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[Patch Note] Magic Chess Patch Notes - V.289.1 [Original Server]

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Edited by Anand at 2022-9-25 02:33 PM

1. We notice that almost all Magic Chess players will start refreshing the shop after the commander reaches Lv.6-7, but there's no significant difference between the chances of getting specific heroes at different commander levels. We recommend that you choose the timing according to your lineups.

2. Max Win Streak Reward: 3 >> 4

3. Optimized heroes' skill animations.

4. Revamped the default chessboard.

5. Optimized the hero compositions of the initial card packs to open up more gameplay opportunitie

We adjusted the appearance rates of heroes of different qualities. Test them out in the game!

We notice that it is always the best choice for players to upgrade their Capacity when at the stage of 6, 7, 8 heroes, so we slightly increased the cost of Gold for upgrade:

[6-7] Gold Cost: 24 >> 28 [7-8] Gold Cost: 32 >> 40 [8-9] Gold Cost: 40 >> 56

Mage (↓)
[Damage Reduced]
Damage Boost for 2/4/6 Mages: 35%/70%/120% >> 35%/75%/110%

Mage (↓)
[Control Reduced]
Evolution 2 [Frost]: Control Duration: 3.5s >> 2.5s

Gunner (~)
[Description Fixed]
Fixed the Crit percentage that was 100% higher than the actual value.

Gunner (↓)
[Damage Reduced]
Extra Crit Damage of 2/4/6 Gunners: 80%/150%/200% >> 50%/100%/150%

Guardian (↓)
[Defense Reduced]
Extra Physical Defense of 3 Guardians: 135 >> 120

Wrestler (~)
[Damage Reduced]
Stun Chance of 2/4/6 Wrestlers: 20%/30%/40% >> 15%/30%/45%

Wrestler (~)
[Damage Modified]
Evolution 1 [Damage Increase]: Modified damage type and corrected the bonus damage calculations.

Wrestler (↓)
[Stun Protection Added]
The same unit cannot be stunned twice within 0.2s.

Assassin (↓)

[Damage Reduced]
True Damage dealt by 2/4 Assassins: 30/100 >> 30/60

Assassin Evolution 2 (~)
[Skill Revamp]
Assassins' Basic Attacks restore HP when Synergy is active.

Nature Spirits (↓)
[Damage Reduction Reduced]
Damage Reduction of 3/6 Nature Spirits: 20%/50% >> 18%/40%

Astro Power (↓)
[Regen Reduced]
HP Regen of 3/6 Astro Power heroes: 20%/45% >> 15%/40%

V.E.N.O.M. (↓)
[Damage Reduced]
Poison Damage of 2/4 V.E.N.O.M per second: 0.6%/1.2% >> 0.5%/1%

V.E.N.O.M. (↑)
[Bug Fix]
V.E.N.O.M will now continue to trigger even when at max stacks.

Abyss (↓)
[Attack Speed Reduced]
Attack Speed Boost of 2/4/6 Abyss heroes every 2s: 15%/22.5%/30% >> 12.5%/20%/30%

Abyss Evolution 1 (~)
[Skill Revamp]
Abyss heroes will now stun an enemy after attacking them a certain number of times.

Abyss Evolution 2 (~)
[Skill Revamp]
Non-Abyss heroes get a weakened version of Abyss effects.

Mech Era (↓)
[Mana Regen Reduced]
Mana Regen from Basic Attacks of 3/6 Mech Era heroes: 3/6 >> 2/5

Mech Era (↑)
[Mana Regen]
Mana Regen from Basic Attacks when with 3/6 Mech Era: 2/5 >> 3/6

Lightborn (↑)
Extra HP Regen of 2/4/6 Lightborn heroes: 600/1200/2000
HP Regen Percentage: 30% >> 20%

Archer (↓)
[Damage Reduced]
Evolution 2 [Projectile] Extra Damage: 1. 2% >> 0.49

Archer Evolution 1 (~)
[Skill Revamp]
No longer grants Conceal and instead steals Physical Defense.

Cadia Riverlands Evolution 2 (~)
[Skill Revamp]
Grants extra Attack Speed and Shield while at max stacks.

Kaboom (↑)
[Damage Increased]
Go Kapoom! Skill Damage: 100/200/300 >> 150/300/600
Skill's Physical Attack Bonus: 1. 7/1.7/1.7 >> 1.5/1.7/2

Buss (↑)
[Skill Adjustment]
Boon to the Weak Damage Taken: 16 >> 14

Brown (↑)
[Duration Extended]
Smith's Scorn Broken Equipment Duration: 8 >> 10

Dubi (↑)
[Skill Adjustment]
The number of Fluffy increased.

Connie (↑)
[Chance Increased]
One More! Refresh Chance: 10% >> 12%

Dawn Commander Ling (↓)
[Mana Regen Reduced]
Fortification Extra Mana Regen from Basic Attacks: 10 >> 8

Dawn Commander Ling (↓)
[Mana Regen Reduced]
Showdown: Increases Attack by 50 (up to 10 stacks) >> Increases Attack by 30 (up to 15 stacks)

Lunox (↓)
[Bug Fix]
Now only her initial skill cast can trigger Elementalist Synergy.

Eudora (↓)
[Balance Adjustment]
Now she will cast skills on the current target.

Eudora (↑)
[Skill Optimization]
Backswing: 1200 >> 500

Fanny (↑)
[Bug Fix]
Fixed an issue where she would deal zero damage to units in corners.

