldown 8/8/8    Mana 50/60/70
Killing marionette state : Mary jumps to the target location dealing 350/400/450(+70% total magic power)magic damage inflicting "Fear" for 0.5s, hitting an enemy with "Unseen thread" consumes a stack and gives Mary a shield 300/400/500(+100% total magic power) that lasts 4s

The killing doll (Ultimate)
Cooldown 3/40    Mana 50/60/70
You are unable to use this skill if you are within the enemy's vision, this skill is immediately canceled when you enter an enemy's vision and goes into cooldown.

If used on Mary :
Mary shows her true self and enters the "Killing marionette" state and gains new skills. Mary loses ranged basic attacks and gains melee basic attacks that deals 150(+50% total magic power)magic damage and applying 1 stack of "Unseen thread" per basic attack. Using it again while in "Killing marionette" state returns Mary back to normal.
Mary can either teleport a target location after a 2s delay if she choses to become a killing doll herself. The teleport range can be up to 12/14/16 units

If used on summoned marionette doll :
If Mary chooses to turn the summoned marionette doll into a killing doll, giving it access to "Killing marionette mode" skills, and removing the 70% damage limit. Mary can undo the enhancement on the summoned marionette, but this skill's cooldown will be 40s instead.

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