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[Hero Concept] Torres Chess Master

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Edited by Mjuyts at 2022-8-31 03:21 PM

Torres Chess Master
images (12).jpeg


Passive-Help of the Pawns:
When he kills a minion, it gives more gold to nearby allies, and the minion becomes a pawn ally with 30% of his attributes (max 4).
(they will only drop 5 gold when killed)
(Pawns walk in front of him or (when summoned) the King) f3bff06b768bffcb1713258eae3da686~2.jpg

1skill- Small Pieces:
Knight(2 stack), Queen(3 stack) or King (4 stack) appears at the target location, which attacks nearby enemies, dealing damage based on 42%(Knight),60%(Queen) and 55%(King) of physical attack from Torres. All will have 80% of the stats (except physical damage) of Torres
Cooldown 13(stack 5) Mana 90
(There's a little button for each, which makes them walk next to the Torres or apart from him.
If they walk apart, the 3 will walk like regular chess pieces, with squares next to them)
(Can have all 3 at the same time on the battlefield)

2skill- Bishop's Heal:
The Bishop (appears as an image behind Torres) prays for Torres and his companions, decreasing damage taken (from Torres and pieces) by 5%(for 4sec) and healing by 200/300/500/600(+7% total HP) HP of Torres and King.
Passive: When this skill is available and he kills minions with allies next to him, allies have 40 HP healed.
Cooldown 15 Mana 110

3skill- Square Chessboard :
He creates squares around it (front, back and sides).
If he jumps to an even numbered square (away from him), he will protect (pulling into him) an ally (in one of the squares) and the King for 1.4sec.
If he jumps to an odd numbered square, he will stun an enemy for 1.4sec, in addition to dealing 190/220/270/380(+170% total physical damage)(+10% total HP) physical damage.
Cooldown 22 Mana 120

Ult- To the Victory:
Active:By waving the flag, Torres and Chess Pieces greatly increase in size. Torres and him allies gain 30% bonus Attack Speed ​​and Movement Speed. Chess pieces gain 100% bonus Attack Speed ​​and 20% HP.
Lasts 3,12sec.
Passive: A (random) summon of an ally, also gains 20% bonus Attack Speed ​​for 1.8sec.
Cooldown 50 Mana 160

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Mjuyts replied at 2022-9-1 02:05 AM
where do you want the buff?

I find the general portioning and command of the pecies limited. As they are of now they  are extremely squishy and deal little damage. So I I would recommend for a faster  and more aggressive gameplay at which pawns attack in higher frequenshy but die easily, the queen is all rounded and the king is bulky.
Next in the ultimate their specific pros and cons are enchant respectively accompanied with a slightly slower movement animation due to their size. In addition without the king is checkmate. So make him the MVP of the trio with the rest of them automatically dying to defend him soas to resemple more of a chessboard. Lastly allow the pecies to move in ways unrelated to chess rules during the ultimate effects
Post time 2022-9-1 12:38 AM | Show all posts
I adore your skills concept and art about this hero.
From his descrepyion it feels more like an support though instead of a fighter.
Lastly shield healing and relocation are enough, I suggest buffing his control over the chest pieces
 Author| Post time 2022-9-1 02:05 AM | Show all posts
Chaosxd replied at 2022-8-31 01:38 PM
I adore your skills concept and art about this hero.
From his descrepyion it feels more like an supp ...

where do you want the buff?
 Author| Post time 2022-9-5 03:12 AM | Show all posts
Chaosxd replied at 2022-9-1 12:55 AM
I find the general portioning and command of the pecies limited. As they are of now they  are extr ...

        Good ideas
i will try to do this
Post time 2022-9-5 06:32 PM | Show all posts
Nice hero concept
Post time 2022-9-7 06:33 AM | Show all posts
Gg Nice Content.
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