Tigreal (↓)
[Bug Fix]

Fixed an issue where Tigreal's skills continue to take effect after he dies.
Alice (↑)
[Damage Increased]
Skill Damage: 80/120/180 >> 90/140/200

Alice (↓)
[Attribute Adjustment]
Base HP: -200

Gord (↑)
[Damage Increased]
Skill Damage: 400/720/4000 >> 450/800/4500

Lesley (↑)
[Damage Increased]
Physical Attack Bonus:76%/137%/247% >> 90%/160%/300%

Lesley (↑)
[Bug Fixes]
Damage based on lost HP: fixed an issue where this effect was not properly applied.

Saber (↑)
[Damage Increased]
Attack: 220/400/715 >> 250/450/810

Saber (↑)
[Mana Cost Reduced]
Base Mana Cost of Skills: 100 >> 75

Hayabusa (↑)
[Damage Increased]
Attack: 215/390/700 >> 240/430/780

Hanabi (↑)
[Skill Optimization]
The skill no longer spreads, but triggers a crowd-control after a short delay.

Karrie (↓)
[Damage Reduced]
Basic Attack Damage from Speedy Lightwheel: 47%/57%/142% >> 45%/55%/140%

Miya (↓)
[Damage Reduced]
Extra Split Arrows: 5 >> 2/3/4

Leomord (↑)
[Skill Optimized]
Gains invincibility while calling for Barbiel.

Roger (↑)
[Skill Optimized]
Regenerates Mana upon killing a hero after he transformed into a wolf.

Gatotkaca (↑)
[Skill Optimized]
Casts an enhanced Basic Attack after using a skill and restores HP.

Badang (↑)
[Skill Optimized]
Delivers more punches when he has higher Attack Speed.

Harley (~)
[Skill Revamp]
Creates a ring of fire that damages a single enemy target and then explodes after 4 seconds dealing 50%/70%/100% of the damage the target hero took during this duration.

Harith (~)
[Skill Revamped]
Dashes and enhances the next Basic Attack.

Granger (↑)
[Bug Fix]
Skills no longer deal AoE damage.
Fixed an issue that caused his damage dealt at higher star levels to be lower than expected.

Xavier (↓)
[Skill Optimization]
Backswing: 1200 >> 0; [Bug Fix] Xavier will not fire bullets while silenced.

Xavier (↑)
[Damage Adjustment]
Base Damage: 1200/1800/2700 >> 1100/1600/2500

Gatotkaca (↑)
[Skill Optimization]
Launches an extra Basic Attack upon landing.

Franco (↑)
[Skill Optimization]
No longer uses Shock after pulling back a target.
Hook's Skill Damage: 600/840/1200 >> 800/1000/1400

Dyrroth (↑)
[Skill Optimization]
The Passive no longer deals damage twice.

Beatrix (↑)
[Skill Optimization]
Renner's Apathy Physical Attack Bonus: 400%/490%/1200% >> 400%/550%/1250%
Wesker's Elation Base Damage: 250/700/3800 >> 250/850/4560
Bennett's Rage Base Damage: 46/200/1600 >> 45/300/2100

Freya (↑)
[Attribute Adjustment]
Base Attack: +15

Zilong (↑)
[Attribute Adjustment]
Attack Speed: +5%

Irithel (↓)
[Attribute Adjustment]
Base Attack: -15

Moskov (↓)
[Damage Adjustment]
Damage dealt to those behind the target: 100% >> 80%

Atlas (↑)
[Control Duration Increased]
Control Duration: 2s >> 2/2.5/3s

Dominance Ice (↓)
[Bug Fix]
Fixed an issue where attacks of heroes equipped with Dominance Ice wouldn't cause the target to recover Mana.

Revitalize (~)
Regains HP based on the hero's max HP.

Aegis (↑)
[New Effect]
Grants a Shield to the 2 allies in the left and the right grids when the battle begins

Retribution (~)
[New Effect]
Levels up after the specified kills to gain Attack and Damage Bonuses.

Purify (~)
[New Effect]
Will be triggered upon being controlled during a certain period after the battle begins.

Inspire (~)
[New Effect]
Increases the carrier's Attack Speed as the battle progresses.

Petrify (~)
Temporarily removed.

Elementalist Crystal (~)
Equip to get Elementalist Synergy

Swordsman Crystal (~)
Equip to get Swordsman Synergy.

Glowing Wand (↑)
[Skill Optimization]
New Effect: Healing Reduction

King of Fire Demons's HP in Round 19: 40,000 >> 60,000

Sanctuary Lord's HP in Round 25: 100,000 >> 120,000

We adjusted some of the current interfaces to improve the clarity of the Magic Chess battlefield. You're welcome to give us your feedback on the adjustments via Mode Rating or other methods.

1. Optimized the display of commanders' and heroes' HP bars.

2. Adjusted the main battle interface's art style and layout.

3. Adjusted the art style and layout of the shop, hero details, and other secondary interfaces.

To further player understanding of the Mirror and Copy game modes for Little Commander - [Connie] and in the pursuit of artistic quality, we have revamped the [Star Catcher], [Tender Fluff], and [Strawberry Cone] models.

The new designs are of a higher quality and will reflect a more humanoid appearance and artistic presentation. We hope you will be satisfied with these cartoonish and adorable designs.

With this update, you will see a return of the Magic Chess event [Black Dragon Descent], which will last 14 days. You'll be able to earn [Black Dragon Badges] during the event and exchange them for the grand prize: [Dragon Altar].

[Dragon Altar] is a high-quality display scene that alters the art of your Main Screen and the combat map. As a token of our sincerity, we have also added in-game Easter eggs for you to discover.

1. Lowered the appearance rate of 5-Gold heroes in the first three Fate Boxes.

2. You can now check the strong heroes in recommended lineups.

3. Added key hero marks to the Recommended Lineups page. Remember to look for the key heroes in the lineup!

4. We've adjusted the exchange rate of Diamonds to Pass Points for the Magic Chess Pass to 3:1

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